Saturday, June 30


We've been busy shopping for white goods and a brand spanking new bed today, but there was also time to chill out in our conservatory and feast our eyes on what are now our very own four walls.
And take some pictures of course :)

Now, this may look like a bog standard garage to you, but I assure you it is the studio space of my dreams:

I won't be bringing my kit until we move in in earnest, but when I do I'll be sure to share my set up. I am so over the moon, there is no way I could keep it to myself ;)

Now I am off to the corner shop to purchase a well deserved ice cream :)
Happy weekend you all!

Friday, June 29

Today's the day

We're getting the keys to our new place today!

It'll be quite a while until we really move in. We got a few things to sort out beforehand, like a new boiler for instance. Still, I am pretty sure we'll spend most of our time over there from now on, returning to our little shoebox only to sleep.

We're lucky - our contract for the shoebox doesn't run out for a while yet, so we're in no rush to furnish our new place. I am looking forward to lots of charity shopping aka thrifting, but.. ENOUGH ABOUT THE HOUSE ALREADY! ;)

Happy weekend!

scarf: asda
hat: primark
brooch: came with a h&m cardi
dress: present (etsy)
tights: h&m
clogs: lotta from stockholm

Wednesday, June 27

Santa is coming to town

Some time after 2 AM I finally got to sleep. Housey thoughts turned to houesy dreams and shortly after, the sound of a housey alarm clock. Only two more sleeps. This whole moving malarkey sure is stressful, but stressful-exhilarating, not stressful-heart attack. Or maybe stressful-heart attack after all, if I don't stop obsessing soon and think about something unrelated to four walls and a roof for a change. ;)

But: Fear not for my housey sanity, I have the latest instalment of Wolf Haas' Brenner series, Der Brenner und der liebe Gott, to clear my mind. I've also taken a quick peek in David's current read, Brenner and God*: If the first page is anything to go by, the charm and unusual writing style wasn't lost in translation. Which is all kinds of awesome, because I finally get to share my Brenner fandom with my other half. No more keeping my gob shut about all the major plot points. Or at least not until he's caught up with my greedy page turning.
How about you, reading something good at the mo?

I better get reading, before my mind skips forward to signatures and keys again..  waiting for Christmas nothing against it :D

You still there? Well, I couldn't fold you. Okay, that was a typo but I really couldn't fold you. Couldn't fault you either, if you'd scrolled away from me, the way I have been going on :) I guess I could have just written you three paragraphs of the word HOUSE over and over and over, with plenty of exclamation marks at the end and then a footnote saying: Not quite yet.
But where is the fun in that?

Anyhow, as per usual, here is me wearing some clothes ;)

*clears throat*

Have a fan-tastic day!

dress: white stuff via charity shop
brooch: decoylab on etsy 
earrings: accessorize
hat: primark
boots: blowfish via eBay

*Same book. Only, you know, local colour and all that. Of course I am reading the Austrian German original ;)

Monday, June 25

Watch out, she's gonna blow!

Here goes another rare instalment of same day photos. This is me, not a couple of hours ago :)

My heart has been thumping all day, anticipating all manner of things that could go wrong, but all my preparations for the house went smoothly (so far). I snicker at superstitions, yet I secretly suspect I'll jinx this move if I don't watch out :D

Anyway, it's all gooooood :)
and I am so excited for Friday (door keys!) I think I might just burst. That'd be one big mess: Stef bits EVERYWHERE. ;)

Remember how I told you I couldn't resist that old "just look at my arms all casual behind my head" pose when I am wearing crop sweaters?

Well, I am quite pleased with my graceful looks on the right ;)

Here's to another sunny day. Inside and out :)
Have a good one you all!

scarf: present
hat & sweater: h&m
dress: etsy
clogs: lotta from stockholm

Sunday, June 24

A zombie's Sunday

We should be getting the keys to our new place on Friday, but in order for that to happen I need to sort a couple of things out real quick. Arrangements left to make. It's Sunday today, so I am sitting on needles thinking about all the boxes I can't tick until tomorrow. Yes, yes, I bring it on myself ;) but it's like a sore tooth, I swear.

So, as soon as I can't seem to dislodge my mind from housey thoughts, I intend to have a zombie's Sunday. I prescribe plenty of television and tea. ;)

What kind of Sunday are you having?
Hope it's a good one! :)

hat: glasto
dress: porridge via modcloth
cardi: h&m
brooch: etsy
bag: sammstones
heels: clarkes

Wednesday, June 20


Midsummer, huh? Who would have thunk that would roll around so quickly once again.

Right now, I am really just waiting for our move to materialise. Not quite yet though. We've got some plans for later this summer, but otherwise I am just coasting along. You gotta coast sometimes ;)

My lunch time photo excursions give me a welcome break from the climate controlled office I spend my days in. All morning I'll watch the sky and weigh up locations. What with all the rain it's been a choice of muddy, muddy and dim. So it's no wonder I am jumping for joy whenever the sky brightens. There you have it, I am excited by weather.

Bad weather sure sucks, but sometimes stormy days are so darn beautiful it takes your breath away.
I don't like taking my digital out in the rain though, so no stormy photos for now ;) Well, there are a couple on my instagram 

Anyway, I am going to leave you for the comfort of my sofa & tv now
Have a good one :)

blouse: all-mighty clothing
skirt & white owl: anabelfuzz & decoylab on etsy
yellow owl, cardi & tights (RIPped): h&m

Sunday, June 17

My kindersurprise egg

Here are a couple of cameras you haven't met before. On the left we have my trusty Canon EOS 500d (my blogging camera) and on the right is my kinder surprise egg: A Hasselblad medium format camera.

