Monday, April 30

Nailed it

As soon as the rain hasn't let up just yet I figured I'd regurgitate collect a few of my favourite nail dos from the past year :)

I've spent the dreary weekend watching images flicker across the TV with my headphones on. Sooo relaxing. I listened to Beach Fossils, The Black Keys, The National and new to me Zola Jesus and I Break Horses. (a video for each is embedded below)

Zola Jesus is becoming a fast favourite.
There are few things quite as uplifiting as finding new music :D

Have a great start to the week! :)

Sunday, April 29

Heavy showers

I managed to snap a couple of photos between downpours just before my appointment at the tattoo parlour last Thursday. I am a stickler for varying backdrops, but on this occasion I think I'll give myself a free pass :)

I swear I get outfit photo withdrawal when the weather keeps me indoors. Of course I can't write that without smiling to myself about the prospect of owning a garage studio. I am one lucky blogger :)

On a non weather or house related note:
I am in the process of putting together a little "about me" page. Anything in particular you'd like to know? Give me a shout and I'll be sure to include the answer(s) :)

hat: eBay
coat: tesco
blouse: tara starlet
cardi & mittens: primark
litho pins, ring & skirt: etsy
tights: h&m
clogs: torpatoffeln

Friday, April 27

Touch up

The other day I took a half day holiday to get my new tattoo touched up :D

I had a look through some magazines while waiting for my appointment. The suit wearing tree really caught my eye :)

Any Ren & Stimpy fans amongst you? The Log tat rather tickled me. BLAMMO!

Alex at work :)

The design for my nesting dolls is by Mara Murphy and Anna Branning of Dutch Door Press and it was tattooed by Alex Hugianu. I'll be posting some more about my nesting dolls once they are healed (again!).

I think it's time to amputate a juicy arm from my aloe right about now. The perfect remedy for burns and as it turns out, not at all bad for helping along healing tattoos either..

Happy Friday :)
Have a stonking great weekend!

Thursday, April 26

Subject to weather conditions

The lighting was a little changeable last Thursday, hey?
We've been having plenty of April showers. For the past week sunny intervals have been few and far between heavy downpours and consta-drizzle. It better let up soon or I'll have to have a photo-shortage induced blog holiday :D

On the other hand, I do love watching fast moving clouds. See, Cambridge is flat as a pancake, so the sky is wide open. The full length windows at my office are perfect for watching storms gather. Quite the treat (as long as my mind doesn't skip ahead to the bike ride home) .

Farewell for now, weather permitting I'll see you all on Saturday!

beret & skirt (dyed): eBay
cardi: asda
blouse: etsy (clever nettle)
flats: primark

Tuesday, April 24

Those tights..

These wrinkly tights, they are going in the bin. No mercy.

After about a year of (near as) constant wear, my H&M Hasbeens are falling to pieces.

I was indignant when I found the same clogs (unused) on eBay at four times the original retail price. It was always going to happen but I got all ruffled anyway. I'd briefly considered buying a few extra pairs when I ordered my H&M Swedish Hasbeens collaboration clogs last year. As a little investment. I don't know, the whole idea made me feel kinda sleazy. Cut-me-own-throat-Dibbler eat your heart out. Still, it would have been prudent.

Short story   l o n g ,   those H&Ms Have been, long live my Torpatoffeln.

In other news, I'll be getting my tattoo touched up this week! By the time that's healed it should be warm enough to leave off tights now and then :)

dress: h&m (a few years)
scarf: present
dala horse brooch: etsy
jumper: asda
clogs: torpatoffeln (via lotta)

Monday, April 23


We're still blissed out over the prospect of moving house. Not that we dislike our shoebox, but a little extra space will go a long way :) Space for a freezer and a microwave for instance, neither of which we could fit in our current home. Little extra amenities. Enough floor space to do a large collage. No more contracts prohibiting anything be hung on the walls, no more inspections.. Simply dizzying.

Friday night, while I was watching a lame game show called pointless:

I got Rick rolled by the BBC
Thought I'd spread the love around :D

Have a great start to the week!

Saturday, April 21

Casual Friday

I rarely feel casual on Fridays, but last week I did.
Totally casual Velcro trainers (which never came out of my bag at Glasto but got a little mud on them anyway :D) Still over a year to go until next time. Not that I am counting down.. 

Well, the house hunt appears to be over. Subject to contract. And there is a garage! Where we live now there is no space to unpack my portable studio kit. It's been resting in it's body bag for a good five years. Time to wake up :)

Happy weekend!

t-shirt & coat: some supermarket
cardi: modcloth
skirt (dyed) & trainers: ebay

Wednesday, April 18

Sounds legit

I've been daydreaming my head off lately. While carrying out repetitive tasks (CTRL+C CTRL+V), when I am editing images or cycling into town, I am always making up little stories to entertain myself.

There's a core set of characters I've put through various hardships over the years. Three generations of them. Occasionally they get to watch morning light filter through dusty net curtains while sipping at gloriously fragrant cups of black coffee, but most days into battle they go. Guerrilla style. Don’t throw them a pity party yet though, more often than not I bestow handy superpowers upon them. As much a curse as a blessing for some. *cue over dramatic musical score*
As you can see, my mind is about as literary as B-movie formula.

Once I tire of a storyline I reset my miniature universe. Changes in the political situation and infrastructure, a new origin story for a couple of characters. I don’t make their imaginary lives easy but still, I am oddly protective of the lot of them.

Is that a strange pastime? Probably not. My Tumblr stream insists we're all chock-full of secret imaginary worlds.
Sounds legit. :D

Of course I am also daydreaming about garages turned photographic studio, but that’s a whole nother story.

hat, scarf & cardi: h&m
brooch: self assembly :D
dress: eBay (thefrippe)
flats: primark

Monday, April 16


Now that we are motorised once more we've been catching up on some long outstanding visits (though there are plenty more friends around the country we are yet to descend upon)

Not so long ago we visited friends in Birmingham and last week we invaded a Mancunian home overrun with Daleks.

Clent Hill: I really enjoyed hopping and tripping across the root work of these trees. The bottom third is barely in shot in the image with tiny blob me.

It’s been years since I set foot in a brick and mortar bead shop :) So many goodies ready for assembly.

Easter bunny surprise :) Rocket... man insect?. All the other creatures in the series seem to be insects. A ladybug, a fly, bee and even a grasshopper. All quite identifiable. But not this one. What is he? Well, in any case he's got a rocket!

I would recommend Uncle Joe's Balls. Not least because it just sounds so wrong. The Winter Nips too.