Hi, my name is Stef.

I am an Austrian living in England.
I grew up in a village near Salzburg (no Sound of Music fan me, but it was filmed not so very far from where I grew up). I now live in Cambridge in the East of England. If you'd like to know more about how I got there, check out this post.

I got a wonky eye.  And so does my other half.

I get a real kick out of messing with my doll house. If I could get my hands on a shrink ray, I'd move right in. But with the help of image editing software I kind of do sometimes :) . You can find all my tiny little interior posts here and look back at blog header's past here.

I am a book worm, film buff and musicoholic. I am also a list maker, so I've collated all my favourites here, but sometimes I'll also write about books and film in my outfit posts.

I am not one for sitting still, so watching television is often accompanied by nail polish fumes around here. Stripes, triangles and polka dots are my favourite. You can find all polish related posts here.

I like to ride my bicycle and as soon as it's my primary mode of transport I pedal along most every day.  Cambridge is flat as a pancake, a perfect fit for my sit up and beg three gear & my cruiser. Sometimes I show off my rides in outfit posts. You can find all my bike posts here.

I got my first tattoo in September 2011. The wolf on my back was designed by Nora Aoyagi and tattooed by Vic Crist. My second one, nesting dolls on my leg, was designed by Anna and Mara of Dutch Door Press and tattooed by Alexandra Hugianu. The third, flowers on my upper arm, was designed and tattooed by Alex as well.
You can find all my tattoo related posts here.

I take all my own photos and nope, I am no twin, but you'll find clones in plenty of my outfit posts.

Other than that I generally keep post production to colour corrections. Occasionally I'll hide a pimple or a chip in my nail polish, but when I do I'll always let you know :) You can find all my photography and post production related posts here. To see my non-outfit related photographic work, check out my flickr.

You can find a few additional bits about me here.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello, my first time on your blog and I love the style.. Looking forward to see all your makes! x Rach

  2. Like your blog, photos, and socks!

  3. Love your photos...shoes...and socks!!!