Sunday, September 30


This past week my parents drove over from Austria to finally see our new home :)
The fact that they liked our place and what we've done with it is so BIG! in my mind right now I can't think of another thing to tell you about :)

So in lieu of "a real post", here we are, monkeying about in the backgarden:

Have a good one you guys!

Thursday, September 27

Hello darkness, my old friend..

When the days darken I invariable start writing about music more and more here on Diversions.
Music always plays a big part in my life but I sure do hold on to my headphones more tightly when the North wind freshens up and the leafs start to fall.  My mp3 player is my pacifier. The soundtrack for mundane tasks, the score to the imaginary lives of my day dreams.

I can't hold a tune to save my life and my "dancing" consists of a series of uncoordinated twitches. I haven't a musical bone in my body. Not a one. Yet, that shortcoming does nothing to hamper my passion for music. A good rhythm can lift me up or ground me. Music lets you lose yourself. When the beat carries me along I simply do not care that my dancing looks like I am one of the faithful at a revival about to speak in tongues. There is no being self conscious in this altered state. In that sense it is like a drug or religion even.

It lends colour to grey days. Or, at least, it does for me.

“Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear."
Oliver Sacks

I remember discovering my parents' vinyl collection. Those large, fragile discs in their colourful wallets. The smell of dust and something not unlike bakelite bangles.   I'd drag into place and then climb a chair to reach the record player (on tip toes still), lift the hood and pop one of the fragile plates into place. The needle would slink into the groove, I'd hop over to the sofa (there goes another scratch) and dangle upside down: Legs up on the backrest, head inches from the floor.  My eight year old self's relaxed listening position. The smell of wool carpet. White noise and then.. all manner of magical things would happen..

There was Led Zeppelin and T-Rex, the Beatles (of course! And in German too - my English was pretty rudimentary back then), Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens and Sam Cooke.. Don McLean's Vincent also. I was hooked.

In fact I owe my good marks in early English classes largely to music. I just wanted to know what these guys were singing about so badly I set out to translate song after song: Word by word, line by line (no internets yet you guys! I couldn't just google it).

Care to share an early music experience?
Or an artist/song you got into through your parents?

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Wednesday, September 26

Effing and blinding.. hems

This is the dress I treated myself to in Amsterdam. I thought I was going window shopping that day, but no :)

I took these right at the start of September - not that you think I still get to prance around in my clogs *le sigh*

Of course the colourful stripes were what sold me on this dress, but I got really excited about the neat blind hem (all too often vintage is synonymous with badly basted or disintegrated hems and I have to dust off my sewing kit before the first wear.. I am not the only one this keeps happening to, right?)and also: This dress has a ridiculously generous hem allowance. Super exciting stuff, hey? :D

How about you, do you find yourself attracted by details that aren't even visible when the garment is worn?

By the way:
My Austrian friend is going to fly over here to see Father John Misty in London with me (It was up in the air when I last told you about it). Got the tickets and all. Now we just have to exercise patience and... wait :D

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Monday, September 24

Fingers crossed

You all must be so tired of my bike by now ;) Every time I run out of trees (ha!) I look over at my Vanilla ride and think to myself: Photo-op.

This mixture of colours and textures always makes me feel like I am a character in a 70s tribute movie :) I've worn this exact combination before, and I'll definitely wear it again. Some combos you just feel at home in and this one is for me. It's a casual Friday look.. because I'd feel cheeky wearing those velcro trainers to the office any other day :D

I am dead antsy today:
Remember how I said about a friend of mine from Austria recommending some new music? Well, that band is coming to London in November and I put the idea to her that she should totally get herself over here and go see them with me. Now I am waiting to find out if she was successful in booking time off work so I can get to booking those tickets. All of this went down on Saturday so I have actually been waiting hard for Monday to rear it's ugly head (and darn, it's ugly - the sun never came up), so we could get the ball rolling. Totally unheard of: Waiting for the weekend to end! LOL

Well, fingers crossed :D
Have a great start to the week you guys!

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*I de-saturated the world so my outfit would POP! even more :)

Saturday, September 22

FM4: You're at home baby

I feel winter coming. Leafs are falling and I am realising that it's real hard to keep your ears warm under a cycle helmet (grrr.. safety).

I am squirrelling away outfit posts for the rainy, steel grey days to come, just like last year. And so the time travel season begins ;) We've got us a two week lag going around here already. So forgive me while I get all sentimental about short sleeves and single layers of tights as I wrap myself in cardis and dust off my various winter coats.

It's funny how some music catches you right away and other bands/tunes grow on you after you've thought "nah, that one is not for me" a million times over.

Most notably I felt like this about the Kings of Leon back in the early noughties (I could have sworn it was 2000/01 but they didn't even have an EP out then, so clearly my memory is messing with me.. ). Their tunes were on constant repeat on my favourite radio station, which at the time only transmitted at night. Teens around the country would wait patiently for Radio Blue Danube to turn into FM4 but I sure as hell didn't agree with the presenter's lurv for KoL. I can't remember when I changed my mind, but change it I did. They've been a firm favourites of mine for years :)

In a same vein: I always liked the song Helplessness Blues (because just like in the song I'd rather be a functioning cog, you all know my opinion on snowflakes), but most Fleet Foxes tunes just seemed a tad too.. I don't know.. chirpy? to me. Anyway, I gave them another go after getting stuck on Father John Misty: Fear Fun something chronic over the past week. After all the main man was in Fleet Foxes for quite a while. So I figured another listen was in order.

Well, right time, right place and all that: My mp3 is set to "repeat all" and it's anybody's guess how many more days or weeks it'll stay that way before I feel like listening to anything other than Fleet Floxes and Father John Misty again..

