Thursday, February 28


So, this is what I am wearing today :)

I don't recall every owning culottes before.
Bright green trousers masquerading as a skirt - more than enough to reel in this here consumer. My wallet never had a chance ;)

My pink and blue capes have been in constant use all winter long. Beats a scarf for sure and when I am cycling to and from work during the darker days of the year I am glad of every little bit of insulation. Just plain cosy is what it is ;) Which is saying a lot, because I am chronically cooold. I am the chat-chat-chattering teeth type.

So it is with some relief that I find we're near as dammit into March. Nearly spring high five! ;)

beret: etsy (softspoken)
blouse & culottes: online store
cape: festival stall
tights: eBay
coat, cardi & ankle boots: highstreet

Wednesday, February 27

Oh Bucket..

Sour face and wind swept hair (haha - as windswepped as short hair can get :D)
These were a bit of a lunchtime rush job back in September :)

Well, photobucket has turned out to be a little bit of a let down.
I am currently testing deleting my entire blog and re-importing it to amend all image URLs in bulk, hopefully avoiding loading your readers with 500+ ancient posts of mine.

Somewhat frustrating, especially as soon as my blog is no longer compatible with a bunch of older browser versions thanks to the bucket.. most notably the standard Android Browser is now unable to handle my bucket hosted images.

If this is an all text post from where you stand, could you drop me a comment to let me know what browser and version you use? Thanks :)

I am considering a move to a different hosting service, have you got any recommendations or no-nos for me?

sweater, bow brooch & flats: highstreet
skirt: etsy (Eclectasie)
owl brooch: etsy (decoylab)
tights: online store

Monday, February 25


While we were based in the North of Goa during our holiday we did venture South once, spending a lazy day walking along Palolem Beach. Of course there was a looong early morning taxi ride first, watching the changing scenery (though the state highway is predictably boring).

As always we had Cold Coffee, Lassi and our e-readers, but for the most part we walked along, feet splashing in the water, occasionally bending to pick a shell. Palolem beach is so pretty we could easily have spent another couple of days exploring.

Did I tell you about losing my glasses on Kandolim beach? Keeping them on while I went swimming was just a liiiittle bit harebrained, so really, even I myself wasn't surprised when a wave swiped them right off my nose. Gone.

Luckily I had a pair of prescription sunnies with me, so only my evenings were blurry on the two days I waited for replacements (we went to the opticians right after the sea claimed my old specs). That said, my blurry world was a fantastic excuse to hold my husband's hand to cross the busy roads.  ;)

I was just breaking in my new glasses, when we found out that my lost pair had been swept up on the beach shortly after we headed for the optician's that day and was waiting to be picked up at a nearby beach shack. I was gobsmacked that my glasses had "come back to me" but also that the guys at the beach shack had not only kept them, but also tightened some screws I'd been meaning to fix for ages.
How's that for luck? ;)

Have you had any dumb luck lately?

*Reposted after image load issues

The Wordyness has gone right out of me

Just a couple of shots before sun down last week :)
It was pret-ty nippy but I couldn't resist stopping at an old photo spot for the first time in 2013 :)

So-ho I don't think I'll be wordy around here for a little while, but then, I say these things and instantly prove myself wrong.. always erratic. That's me ;)

March is nigh!
I can't wait for single layers of tights :D

Oh, and by the way, I am aware the majority of my images in historical posts are down..
the photobucket upgrade is turning out to be a bit of a downgrade for me.
Cross your fingers for me, because barring a photobucket miracle I'll have to fix this by hand.. which means 500 re-posts clogging up your blog reader.. not that I am threatening or anything ;) I'll give you some warning if it comes to it :D

coat, cardi, tights & dress (dyed): highstreet
tights: online store

Sunday, February 24


One day last week had a touch of spring,
so I ventured out for some photos :)

Have a good one! :)

coat & hat: highstreet
blouse: beach-candy
jacket, skirt & wellies: eBay

Thursday, February 21

Still there

Greetings strangers ;)
Hurray! The photobucket team has confirmed my image issue :D They're working on it.
I can see these right now, so I hope you can too :)

My week off from the blog was a great little breather.
Sometimes it's good for the mind to interrupt your usual schedule a little, in blogging and elsewhere.

I have been reacquainting myself with some old hobbies:
I don't know when I stopped carrying a sketchbook, but I am back in the habit again, scribbling notes and doodling whenever the fancy takes me.

So I guess it'll be business as usual around here soon again, though I am not certain I'll be quite as reliable at my customary 3.5 posts a week. ;)
We'll see..

Meanwhile, have a most fantastic Thursday.

kerchief & jumper: highstreet
belt: eBay
skirt: highstreet (dyed)
tights: online store
boots: present

Thursday, February 14

Out of Order

*repost with images in a new location.. ;)

Hi guys and welcome back to October ;)
Nothing like a bit of time travel :P

While my image account is being buggy I figured it'd be safer to share some ooold photos instead. At least that way I know you guys can at least see them ;)

This week has just raced by. I am writing to you from the exotic location that is my desk at lunchtime.
There are unfinished pieces of work all around, but who cares?
It's blogging hour..

hat & ankle boots: highstreet
dress: etsy (iknowlesnothing)
belt: present (pass me down)
jacket: eBay
Log Lady brooch: etsy (danadamki)

Friday, February 8

Jack Slater, I am gonna get you!

Here's a true blast from the past you guys. These photos are from September last year.
I have worn it plenty but I don't think I've shown you my rain coat before?

It's a German oilcloth coat, a Friesennerz (=Frisian mink). Well, it sure is the mink of raincoats. Waterproof, no leaks, thick, just stiff enough and you know,.. yellow. Movie murderers can't be all wrong sartorially, right?

Happy weekend!

dress, raincoat & tights: online store
bow: present (pass me down)
brooch: etsy (SketchInc)
cardi: highstreet
skirt: etsy (anabelfuzz)
ankle boots: highstreet

Wednesday, February 6

October Fog

Just a little post card from over here :)
Have a great day!

sweater & dress (dyed): highstreet
beret: eBay
tights & saddle shoes: online store

Monday, February 4

End of January

Hi guys

Here is what I wore in the veeery cold last days of January. Or on one of them anyway ;)

David and I had a brilliant weekend visiting friends in the Black Country. On the downside my weekend was so action packed I could do with another couple of days off right away ;D

Hope you all have a good week!

hat: supermarket
dirndl dress: present
cardi & coat: highstreet
cape: market stall
tights: eBay
mittens: stolen from Mama