It hasn't come out to play a lot over the past few years, which is bad, bad, bad. I imagine I can hear the oil dry up inside this exquisite machinery. Alright, I am being dramatic, but it's an iconic piece of kit. Who could resist that chrome rim, huh?

Hasselblad is a Swedish company and they've been making variants of this model since 1957. Sure, they'll change the shape of the crank or the release mechanism in the film holder, but essentially it's still the same camera. 

But no, there is no chrome rim on the middle bit, the camera body. See, the great thing about this camera is that it's a modular design. I bought the film backs and lenses on eBay (iconic chrome rim), and the body direct from a hobbyist (rim also available in black). So my medium format muscle car has some mismatched paintwork ;)

Saying about modular design though: The big puller is that the film is in a separate compartment, so you can choose between different film stocks for each shot :)

This baby comes with some awesome lenses. They're just so darn crisp. Maybe it's because the shutter mechanism is actually  in the lens, not in the camera body, but the lenses, they're also crazy heavy.

I fell in love with this little machine at uni. I adored the square images and top down viewfinder (it even comes with a built in loupe!), not to mention the sleek design. But I also preferred it over other medium format cameras because of it's relative lightness. Trust me, it's in no way light, but just light enough to hand hold. Magic :)

There's no built in metering, so my much loved Weston light meter comes in handy :)
Can you guess my favourite type of film yet? ;)

When you carry a Blad around with you, every once in a while your lens will jam. It's a quick and easy, yet nerve wrecking fix. I like to hold on to instructions while I slide open my camera's shutter with my sausage fingers and poke a pen around in there. More of an adrenaline rush than a horror movie. ;)
But don't let that put you off. 

In the words of Ferris Bueller: It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Well, I've tidied up my camera bag so, hopefully I'll put some films through this kid soon. Not like I am going to run out any time soon, right? ;) I have accumulated quite the Kodak Portra stockpile :)

What's your favourite film?

Friday, June 15

Snap happy

Friday :) Fridays are always good. This Friday has been stormy, rainy and sunny. Right now I can hear the leaves rustle, but it sounds more like rain. The sun is shining, but there are silvery grey clouds in the sky. Something brewing :) Howling. A long, drawn out moan. Silence until the rustling builds up slowly once again. Picking out clothes in weather this changeable is quite the lottery. :)

In non-weather-related (weather unrelated?) news: I am SO hooked on instagram. Viewing my shots on the big screen leaves me longing for a more powerful phone camera, but up small and personal, backlit by a phone screen, they kinda POP! It's fun to spy out for odd things to photograph as I go about my day again. I always used to, but then I didn't. Funny how that goes sometimes :) Anyhow, I am pleased that I got back into it. So if you fancy seeing odds and sodds I see, my username is wonkystef

earrings: etsy
scarf: present
cardi, tights & hat: h&m
dress: tara starlet (altered)
flats: primark

Wednesday, June 13


Other than my lunch time excursions I am leading a fairly indoorsey life right now :)
There has been a fair bit of rain over the past weeks. I am becoming renowned for returning from my lunch break with muddy shoes.. I think I might have to start carrying wet wipes so I can clean up before I leave tracks..

This cardi worked out a lot lighter than the skirt I dyed at the same time. After looking for one like it for quite a while, I found this handmade cardi in a charity shop. But, because it was an unpleasant shade of grayish-white, I didn't wear it a whole lot (arguably: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ) until after the dye job. I think I'll keep a look out for some different buttons too :)

Anyway, that cardi looks pretty darn bright now that I look at it, so why not declare it neon:
Neon | Everybody, Everywear

Guys, I have done an awful lot of this for the past few minutes:
Type paragraph - read paragraph - pull a face - delete paragraph - Repeat
I guess rain makes me boring ;) I just haven't much to tell, but all is well :)

Have a good one!

Monday, June 11

Komm, süßer Tod

It's caps time :)
Komm, süßer Tod (Come Sweet Death) is an Austrian darkly humorous crime film.

The story is based on one of Wolf Haas' detective Brenner novels and centres around the very same.

Just having left the police force, Brenner joins a Viennese ambulance service. He is hoping that for a change nothing will happen and he can just coast along for a while. But then lovers are shot with a single bullet, a rival ambulance service is stealing all the customers, old ladies are dying at an alarming rate and there is that chance meeting with an old high-school girlfriend..

Both book and film begin: Jetzt is schon wieder was passiert - Something just happened again.

The below sequence (left to right) is straight from the book: It is not a bad example of Haas' writing. Always speaking directly to the reader.

I bet you've guessed I am a big fan of not only the film, but the Brenner novels as well. I am a sucker for hard boiled detectives in general, like Tak Kovacs and a couple of others I haven't gone on about yet.

The Brenner novels, they haven't been translated into English just yet, but all the films (three so far) are available with decent English subtitles.

Some violence, a multitude of red lights run for sport, a couple of sex scenes and a continuous flow of dry humour. There is a lot more about this book and film I could tell you.  But it's bad taste to give away too much about a detective story ;)

You can get a hold of the DVD with English (and standard German) subtitles here. Don't rush though, I'll be harping on about another couple of Austrian films soon :)