Tuesday, July 30


Dungarees, huh?
Who can resist them.
Seriously: Not me.

This dress is a little short on me (which is why I chose to wear it on my hip rather than as designed) but once again I "had to have it anyway".

It's been a good long while since I last wore a piece of clothing that comes with a bib :) But no matter how many dresses and skirts I accumulate.. I am always pleased to find a set of pockets. Bibs are fun. Pockets are important.

Glad we got that sorted out ;)
Now you all go have a fantastic day!

dress: high-street
top & tights: online store
trainers: eBay

Tuesday, July 23


hello there.

life keeps on carrying on. also known as:  summer. 
blogging is playing second fiddle to the sunshine.
in other news:  there was a thunderstorm last night. quite a spectacle.  
I remember some real ground shakers when I was growing up.
the weather is such a subjective affair. ;)

hat: festival stall
dress, belt, tights & shoes: highstreet

thunderstorms aside I am lazing in the heat and hope you are all equally relaxed. it's good to be lazy every once in a while. hope you all are having a fantastic week :)

Wednesday, July 17


The blue skies and ferocious sun are holding around here :)
What a summer you guys!

It's funny though. I hear so many people who wait for summer all winter long bemoan the weather now. They're waiting for the heat to break just as impatiently as they waited for the snow to melt only a few months ago.  What a shame to be always waiting.

Nah. It's not for me. Right here, right now you guys. Let's make the most of what we got :)

Until next time!
Sunshine :)

dress: eBay
hat & shoes: high-street

Sunday, July 14

Flocked polyester..

I love this dress but I also hate it. Because I've only worn this a handful of times and already it's going into my Glasto pile. That's the bag at the bottom of my wardrobe where all the dresses that are no longer suitable for general wear live, awaiting their swan song as a festival dress.

No, this time I didn't stain it irrevocably. It's all because of the ridiculous material, which I was dubious about from the start (but common sense was overruled by the sheer awesome of the dress and I had to have it regardless) - I've been careful as heck but still the polyester pulled all over the place. Not that it shows in these photos, but I assure you in person the bunching is so severe it would put a one hundred year old woolie jumper to shame.

You live you learn. Do not buy low quality fabrics.. no matter how glorious the cut and even if you are incredibly smitten with the panel details.. ah well.. I guess there have to be exceptions to every rule. I guess one fine day I'll make the same mistake again :P

Happy weekend!

hat, cardi & shoes: highstreet
dress & tights: online store

Thursday, July 11

Old tricks..

Well, it's been a while since I did a "proper" outfit post. You know, clones and countryside. My usual tricks. ;)

I haven't been blogging much, which is quite the change, but otherwise life is moving along - business as usual: When I am not at work I am usually reading, sketching, messing with the guitar or just plain chilling out in front of the TV. Ah. The hectic life I lead ;P

I can hardly believe it's summer. A colleague at work joked that it's a biennial one, considering as last year's was cancelled :D But here it is! And I'll enjoy every second of it. British summers are usually brief but that only makes the limited time I have slouching around in light summer dresses twice as glorious.

Have a fantastic day!
Until next time :)

dress: eBay
cardi & hat: highstreet
tights & clogs: online store

Monday, July 8

What I wore at Glasto

Hi guys :)

I thought I'd show you what I wore while camping out at Glasto :)
The outfits my husband kindly snapped some photos of were the daytime ones. For the evening I added woolie jumpers, capes and woolie hats per requirement. So after dark I looked like a cosy warm bag lady :)

This year the weather was absolutely glorious. The little bit of rain we did get was only just enough to settle the dusty ground, so we'll file that as needful. A really atypical year for a festival that is renowned for torrential rain :D I accumulated quite a tan!

Until next time you all!

Thursday, July 4

Further bins of Glastonbury..

Just as threatened in my previous post, here are some more of the beautiful bins of Glastonbury Festival :)

Which one is your favourite?