I think my music tastes are fairly varied, but hell, I am ever so repetitive when I get into something. Mostly I just listen to a single album or artist over and over and OVER until eventually I switch to something else and the cycle begins again.

How about you? 
Do you keep your music varied or do you get stuck on songs/albums/artists like I do?
Maybe even keep them on repeat until you can hear them in your sleep? 
Care to share any bands you got into after a long while of feeling meh! about them?

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Thursday, September 20

Rhubarb and Custard

Check out the little spider. Once it made it's way onto my hand it really didn't want to budge..

Our holiday is all booked: Our great winter escape will take us to Goa :D So excited, this will be the first time the husband and I actually leave Europe.

The prospect of chilling out on the beach seemed like the perfect excuse to splurge on a pair of Saltwater sandals. It's the funniest thing, I received a call from their sales team while I was getting my tattoo coloured in yesterday. They got a little worried, because the email address I used for the transaction contains a synonym for "untrustworthy". It's based on an old nickname of mine: Fluky Stef. That's me. I have used that address for online purchases for the past eleven years and that's the first time someone picked up on it.
Not so funny? Well, it gave me a good giggle anyway ;)

Got any strange nicknames yourself?

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*I doctored my left thumb btw. I felt all niggly about my cuticles. Oh the vanity!  ;)

Tuesday, September 18

Someone's gotta help me dig

Last Friday I told a friend of mine how First Aid Kit's version of When I Grow Up had lodged firmly in my brain and I would find myself caterwauling snippets of the songs while cycling.

She promptly pointed me towards Father John Misty (that's Joshua Tillman's new moniker) - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings. It had lodged equally unshakably inside her grey matter. In German, we call a tune that's stuck in your head an "ear worm". Needless to say, Hollywood Forever burrowed in my ears with wiggly ferocity on the very first listen, so here I am,  passing the love around:

Which tunes are on replay for you right now?

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Sunday, September 16

Screen time

It's been a screen staring contest of a week over here :)

Work was pretty full on and I spent my spare time playing with a friend's blog template and setting up a brand spanking new flickr account for myself. I am only halfway through my external hard-drives, so there are plenty more uploads waiting :)

As for brain food while photo editing:
I am crazy about Kaylah's Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate ice lollies

I use vanilla sugar for mine, but otherwise these addictive little pops are identical. Better yet, David is not big on banana, so I get these all to myself :P

Friday, September 14

The Great Escape

A number of bloggers have been happily threatening autumn for a while now. And it sure is a lovely time of year, what with the dramatic lighting and colourful foliage, but really I could so do with an extended summer. Encore! Zu-ga-be! Pretty please :)

Alas, looks like it's not to be. As August turned into September the quality of the air changed from warm and sweet to cool and crisp. It's getting windier and that breeze means business: There's an edge to it already, before long it will HOWL! I've broken out my gloves for cycling *le sigh* and fear the addition of ear warmers is only a matter of weeks..

Outfit locations barred to me by an ocean of stinging nettles throughout summer are accessible once more. You guys, I am taking shots in my winter spots already! The foliage is green yet, but the sap is draining from them already. I can tell by the casts in my images, which are turning from green to cyan.

The weathermen have promised a brief return to summery temperatures for next week and I am crossing my fingers that for once, they will be right. Also, I am cheering myself up with plans for a winter holiday in the sun. I've gone on holiday during the winter months before, but never to a warm place. To me it sounds like the perfect way to regain some energy while England is at it's cold, dark, dank and dreariest. David insists I choose a destination (I am notoriously indecisive in my private life and he gets stuck with most decisions). I guess I'll just have to make up my mind ;)

Have you taken a reprieve from winter in the sunshine before?
Where did you escape to?

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Wednesday, September 12

The kraken wakes

The sun had been shining all-day-long. But of course half an hour before home time dark clouds rolled in. By the time I'd unpacked my tripod it was raining quite heavily, but it was rather warm nonetheless. That bitter smell of summer rains.. I'll miss that all winter long.

I didn't want to pull my three bag routine in Amsterdam, so before we left I got me this here big backpack. It's the funniest thing: Everything pictured has a face. Fish and kraken of course, but houses and ships too. It comfortably fits my camera (in a padded insert), my netbook and kindle. Usually I go for my camera bag, which also fits the lot, but shoulder straps make a heavy load so much more bearable on a looong walk.

I've been exceedingly boring today, but that's okay ;)
Maybe I'll have more to tell you on Thursday.
Meanwhile, have a good one!

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*As you can tell from my tattle tale haircut: These were taken a couple of weeks ago :)

Monday, September 10

Come as you are. Not.

This dress has been waiting in my wardrobe for some time. I fell in garment love, but knew right off the bat there weren't going to be many occasions to wear something quite this formal. I resolved to keep it aside for next year's Glastonbury festival, but then the team build I recently attended called for "formal evening attire" and as much as I dread team builds, that part I was actually looking forward to.

I didn't get to take photos on the day, so I re-wore the whole lot a few days later, after all: How could I not show you?!

The big bow on the back is what drew me to this fifties number by John T. Shayne & Co Chicago in the first place. The dress is in such fantastic condition, I wonder if I was the first to actually take it for a spin.

I actually took a few rather passable shots with my bike, but the above looked too funny not to share. How ladylike am I mounting my ride? ;)

Well, it's back in the wardrobe for now, waiting for another formal occasion I cannot escape. If it says formal on the tin you can bet your ass I am not attending of my own volition, but at least getting to wear this pretty again will sweeten the deal :)

So, tell me about the gems at the back of your wardrobe waiting for a suitable occasion to come out :)

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