Monday, December 31

My 2012

2012 was pretty eventful. Lots of changes and pleasant ones at that.

In January our visa to the US fell through, so instead of moving halfway across the globe we stayed right here in Cambridge.

Yep, that's my Insides. How much more close and personal could this blog get? ;)

The first thing we did after that was to finally replace our first ride, which had breathed it's last right at the start of the previous summer.

One May weekend I nipped over to Austria to visit family

We found ourselves in a position to go house hunting and this summer we moved into our very own home :)

Also, I got two additional tattoos :) One at the start and one towards the end of the year..

I celebrated my 30th in Amsterdam :)

After five years with no space to so much as unzip my portable lighting kit, I was over the moon to turn our garage into a photo studio this autumn and dusted off my film cameras..

Shortly after confessing to you guys that I haven't a musical bone in my body, I took my first guitar lessons at the end of October :D

Yesterday we returned from a holiday in Goa, India.
That was the first time for both my husband and I to have left Europe and we had a fantastic time :)

Happy New Year you all!

Saturday, December 29

Bound Paper Treasure #4

The Complete Untitled Film Stills collects Cindy Sherman's renowned series of self-portraits posing as the heroine of so many movie stereotypes. Even though each still remains unnamed, the storylines implied are immediately recognisable. The skill with which Sherman transforms herself in each image and chooses places and costumes for these imagined movies is a joy to watch.

She continues to appear as the subject in many of her images and you should definitely have a look at her later work too. However, personally I enjoy the simplicity of this early series the most.

Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005 collects 20 years of Crewdson's elaborately staged large format photographs. Crewdson creates many of his images on movie sets, others on location. Excluding his earliest work there always seems to be a full production crew on site to aid in the creation of his uncanny, compulsive dreamscapes exploring suburban life and psychology alike.

Elinor Carucci's Closer collects an intimate series of photographs with her parents, partner and self as the subjects. Sleep marks, injuries and the indentations left by clothes are part of this family album just as much as Mother applying her lipstick and reclining naked with her partner..

That's all folks. You can see other bits of my bookshelf here.
Until next time!

Thursday, December 27

Childhood House

Hi you guys :)

I thought I'd share one of my favourite poems with you today :)

[..] somehow I had assumed that the past stood still, in perfected effigies of itself, and that what we had once possessed remained our possession forever, and that at least the past, our past, our childhood, waited, always available, at the touch of a nerve, did not deteriorate like the untended house of an aging mother, but stood in pristine perfection, as in our remembrance. I see that this isn't so, that memory decays like the rest, is unstable in its essence, flits, occludes, is variable, sidesteps, bleeds away, eludes all recovery; worse, is not what it seemed once, alters unfairly, is not the intact garden we remember but, instead, speeds away from us backward terrifically until when we pause to touch that sun-remembered wall the stones are friable, crack and sift down, and we could cry at the fierceness of that velocity if our astonished eyes had time.

from Childhood House by Eric Ormsby

What's your favourite poem or line from a poem?

Monday, December 24


Have a fantastically festive holiday :)
I'll see you guys before the year is out!

Saturday, December 22

Just stopping by to wish you..

photos from post-apocalypse themed Shangri-La at Glasto 2011

Always be faster than the fastest zombie ;)

Thursday, December 20

The Proposition (2005)

The Proposition (along with Unforgiven and Once upon a time in the West) is one of my favourite Westerns. It is a moody Christmas story, set in Australia, one December in the 1880s..

After the brutal murder of an entire family, a lawman apprehends the perpetrator's brothers. He makes one of them a proposition: He sets him free, giving him 9 days to kill his homicidal eldest brother, or else his youngest brother will be hung by the neck until dead.

Will he return in time to save his brother?
And what of the lawman who is staking more than just his career on the outlaw's return..

A rose garden in the desert.. that gets me every time.

I think you can guess one of the major attractions of this movie from the screenshots: The cinematography is absolutely stunning throughout. The pacing and musical score are spot on as well though.

If you like your Westerns violent, visually stunning and sombre in feel, be sure to give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, December 18

Wardrobial Transgressor

It's funny, or at least I think it is funny, to some I am sue it is deadly serious businness, but: I don't much care if I am wearing the same clothes as everybody else.

In real life, back when I was in full time education, I frequently broke the unwritten code of not buying any clothes that some other girl already owns. The girl who got there first would stare me out across the hallway, mortified as well as livid at the disgrace I brought upon her, then swiftly disappear into one of those cool-girl huddles to voice her plight about my overt wardrobial transgression.

Apparently - listen up now, this is important: The first girl to buys a garment from a high street shop has the patent on it for her entire school catchment area. I expect the same may be true of office blocks around the world? Seriously, that just never sat well with me. Sure, if somebody hand-makes their own garment I am not going to go out on a limb to copy it or source the same fabric, but when a piece of clothing is for sale, surely I should be allowed to buy it, regardless of who is wearing it's twin?

Learning from past experience I can confirm that I never ever laugh out loud, point and yell "TWINS!" when I see someone else wearing identical clothes to mine, though this is my gut reaction. Not that I get a chance to often. I am a little too off the wall colourful for that (and too much of an eBayer/etsy fanatic and second-hand nut too), but in any case, I behave myself and don't make a peep.

When it comes to the blogosphere, wearing what other bloggers wear seems a tad more acceptable. I am aware some readers get the yawns when faced with cross-blog-repetition, but I am pretty sure you guys are alright, right? After all seeing me wear the same wardrobe-load of clothes over and over and over hasn't put you off either. I've got plenty of clothes, but even so I am far from a wear-once-never-show-on-blog-again blogger. By the time stains or rips take one dress out of rotation you've seen me lean against a tree in it a dozen times or more.

Personally I think it is kind of fun to see some of the same garments across blogs. When I am tempted with a buy it's reassuring to reference how it sits on somebody my height and maybe even find out some extra details about the quality (this fabric is really thin but opaque, the button front is for real - no zipper, and while most dresses come up empire  on my 5 feet 9 1/2 frame, this babe sits right on my natural waist).
Besides, we all have different styles, even if we wear the same clothes sometimes.
I've seen this dress on Bonnie, Elycia and Elizabeth and each of them made it look different.

Luckily I am no longer in school, so not being the first to buy this dress didn't mark it off limits to me. When the price went down a notch I went in for the kill and waited more or less patiently for the postman.

How about you, do you refrain from buying clothes you like if somebody you know (or a blogger you read) already owns the item?

teddy bear trophy hat: supermarket
cardi: highstreet
dress: online store
tights & boots: eBay