Friday, November 30


This summer Colin Maddock's rather beat up copy of THE THRILLING BOOK FOR BOYS! came home from a carboot sale with David and me.
At long last here are some pictures of the pretty colour plates :)
Hold on to your hats, they're THRILLING!

As usual the cowboy is my favourite :) Must be all those years of watching Lucky Luke take on the Daltons..

Have a thrilling day you guys, but not too thrilling ;)

Wednesday, November 28

Meetings, innoculations and a guitar lesson

Well, this was a while ago - I took these during a lunch break in the middle of October. :)

All is well over here.
I am hoping the Secret Santa present I picked for a colleague arrives in time for our office Christmas do. I've been spying at this girl's choices in accessories all week, trying to work out what she might like. Hope I got it right, but in the end it's the effort that counts, right? ;) Even if it turns out not to be something she'd wear, it'll always beat a supermarket gift pack.

Today holds meetings, inoculations and a guitar lesson for me. You can take your guess which of the three I am actually looking forward to :D

By the way, this has been keeping winter away for me yesterday:

Have a fantastic day. The weekend sure is getting closer!

necklace: etsy (Naju)
cardi: present (lana moden)
skirt: etsy (VamosThreads)
blouse & tights: online store
ankle boots: highstreet

Monday, November 26

A Postcard

Hi guys :)

I am still floating through my days after the awesome weekend I had taking on London with Caro.
It's back to work for me now but I have my mp3 player for company at my desk so all is well.

Hope you all have a great start to the new week!

hat: supermarket
coat: present (pass me down)
jumper: highstreet
dress, tights and saddle shoes: online store

Saturday, November 24

On The Road Again

On Thursday, while the U.S. was celebrating Thanksgiving, my friend Caro flew over from Austria so we could go see Father John Misty live and treat ourselves to a manicure, retro make-up and hair-do at the Powder Room in London.

After I led Caro in the wrong direction a couple of times and we stopped for most decadent caramel macchiatos we arrived at the venue just in time to hear special guest "No"

Father John Misty put on quite the show. Tillman took the stage cradling his bottle of whiskey and sang us his whole album, gesticulating wildly all the while. The man is more active on stage than a toddler on a sugar high and even more sore at religion than I realised. He'd stop singing on the cusp of the last line and tell us about puppeteering and all manner of other things before finishing each song. Testing our patience and seeing if he could piss off this audience of his, Tillman joked. He couldn't do that,* but damn he can sing!

They finished up with a cover of On the Road Again. Luckily there was just enough space to throw myself around like a toddler on a sugar high too, because no way could I have held still for that one, or any of the tunes that went before for that matter :)

*though google assures me he succeeded elsewhere

Walking down Shoreditch Highstreet on the way to the Powder Room :)

Caro's victory roles and make-up looked too perfect not to share :)
While I had my make-up done too, needless to say my hair does not qualify for an updo. I did get some great tips for my nails though and had excellent fun being pampered.

I did get some photos of my outfit, but I'll show you my Superman look another day :)

Have a most excellent weekend!

Thursday, November 22

Bound Paper Treasure #3

Ready for another instalment of my photo book collection? Great.
Let's begin ;)

One Family tells the story of the Toole family, who Vaughn Sill repeatedly photographed in their homes over the course of twenty years. This is not one of my library favourites but a gem I found through the now defunct Polaroid magazine. It did much to spark my love for Type 55 film, but it wowed me with it's interviews, letters and poems contributed by family members themselves as much as the beautiful images themselves. As with any work collected over an extended period, you'll spend much time thumbing through the pages and watching children grow up, parents grow old..

Francesca Woodman collects the work of the photographer by the same name. Her evocative images and frequent self-portraits resemble dreamscapes and seem to come from deep down. Maybe I am led to say that because I know this prolific artist ended her life at only twenty-two years of age. I guess that she created such a large body of work when her life was so very short only serves to add further mystery to her visceral imagery.

In Search of the Corn Queen by Greta Pratt collects images from Country Fairs across the America Mid West. I am a sucker for images of fairs, this sort of things always transports me back to childhood where the Name day of your local church saint would always bring a fair, however small, even to the littlest village.

I really enjoy Pratt's eye for the peculiar, which is maybe even more evident in some of her other work. Check it out on her website :)

That's it for today.  You can see previous glimpses into my bookshelf here.
Until another day :)

Tuesday, November 20

Long Nights

It's strange to think how close Christmas is getting. Short days and long nights make Stef a dull girl, so lately I've been finding myself in a semi-conscious daze that leaves me unable to so much as focus my eyes. Not conducive to the level of accuracy that is expected at the nine to five.

I saved a few days of holiday for just that reason, so I am working four day weeks until 2013 now. It makes a massive difference to my level of zombification. With a three day weekend I actually pass for human during these dark days ;)

Forget carbon dating, you can tell the age of my outfit shots by the length of my hair :D I wore this at the end of September..

It's time for my weekly instalent of True Blood, so I'll see you guys on Thurday :)
So long!

jacket: eBay
blouse: present (online store)
skirt: waterloo plein market (altered)
tights: online store
boots: highstreet

Sunday, November 18

Odds and ends

My parents sent me my old toy nesting dolls :) They spent the past eleven years in my rather luxurious wendy house, where I rediscovered them along with an iconic mix tape (BASF - mostly whoosh now. A ghostly sound - nearly, but not yet lost amidst the white noise) this past May. The paint is chipping a little after all those years in the winter cold. There is a special allure to items remembered from early childhood. After all, I have tasted these guys.

Bring on 2013! Glastonbury Festival is already marked down in my new diary

My Easy Guitar Tab White Pages arrived and I collected some leafs on a lunchtime walk

Candy canes aren't all that, but they sure look festive :) I'll probably end up decorating parcels with these :)

After removing the old, it took me the best part of a year to find a wallpaper pattern I liked for the ex-bathroom, now bedroom of my doll house. It should arrive soon :)

Yep, we have a basket full of juggling balls :) There are a few pool balls in there too, which are awesome for contact juggling, just as long as you don't let them hit your knuckles :)

Have a most excellent weekend! :)