Sunday, August 25

Bank Holiday

The bank holiday is upon us.
I am lazing at home, watching Hobo with a Shotgun while taking care of some long overdue hemming. There is ice cream too. ;)

Hope you are also having a relaxing Sunday :)

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Monday, August 19


So I finally went to get my flowerful tattoo touched up. Only took me the best part of a year to finally make an appointment :P  My procrastination skills are quite simply legendary.
And talking about legendary: So is this summer. Pinch me somebody, looks like the island renowned for it's rain and fog has plenty more sunshine to come this August.

Have a fantastic start to the week you all!

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Friday, August 16


Here I am.. wearing some clothes.
This dress is one of my favourites - I just love the collar and dainty flower pattern.

I am getting all excited today because it looks like I might just possibly get to take up archery again after over a decade. I guess I am scary enough as it is, no need to weaponise me, but I sure enjoyed messing with a recurve bow once upon a time.

Got any old hobbies you'd like to make friends with again after a long break?

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Monday, August 12


Hi guys :)

So here is what I wore today.
Don't worry, I've been wearing things every day for the past two weeks. No going naked just because I haven't been blogging ;)

Still, it's not quite the same without photographic evidence, no?

Well guys, evidence submitted all there is left for me to do is wish you a fantastic start to the week :)

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