Wednesday, February 29


I got some more toy pins :) The cowboy and the photographer are my favourites. SMILE.

So I guess this concludes unofficial scarf week :) And economical writing week.

Happy Leap Day :)

beret: eBay
coat: tesco
scarf: present
mittens: primark
pins & dress: unicorn kids and Nest Egg Vintage on etsy
tights: welovecolors
brogues: office

Sunday, February 26

Lone Ranger

Spring really is on it's way!

My Lone Ranger badge arrived :)
I can't say why a little piece of sheet metal is more exciting to me than perspex or wood, but litho toys hold a special place in my heart. And to my mind jewelery is just another kind of toy. If I am ever spoilt for space I would love a litho doll house collection a little like this one.

beret: eBay
coat: modcloth (tulle)
flower brooch: etsy (altered)
cardi: asda
scarf & earrings: present
bangle: primark
lone ranger: etsy
dress: charity shop/thrifted (white stuff)
pastel mint tights: welovecolors
spat-like leg warmers: DIY
brogues: office

Friday, February 24

Bright objects hypnotize the mind

The husband refers to my habit of knotting scarfs at the back like this as doing a John Wayne. You just wait until my Lone Ranger badge arrives. I get hopeful every time I spot the postman.

Not that I have an insane Western fascination going on in my clothing choices or anything.. nope. Cowboys were certainly not the theme this Tuesday - I am not sure I can say the same for Rainbow Brite :D Oh Starlite.. your awesome was only rivalled by Jolly Jumper..

Happy weekend!
Hope there is a glorious sunset to ride off into where you guys are tonight ;)

bubble beret, button earrings & skirt: etsy
coat: tesco
scarf: present
violent pinkness & cardi: h&m
pumpkin tights
shoes: office

Post title from 'A Word with You' by Elizabeth Bishop

Thursday, February 23


Up until the middle of last year I didn't wear nail polish at all but now I view my collection rather like crayons: I wouldn't want to make do with just a couple of colours.

So since I am now officially a nail polish fiend I thought I'd share how I store mine:
In a metal box with lots of bananas on it.
And because I don't like searching for my favourite shade of blue, I put a little drop of polish on each lid, so I always know where the one I am looking for is hiding.

Are you a fellow collector, how do you store your nail polish?

Wednesday, February 22

Let's colour!

No digital masterpiece I know, just a couple of cheerful little doodles. A little shaky but surprisingly fun to do.
Originally I had added laser beams shooting from my eyes, but after backing out of that one I just figured:
Let's colour!

I might just make this into a regular occurrence.. Anyone care to join me in doodling on the occasional outfit photo?

Keeping inside the Lines is Boring Tuesdays?
Felttips Taste Nice Wednesdays? 
Fingerpainting Thursdays? 

Nah, I am not great at keeping to a challenge calendar. But if you end up joining in my colouring frenzy, no matter what weekday, please share a link in the comments! I'd love to see :)

hat: present
jacket: tulle via modcloth
sweater, brooches & skirt: etsy
ring: present
tights (dusty green and sky blue layered): welovecolors
mittens & flats: primark

Monday, February 20

District 13

If you enjoy fast paced action in general and parkour in particular you should definitely watch Luc Besson's District 13 & sequel District 13: Ultimatum

Both movies are set in a Paris ghetto of the not so distant future. Walled off and overrun with violence, drugs and of course organized crime, Banlieue 13 is home to Leito (played by David Belle, founder of parkour), who takes on a local drug lord in a bid to keep his home turf clean. He finds himself teamed with an undercover cop played by Cyril Raffaelli, who's stunts and fight choreography you'll have seen in many a movie.

Awesome parkour it's hard to believe didn't involve wires or computer generated effects, great fight sequences and cinematography, baddies who make rational enough decisions and to top it all off: No cheese. Everything you could ever hope for in an action packed movie.

So screw dubbing, suck up the subtitles (that is, unless you speak French) and watch it already - You're in for a treat :)

beret & belt: eBay
coat: primark
blouse: All-Mighty
cardi: h&m
skirt: waterlooplein market (altered)
boots: corral

Saturday, February 18

Perfect sense

So, I thought to myself,.. how could I improve this image?

