Saturday, December 31

Calendar reminder

Yesterday evening the husband and I watched Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe review of 2011 (BBC I Player | YouTube). I'd forgotten quite how crazy 2011 has been on a global level. That said, I've had quite an interesting year myself.

So, this time around I am joining in the "review of my year" blogging ritual.

We began 2011 in Austria, visiting family and friends as well as rediscovering my eraser collection.

It was a vehicular first quarter. In February my push bike gave up the ghost and I turned pedestrian for a little while

Soon after we bought our first car

and took some trips

Our wheels gave their last on the way home from a glorious June week in a muddy Glastonury field. Can't blame the old car, it wasn't the only one who didn't want to leave :)

And so I was back to paddling.

We found our raffle ticket to the US Green Card lottery was a winner and I went a bit existential on you guys in the frenzy of form filling as we entered round two of the application process.

I had me some dentistry and lived on milkshake and Co-codamol for a week blissed out at the demise of my troublesome wisdom teeth and no bruising to show for it.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a liking for nail polish :)

After stating loudly that I was unlikely to ever get a tattoo I immediately went and got my first tattoo.

Just as the leafs started changing, Bec of Black Swan's Pond and I took on Camden together.

Indian summer felt like a warm hug after the lukewarm summer.
I found out that fellow style blogger Vicky lives just down the street and it is has been great fun teaming up on weekend photo trips.

Christmas was a festival of laziness in our home. I feel relaxed and ready for a new round. ;)
Let's see what 2012 brings :)
Happy new year!

Thursday, December 29

The Dude Abides & giveaway winner

This Christmas I've been busying myself mainly with my new gadgety phone, messing with Apps and stalking Flickr and Tumblr. It remains to be seen how well Red Morning Light measures up as a ring tone - like I say I am not big on my phone's primary function.

There was much gluttony and relaxation for me over the past few days. So much so I had myself an unannounced vacation from the blog :)

Time not spent inhaling sugary foods was passed reading sci-fi noir Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan and now I can't wait to get off the computer and carry on with the second instalment, Broken Angels.

Right, that's enough rambling: I believe I owe you guys one  giveaway winner  drawn randomly - Congrats Mary Van Note! Can't wait to see you style your new Shabby Apple Lighthouse dress :)

Saturday, December 24

So many layers - can't fit arms through sleeves

Ever get shades of foul bachelorette frog? I do. Or in this case: Foul style blogger frog. For a minute there I thought I'd have to change because my arms really weren't going in my coat sleeves but in the end I rammed them home and voila! many colourful layers.

The other half won this Fez as part of a Doctor Who party pack so of course I had to test the old coolness factor

Last Wednesday David and I went to see Death in Vegas at the Junction here in Cambridge. It’s only a small venue so we got to enjoy a case of vibrating rib cage close to the stage. The moment the music started a contented grin spread across my face. Ear to ear.

Actually, I’ve gone on about Death in Vegas here on the blog once before. David introduced me to their music years and years ago and they’ve been a staple on my various CD and more recently MP3 players ever since. Unlike the husband I had never before heard them live though so I was doubly excited that they were coming to Cambridge.

We arrived a little early so we stopped for a game of billiard close by to pass the time. I was pleased as punch that while I potted more balls by fluke than by design quite a few shots worked out exactly as planned.

I've never really stopped at the merchandise table before but this time around a tote bag seemed the way to go :)

And there is that staple of cool again. Tommy Cooper got that one right long before the time lord.

Fez: David's
knitted head band & fingerless gloves: made by my Mom (thanks Mama!)
snood: DIY
hooded cardi: next I think.. in 2001 LOL
denim jacket & underdress peeking out: eBay
coat: primark
dress: etsy
knit band worn as belt: present
socks: Glasto
clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

Thursday, December 22

And a merry midwinter to you

This year the husband and I decided we'd trade Christmas for our very own season of unspecified festivities.

Neither of us could be bothered with decorations this time around. I am so enjoying ridding myself of accumulated ballast I even considered donating our big box of Christmas paraphernalia, but in the end I figured that box was doing just fine in the dark crevice under the stairs. Hoisting it out of there seemed like too large a task and completely at odds with my festive season of laziness.

Unadorned by colourful garlands, flashing lights and glittering stars, this year's celebrations will be given entirely to lounging on the sofa and visits to friends (to lounge on their sofas instead).

I know, I know, I am quite unfestive and my middle name might just be Grinch but I am really enjoying my non specific midwinter par-tey.

Whatever the theme of yours, have a merry holiday season you all :) 

beret: eBay
t-shirt: supermarket (asda)
cardi & kerchief: primark
brooch: craftyfolk (etsy)
skirt: etsy
skyblue tights
brogues: office

Wednesday, December 21

We interrupt normal programming..

