Thursday, May 30

Bank holiday

I bought this dress at a market in Goa. I just loved the fabric, although I'd rather not think about the circumstances under which it was most likely manufactured. I expect it's no worse than your average high-street brand production facility (which sadly is SO not an endorsement). Looking at the haphazard sewing I can't imagine what manic speed somebody cobbled this dress together at. I doubt anyone could work at such a rate without sewing their own fingers to the fabric every once in a while, which ouch! once again is not exactly a happy thought.

So yeah, I lurv this dress but I am also kinda grumpy I bought it in the first place :P
But what's done is done, so I might as well make the most of it, hey? And what better day to wear it than a lazy, unexpectedly sunny bank holiday Monday!

The weatherman threatened downpours, thunder and flash floods but instead the sky was the bluest of blues. Aaah. Balm for the soul ;) Oh, what a difference a little bit of sunshine makes!

dress: market (Goa)
cardi: online store
brooch: emmaus (charity shop)
shoes: highstreet

Monday, May 27


Here is me (and me ;) ) at my favourite pastimes.. sketching.. and taking photos obviously ;)
I am enjoying a rare instalment of sunshine, relaxing in the garden.

dress: highstreet (dyed)
brooch & belt: present
cardi: online store
trainers: eBay

Friday, May 24

More Goa

The above pictures are from a day we spent exploring Old Goa on our holiday last winter.

And below is a picture outside the Shri Mangeshi temple. I picked the worst of dresses the day of our unplanned visit.. while it wasn't exactly short it did catch the eagle eye of a lady responsible for checking visitors were dressed appropiately (though some locals queuing with us were far more surprised than me that she found the length offensive). Luckily I had a big scarf with me to hide what was showing of my legs ;)

Here comes the weeend!
Have a good one :)

Sunday, May 19

Sheep's Clothing

I'd like to do something a little more intricate with my brand new sheep and wolf masks, but for now I am pleased they've made a debut on the blog. Baaah!

This is one of those few dresses I rarely wear during the colder seasons, and when I do I always regret it ;) It's linen, so doesn't exactly count as insulation :D
I've also been waiting hard to take this colourful jacket for a spin. At long last (insert evil laugh here) my plan has come to fruition!

Now it's back to a lazy Sunday for me, hope you are getting to relax and wind down too :)

dress & cardi: online store
jacket: eBay
shoes: highstreet

Wednesday, May 15


My Mom gave me this book, hers before, when I moved to England. I recently started carrying a sketchbook again, so it is time to refresh myself on how all those muscles and bones under our skin align.

I figured you guys would probably enjoy taking a peek at that as well ;)

And there is that Stei├čbein

Coccyx. That's what that is by the way :)

Have a fantastic day everybody!

Monday, May 13

It's a new dawn it's a new week

Hello you guys.

Another new week. They're just racing by. And I'll be darned if it isn't getting warmer and greener out there!
Foliage. I missed you.

Right, next up I'll show you a book my Mom gave me some years ago. Meanwhile, have a good one :)

coat & cardi: highstreet
skirt: etsy
tights, hats & boots: eBay

Friday, May 10


Nearly the weekend you all!
I for one am waiting hard :)

hat: festival stall
scarf: present
denim jacket: eBay
dress & blouse: present (h.moser)

Tuesday, May 7


Have a most fantastic short working week you all!
Tuesday already and it's only just begun :)

I'll see you later in the week!

skirt: etsy
cardi: charity shop (dyed)
cape thing: market stall
tights: highstreet
trainers: eBay

Saturday, May 4


It's been a while but as you can see I still carry the same two hats (either fits under my bike helmet.. ring ring). It's still cool in the morning but the days have been getting a lot warmer :)

Well, this is only a short one, so until next time.
Have a fantastic weekend!

dress: etsy I think
cardi: highstreet
trainers & hats: eBay
tights: online store

Wednesday, May 1

Frankie my dear I do give a damn!

I first encountered frankie magazine in the lost property box at a youth hostel.
Ever since I occasionally treat myself to an issue. The writing is my favourite part, but this month there were plenty of photographic goodies to boot..

Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda's studio portraits of people with albinism.

What I really like about Saskia Wilson's photos is that she provided source and price not only for the blouses, but ever item in the image. Compare :)

Alma Haser's self-portraits and not so self portraits are really quite intriguing. Look closlier ;)

Midweek you all :)
Have a good second half!