Tuesday, July 31


I am pretty sure I've worn this exact same outfit on the blog before, but I couldn't resist some photos right after fetching my brand new bike.

Dusty is still going strong (though in for a service), but now that I have somewhere dry to store my bikes (I always try to keep a spare so I don't have to take the bus when one bike breaks down) I figured it was time for a treat: Instead of paying for an expensive repair on my purple bike, I bought this one on eBay.

Cheapskate that I am I couldn't face more than doubling what I've been spending on second-hand bikes in the past, which means this here beauty is of the cheap and cheerful variety. If you look closely you can see where the unknown manufacturer cut corners, but I wasn't after a ride for life, just a pretty bike to cheer me up on my daily commute. Maybe next time I'll go the whole hog ;) but for now I am dead pleased with just how gorgeous my new ride is.

Beach cruisers aren't really big over here, I guess you lot over in the U.S. whet my appetite for crazy wide handle bars with all your cycle style posts ;) That said, my old Setico used to have extendable handlebars. They looked mundane at first, but when you gave them a pull they came out as wide as these. Me, I am a handlebar snob. ;)

I cross this common full of grazing cows twice a day. When a group of them lie in the shade of a tree by the side of the path, those cows completely block my way some days. Can't fault them, I seek out the coolest spot on a hot day too. Thank goodness for broad tires, rather than wait for them to let me pass I can just cycle through the field now :)

We're handing back the keys for the old house today, so I guess we can get to unpacking one of these days ;) but now the move is done with I have also got that third and final tattoo back on my mind..

helmet: cre-8
dress: present (h. moser)
bike: eBay

Sunday, July 29

Button up

I wear mint all the time and I wear pink just as much, but I've been keeping those two colours separate. I don't think I've worn them in the same outfit, or in any case, so rarely I can't be sure I ever have. The other day Kate of Scathingly Brilliant mentioned how mint & pink is one of her go to combinations and with that in mind I grabbed for pink tights, cardi and earrings when I was having a minty day last week.

I only really wore the cardi first thing in the morning, when there was still a nip in the air, but I wanted to show you, so I quickly put it back on for photos after work. So in case you're wondering: No, I didn't run around with my cardi buttoned up wrong all day. That's a special sartorial treat for you guys ;D

Friday evening I cycled around on my new bike (it'll make it's first appearance on the blog shortly) and then we went out to watch the Olympic opening ceremony with some friends. We were watching in a pub, so the spectacle played out silently to the beat of some old dance hits. We had fun heckling Britain through the ages, but really we all thought it was a pretty good show.

When Austria did their flag waving lap of honour I attempted a little faux-yodel, and had to laugh when I realised I was actually wearing a dirndl for the occasion (these photos are from the day before).

We spent most of yesterday (that's today for me - I am scheduling this post for tomorrow morning) clearing up the old house, which is as near as dammit ready for check out now. We were absolutely pooped by the time we got home and apart from putting together this blog post I've done nothing but lounge about and gorge myself on sweets.

And on that note: Have a great rest of the weekend, I am having a rest!

blouse, brooch & skirt: etsy
cardi: primark
earrings: buttons (DIY)

Friday, July 27

Dog Day

Maybe I'd tire of it if we saw more than a handful of days a year of it, but I'll stick by it: The high twenties/low eighties are the most comfortable temperature ever. Cycling in this weather feels like being cuddled by  a warm blanket. Bliss :)

When Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky did a bike post recently she mentioned how few cycle style posts feature helmets. I admit, until not so long ago I flat out refused to wear one myself. I was browbeaten into it by people who care about me and rightly so, but frankly: I still hate the darn things. Safety first and all that. The breeze no longer ruffles my hair. Grumble.

So anyway, above you can behold! my violent pink helmet. Have I mentioned how much I hate that thing? ;) I've ordered myself a pastel pink and a soft blue one. Hopefully a little variety will help me loath wearing a styrofoam headband a little less :D
I promise I'll do a post actually wearing a helmet soon, but hey, it's made it into a picture. :)

On Wednesday our sofa, gifted to us by a friend, arrived. It dwarfs our living room, so we moved it into the conservatory and decided a couple of comfy armchairs would do for the lounge.

I always thought having a sofa on your porch or in a garden room is the bee's knees, but it seemed so darn extravagant (after all a sofa in a space like that must wear out much faster). I can't tell you how excited I was when I realised this was really our only option if we wanted to keep the new to us sofa at all. We've been spending these last few malmy evenings in the conservatory watching the dark draw in, savouring the slowly cooling air. Ice cold drinks (ice cubes!) in hand. Bliss :)

Now we have a spare bedroom (though it's camouflaged as an office) I am really enjoying that I can offer friends a place to spend the night when they find themselves in the area. We've already received our first "booking" for this autumn, when a friend from Austria and I will take on London together ;)

Well, one weekend coming up. Make it a good one! :)

blouse: etsy
plastic necklace: vintage fair
skirt: present
flats: office

Wednesday, July 25

Like Catnip

Now, I am not really much of a cat lady. I get on with cats and they suffer my presence with royal dignity but I don't have a special cat voice and I've been known to roughly swipe the odd purrer from my lap as soon as the claws come out. Have you ever watched cats around a catnip plant? From what I've seen, there is drool and much ceremonial rubbing up against the potted weed of desire. This little dance is accompanied by the sound of plentiful purrrrrring and goes on until not a shred of green is left and the cat mint is an ex plant. It's a right frenzy, opium den nothing against it.