Hi guys

Just a quick heads up to let you know the  giveaway is now closed 
I'll draw a winner within the next few days :)

So long

Tuesday, December 20

After the Beep

Hi guys :)
I might be away from the interwebs for a couple of days - completely offlinksy - I'll draw a winner for the giveaway as soon as I am back online but it might not be until the end of the week.

See, I have one of those old-fashioned mobiles: No camera, no Internet, just a tinny ring tone maxed out to ear shattering decibels and still I miss every last call. My handset always slips deep down into the uncharted outer reaches of my bottomless handbag and guess what:  Apparently all my satchels, backpacks and even coat pockets come with complimentary sound proofing. Ear shattering tinny ringtone might as well be the sound of a fish farting at that rate.

My social networking skills are so awe inspiring I am my own most frequent caller: I ring from the house phone while hunting for my lost mobile.

Anyway, I am really tempted with a smart phone right now. I'd like to keep track of comments from afar, maybe even edit a blog post on the fly and while I eventually find my bearings in any city it sure would be quicker to use GPS. So basically, I want an expensive toy pretty please, never mind the phone part.

Phones, they turn me into a penguin. The socially awkward variety. I am not particularly well versed in small talk at the best of times but my awkward phone manner is legendary. I freeze up so bad I can't even remember to ask about the weather.

So basically, if you've ever had the misfortune to find yourself in a phone "conversation" with me, on a wireless so hanging yourself with the cord is not an option, I do apologise. Got any smart phone recommendations?

beret & skirt: eBay
scarf: present
blouse: all-mighty
cardi: h&m
purple tights: primark
boots: sheplers (present)

Sunday, December 18

Festive triangles

I tried to get some festive nail polish going but my Christmas trees leave something to be desired. To my mind all I needed was a triangle and some dots and voila! Christmas tree, but apparently there is more to it because these just looks like triangles with dots to me. Very festive triangles though, right? ;)

A colleague at work gave me this blouse. I really like the big collar and tie belt.

Tomorrow will be my last day at work this year. Woohoo!
Good intentions are in place but the jury's out on whether my "to mend" pile is actually going to get tackled during the holidays. So many hems and buttons..

beret & denim jacket: eBay
snood: DIY
coat: tesco
blouse: present
skirt: h&m
boots: amazon

Friday, December 16

The day after the day before

Here's to another November lunch break spent at the country park clambering around on trees.

As I write this I am watching The day after day before the day after the day.. tomorrow. Again. I don't really think much of the movie (though I do rate the South Park parody) but I feel a little sick after eating an obscene number of mince pies (oh temperance, I know you not!) and maybe it's just because my stomach is hurting, but right now it is strangely comforting to watch a bunch of kids hide in a library while the world goes to heck in a hand basket.

If meteorology steeped in magic sent a cold front of epic proportions my way, a room in an old library with an open fireplace and a great pile of books for insulation, fuel and company sounds like a good hidey hole to me. Screw the mall, I think that reading room is where I am riding out the zombie apocalypse too.

I am a reformed glutton of course. I will never again over-eat. Not until the day after the day before tomorrow anyway.

hat & cardi: primark
coat: tulle (modcloth)
scarf: present
blouse & crochet tights: h&m
skirt: vintage
shoes: clarkes

Wednesday, December 14

Shabby Apple Giveaway

When Dayna of Shabby Apple invited me to host a giveaway I knew you guys would be just as excited as me :)

Shabby Apple's range of vintage inspired retro women's dresses are classic timeless pieces and will make a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Read on for your chance to add one to yours! :)

But first I thought I'd share a few of my favourites:

I am particularly taken with the red and white stripes of the Circo dress, the buttoned half belt and sailor collar of the navy Admiral dress and the shimmering, rich blue and petal collar of the Trevi Fountain dress. Not to mention the vision in white and butter yellow that is the Lighthouse dress, which is the one that is up for grabs here at Diversions :)

How to enter
To enter the giveaway for one Shabby Apple Lighthouse dress you need to nip over to facebook and like Shabby Apple and leave a comment below (don't forget to include a way to contact you)

Additional entries:
For additional entries share the giveaway on facebook, tumblr, twitter or your own blog. Don't forget to leave a seperate comment for each entry or they won't be counted!

Sorry, US residents only folks.

Giveaway ends one week from now, on Wednesday, 21st December at 10:00 AM GMT and the winner will be drawn randomly as soon as pos after that :)

Shabby Apple also offer 10% off to you guys for the next 30 days using coupon code diversions10off

Best of luck!