Add a   G I A N T   cat to go with my skirt. That's how.
My reasoning is sound. You know it makes perfect sense ;)

But forget about the cats for a moment and check out my new jacket:
I complimented a most awesome colleague on it last year and when she had a wardrobe clear out recently, she put it aside for me. So loving the big collar and cuffed sleeves. It's cosy warm as well.

Happy Caturday I guess!

hat: tesco
outer jacket: present
inner jacket: zara via time enough for drums
t-shirt: glasto
skirt: vamos threads
mocha tights: welovecolors
brogues: office

Thursday, February 16

Naked fat guy with a bow and arrow

Here is what I wore on Valentine's.

The other half and I don't really observe Hallmark Appreciation Day and that's why it was a real surprise to return from my lunch break outfit shoot to find a secret admirer with my husband's handwriting had left a rose for me at work. It turned me from my usual unromantic self into a right sappy sap for the rest of the day.

Now, this dress..
When I first came across it on etsy I instantly favourited it because of the amazing embroidery but I had this sinking feeling that it would be quite baggy on me. "Easily altered for sure" I thought to myself brooding over the listing time and again. But you all know my prowess as a seamstress is nothing to write home about, so with some heartache I eventually removed it from my favourites.

A few days later I saw Michal sporting a similar dress and was so smitten I only went and searched etsy for embroidered dresses again. Well, I bet you can guess the first search result. Needless to say this Pretty went right back into my ♥  and soon enough it ended up in my basket.

I concluded that if it really did make me look like a potato sack I'd just have to use this opportunity to learn how to take in a dress. Luckily my seam ripper won't go anywhere near my blue wonder. It's clearly home made and the work is so lovely I'd loathe to add my own clumsy stitching.

Are vintage purchases an emotional roller coaster for you too?

As for my scalloped nails, I followed Jill's tut found via Elycia's blog. I am definitely going to give it a go in lots more colour combinations :D

Somehow every day this week so far has felt like a Friday so I am pleased it's nearly time for the real one :D Whatever weekday it feels like, hope you have an extraordinary one!

beret: eBay
cardi: Asda
coffee cup ring: DIY
button earrings: DIY
dress: BlytheHopesVintage on etsy
tights: welovecolors
brogues: office

Tuesday, February 14

On time

I got up early last Wednesday to catch photos at dawn but the sun never rose to the occasion. Didn't all day. Luckily, on the weekend I got a chance to take some more photos in the sunshine.. so here is what I wore last Wednesday, and for a little piece of Saturday ;)

When I set eyes on this skirt at Waterlooplein market during a holiday in Amsterdam I instantly fell for the bold print and rich red colour. I was so loved up in fact that I barely registered the fact that it was so tight it cut my intestines in half and made me look distinctly sausage. Oh no, I sucked in my stomach, held my breath, took one look in the mirror and insisted to myself: This is a perfect fit.

Eversince my Mary-in-law gave me her sewing machine last year I've been edging my way towards replacing the torturous waist with an elasticated one. After a number of failed attempts (huh, you're meant to stretch the elastic before you sew it in.. DOH!) followed by hours of zen seam-ripping, I finally succeeded.

I know this is a five minute job for many of you but to me it is a momentous achievement that makes me bristle with pride :)

I keep remembering Everybody, Everywear challenged a day too late (uhm, my dog ate my outfit?) but not this time. Here is to pink and red. Forbidden* combinations are the best :)

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

*Seriously, just how boring are "fashion rules"?!

Click the image below for another pink and red outfit:

hat: tesco
ear & fingerring: buttons (DIY)
fingerless gloves: present (handmade by my Mom)
coat: present
(I've had it for over ten years but I rarely get to wear it because it just doesn't get quite cold enough around here :) )
crochet blouse: etsy
skirt: waterlooplein market (altered)
tights: welovecolors
boots: sheplers (corral)