Tuesday, April 22

This haze aint mental

Well, it's been pretty hazy and grey these past couple of days but I figured you guys wouldn't mind some hazy shots instead of sunshine galore for a change, huh? Thank goodness it is just the weather that's feeling a bit obscure right now (forgive me, I looked up synonyms and "mental haze" came up.. yes.. I admit my jokes are getting more drab by the day)  ;)

So.. this is what I wore.. yesterday. Looks like I am racking up a slight "outfit time lag" once again ;)

I am back at work today after a four day Easter break. It was the weekend that kept right on giving! It's been a really pleasant break :)

Hope you guys had a nice (long) weekend too!

Friday, April 18

Of course they're made for walking. Duh!

You know how it is when you wrack your brain for a neat-o title for your latest "this is what I wore today" post.  Of course every cliche wordplay and song reference ends up stuck on repeat in your mind. Leaving no space at all for alternative options. So what is a girl to do? Pick a cliched title of course! You're welcome.

Check out this awesome necklace! You could use it as a weapon it's so chunky (not that I condone jewellery-based weaponry. Peace out!)

Anyway.. before the above train of thought derailed I was going to tell you about this necklace: It's been hanging on my mirror for about two years now but I could never think of an outfit it would really go with. I guess a lot of the stuff I wear is just so loud all by itself the necklace always seemed one accessory too far.

Cue this little dress :) At last a perfect match! I just love seeing the lush green and the bright orange of the necklace together.

These are the boots my parents gave me :)
Thank you oh awesome parents! You rule. As do these boots. Obviously they are most excellent.

And talking about "most excellent": I wish you all a most excellent (ha ha.. yes..) Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 16

Calm Stef is calm

This dress is still relatively new and totally-brand-spanking NEW! to this blog ;)
I got it just before we went to Goa last December and had a good giggle every time I spotted a table cloth in the same colour and pattern (yes, there were plenty).

Usually I go for fitted waists, but occasionally ridiculously loose fitting garments are just the ticket. And brown. Brown just feels right on calm to me.

And then of course there are my cheap and cheerful cowboy boots. Since I bought my first "proper" pair some years ago I have turned into a right sucker for cowboy boots. In fact my parents are treating me to a gob-smackingly beautiful pair for Easter (currently in a mail bag somewhere between the U.S. of A. and the not-so-stiff-upper-lipped island I call home).

Well, that's all from me today :)

Do you wear certain colours to invoke a mood? Like my calming chequered brown (and orange, I am completely ignoring the orange!)?

Monday, April 14

Told you I'd be back ;)

Told ya.

Well.. it took me a good long while to get back to blogging, but I think.. I am pretty sure: I am back at last.
It's been nice to concentrate on other things for a while. I've been reading, drawing and well,.. lazing.
Here is what I wore today. What I am still wearing (no nudity here).

You should see my spam box. I've never had as many comments as the moment I stopped posting! I guess if nothing else it served to remind me that this blog of mine was collecting dust.
Time for a spring clean I guess? ;)

Hope life has been treating you well while I've been gone.
What did you get up to this winter?