Thursday, April 25


Hey there.

Well this is a loooooong week. Or so it has been.
The working week is almost done, nearly time for a weekend which I hope will feel just as long!

hat: Glasto stall
blouse & tights: online store
cardi: charity shop (dyed)
skirt: highstreet second-hand via eBay (dyed)
trainers: eBay

Monday, April 22

Quick Done

Velcro! These shoes are so damn awesome. That those fastenings are really not buttons but Velcro somehow makes me really quite happy.

Finally it's warm enough to give this dress a spin!
When we spent two weeks in Goa last winter (ha! it's not winter anymore!), I tired of the market stalls in no time but the tailor shops, of which there is a few, are definitely well worth a visit!

I went to Quick Done Tailors in Candolim.
Lots of gorgeous fabrics to pick from. The cut of this dress is based on another dress I'd brought along on my holiday. You can also find lots of amazing dresses with incredible bead work ready made and waiting to be adjusted to your measurements.. I got one of those waiting in my wardrobe as well. Next time I am travelling light. Little luggage, lots of vintage patterns for reference in my suitcase ;)

Until next time!

dress: Quick Done Tailors, Candolim, Goa
scarf: present
cardi: supermarket
tights & heels: online store

Friday, April 19

Blow dryer

Monday was warm but oh so windy. I wish I'd had a hat, so I might have hidden the blow dryer effect, but even that wouldn't have helped me keep my skirt down. Marylin Monroe nothing against it. Check it out though: Clogs! And my toes are totally intact. Not purple, not even blue. ;) So long frostbite fears: We'll meet again next year!

And I've still not had my tattoo touched up! But it's looking pretty bright and cheerful judging by these photos. Only, I should really get myself into gear and have it finished up one of these days. Oh procrastination! I know thee well..

What are you all putting off right now?

dress & clogs: online store
cardi & tights: highstreet
denim jacket: eBay

Tuesday, April 16

i only play act for-real

Is it too early to start counting the days to Glastonbury Festival?
Probably. But will that prevent me from doing so? Nah.

Two looong hard years of waiting.. and now it's what? Little more than a couple of months in my future. There's a carrier bag in the bottom of my wardrobe. Yep. I've been semi-packed for the past year. Not that I am a fan-a-tic in that respect. No. No.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Got any plans, or will you let the sunshine guide you?

I give thanks to the music deities that may be..
Found another song I can just about crawl into :)
Check it out, Anemone by Brian Jonestown Massacre:

hat: glasto
dress: etsy (BlessedButton)
cardi: highstreet online
belt: second-hand (zipper/Amsterdam)
tights: eBay
saddle shoes: online store

Sunday, April 14

Stef two hats

Hi you guys :)

Well, my posting habits are becoming positively unpredictable.
Although I drew a certain satisfaction from posting every 48 hours like some tick toking efficiency machine, giving myself a day or three off from the blog certainly feels pretty darn good too.

I'd say it leaves space for other pastimes, but frankly it just allowed for my computer to physically grow attached to my lap, skin and microchips bonding, like an electronic parasite. Well, that's unfair.. I have been doing plenty of reading too :)

Today feels like spring. I tell you, I have been waiting hard. I bet you all are too. I've been sitting outside in a t-shirt and it's not how it feels that's so exciting, but how it doesn't feel: COLD. So here is to that absence!

Spring, I knew you were real! I never gave up on you, honest. Let's be friends?

Well, obviously I didn't wear two hats.. but I found the blue one in my backpack as I rifled through it for my remote and figured: What the hell? I'll wear'em both.

hats & cardi: eBay
dress, tights & saddle shoes: online store

Wednesday, April 10

Bound Paper Treasure #5

I may have squealed when I unwrapped The Blue Room by Eugene Richards this Christmas. I am a sucker for photographs of abandoned places, but you can trust Richards to deliver something that adds up to more than just the beauty of decay. There is an absence felt in every image. Dead birds, almost like toys, scattered on the floor of what was once a child's bedroom, disintegrating photographs hinting at lifes lived within these crumbling walls, the ghost of translucent curtains dancing in the breeze, there's poetry in these images. And the field notes at the end of the book are just as beautifully versed as ever.

Uncommon Places by Lynne Cohen collects series of large format interiors, some in full colour, some black & white. It's like looking through the key hole of exactly the kind of places you might never expect to see first hand. From shooting ranges over scientific and medical facilities to waiting rooms.. these spaces appear surreal. Imposing. Institutional. Fascinating. Looking in through people's lit up windows while walking along at night time nothing against it ;)

The Innocents by Taryn Simon was published in collaboration with The Innocence Project. The book comprises of portraits of numerous men who spent years or even decades imprisoned before being exonerated after DNA testing proved them innocent.

The large-format colour portraits are beautifully composed. Many are taken at the scene of the crime or at scene of arrest. Each is accompanied by the subject's story. The stories that are told are harrowing and poignant. The book puts faces to and as such humanizes the failings of the jusdicial system. Never foolproof.

Sunday, April 7

Who's to say

Hi there :)
Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend as well.
I was enjoying some unexpected sunshine and the distinct lack of arctic winds :D

My husband and I watched Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday. Freaking awesome! If you haven't yet you should seriously watch it.

"Was he a good dog?"
"Who's to say. But he didn't deserve to die."
Best quote. Ever.

So long :)

beret: eBay
scarf: present (pass me down)
sweater & shoes: highstreet
coat: supermarket
cape: market stall
skirt: second-hand (etsy)
tights: online store

Friday, April 5

The Dudh Abides

This is the waterfall that scarred my foot. But I lived to tell the tale ;)
Of course when I slipped and the water started to turn red, the source of the pretty tint wasn't my primary concern: As soon as the foot was clearly still attached drying off my camera came first. Priorities. Get'em straight ;)

Nearly the weekend you guys.
Make it a good one!

Tuesday, April 2

Green Day

I was having a green day today :) Well, discounting the outer layers that is ;)

After a four day weekend my alarm clock genuinely confused me this morning. I woke up and for a moment there I wondered why the hell my phone was making that infernal noise.. and then I realised: I am expected to get up, get ready and head for that all but forgotten place: the office. Dum! Dum! DUM!
Oh well, only a four day week.. that should ease me back into the daily grind softly.

So here is to short weeks and longer days :D

beret & tights: eBay
scarf: second hand
dress: highstreet (dyed)
cardi & coat: supermarket
boots: present