Well, cat prints are catnip to me. Animal prints in general actually. So when Bec and I came upon this cat print dress during our Camden meet we decided we'd make like style blog twins and both get it :)
I thought what better to accessorise an army of cats than a little bird fresh out of his cage?
As you can tell from my hair, this outfit is a left over from last autumn. The dress has been living in my sewing basket for yonks, waiting to have a little extra fabric added to the hem. Once our little office (aka spare bedroom) is in action, I will be all out of excuses for my procrastination. I've already got some fabric and soon there will be a desk perfectly suited as an occasional sewing table.

Got any exciting projects you've been waiting a long time to get started on?

scarf/hairband: present (pass me down)
brooch: etsy
dress: camden market
belt: h&m
mauve tights
shoes: office

Monday, July 23

Home :)

Hi you guys :)

Guess what: We did go ahead and moved in on Sunday.
As of this afternoon we have a phone line and TA DA! I am back on the interwebs :)

There are still a few bits left at the old place, but most everything is moved. By next Tuesday we'll have handed back the keys and the whole affair will be over and done with. 

Meanwhile I am enjoying our super spacious new home. Available for a limited time only, because we have so little furniture right now. Getting a table, sofa and chest of drawers will be sure to lower the spaciousness factor, but also make for far more comfortable living ;)
I am also looking forward to our new bed, though the airbed I spent last night on was far more comfortable than the worn out old mattress at the shoebox, which kept poking David and me with it’s unruly springs. The other night he dreamt I stabbed him and woke to find the mattress was doing just that. ;)

Have a brilliant start to the week!

hat & bag: glasto
dress: echoo years ago
tights: welovecolors
heels: office (not recently)

Saturday, July 21


It's funny the things you learn when you're a "personal style blogger". Like how some fabrics can get absolutely drenched and still, in photos you can't tell they're even the tinsiest bit damp, while others.. well. See for yourself :D

You can tell I am a cyclist (rain pooling in my lap as I paddle along), or alternatively you might conclude I have a bladder problem ;)

I've worn these boots once before on the blog here. Within an hour of taking those photos I discovered the rainbow coloured inner and I have been wearing them cuffed ever since. :) Yay! for bonus features.

I've been sniping* all sorts of goodies on eBay recently. Amongst other things I am rather looking forward to the arrival of my new popsicle mold. Kaylah's been showing off her icy creations recently and I am itching to give her recipes a shot. This freezer of ours is going to be one big source of fun for me.

Moving-house-wise, things are going to be speeding up over the next few days. By midweek our bed and the interwebs will arrive, so we'll be spending the night at last.

It's been a privilege not to have to move in a hurry. But I tell you, doing it in dribs and drabs really does wear you down just the same ;)  I could be tempted to just grab my sleeping bag and camp out on the floor just for the sheer hell of it. Who knows, maybe we will ;)

Have a great weekend!

*I get so annoyed with bidding wars it's unreal. Why drive up prices unnecessarily?!

jacket: topshop years ago
top: somewhere on the interwebs years ago
belt: came with a dress
skirt: h&m (dyed)
boots: blowfish via eBay

Thursday, July 19

Boxed up

Hi guys :)
Hope things are good in your neck of the woods. They say the jet stream is done with it's mega tantrum and, believe it or not, it'll be summer soon.

There've been more and more sunny moments over the past few days. Every time the light changes from a dull grey to a yellow glow, the faces of the people around me glow right along with it. So many sunshiny smiles! If nothing else, I guess these past three months of rain, rain and rain really made us all appreciate even the swiftest glimpse of sunshine.

What with all the moving boxes around I've been keeping my nails plain. This way I don't get grumpy every time I chip one, which is pret-ty frequent. I can't wait to get back to colourful designs though  :)

Not long until the weekend! In the meantime it's reports, thrifting, boxes and more boxes for me. And maybe a new bike.. but that's a whole another indulgence ;)

dress & denim jacket: eBay
owl brooch & bracelets: etsy
hat & flats: highstreet

Tuesday, July 17


When the river finally flooded the meadow I usually take my photos at, my first thought was: A chance to show off my wellies!

I bought them at Glasto after the pair I arrived in developed leaks that gaffa tape alone could not fix.  I've been getting plenty of wear out of them over these last few splashy months.

Some boys were getting a real kick out of riding their bikes through the impromptu lake, while a little girl was equally fascinated with the myriad dead earthworms, moving like reeds in the water.

I might be all grown up, but I took a few extra photos just so I could splash through the water just a little longer myself.

Luckily there isn't an awful lot of flooding in the area. Just the wet lands around the river, rather than residential areas. So I don't have to feel guilty for enjoying the flood quite this much. That's forgetting about the unlucky earthworms of course.. ;)

See you later in the week, have a good one!

cardi: h&m
blouse: peacocks years ago
not quite a rose: present
skirt: next via eBay (altered)
plain old wellies: glasto stall

Sunday, July 15

On the move..

We've been to charity shops, carboots and recycling centres. David is haunting freecycle groups and we're moving in dribs and drabs, one car load at a time. We've also had good news from our letting agency: They're letting us out of our contract early, so we're now leaving our shoebox at the end of the month! We'd wanted to move most things by then anyway, so saving a month's rent is veeery welcome :)

Right guys, it's late and I am knackered. Time to sink into the sofa for a while :)

dress: eBay
cardi: asda
plastic fantastic necklace: vintage fair
bangles: etsy & market stall
clogs: torpatoffeln via lotta from stockholm