Monday, October 31

Bare bones business wear in realtime

This, I'll have you know, is a historic post: I don't think I have ever posted an outfit the same day. Although that might just be testament to my poor memory. I am getting a bit lackadaisical about the shortcomings of the old noodle I guess.

Questionable reliability of the space between my ears aside, I am fiendishly pleased with just how open to interpretation the term 'business casual' is. Especially on the 31st of October ;) Here is what I wore to work today.

I don't only get my inspiration for colourful nails from Kaylah but she also created an intense need for skeleton tights in me when she took her pair for its first spin recently.

This little plastic guy was part of my Halloween dollhouse last year, I figured he could double as a brooch just fine :)

Guys, Halloween aside I am sooo hooked on the new Florence and the Machine album it's unreal. What music are you currently stuck on?

Okay, right - enough gibbering on my part already - have a most excellent start to the week everybody!

mittens & hat: primark
jumper: present (pass me down)
dress: camden market
tights & denim jacket: eBay
brogues: office

Happy Halloween!

Treat. Most definitely treat.

Don't stray from the path but if you do and you happen upon a gingerbread house - pop the witch in the oven first and eat the house after. Safer that way around ;)

Saturday, October 29


I haven't had a classic denim jacket since the nineties. You know: docs, button front dress, ripped tights and bulky, over sized trucker style jeans jacket. Arms and hands covered in scrawled notes and doodles. Ear warmer sized headphones plugged in, mix tape being chewed up by my Walkman. Remember that one girl in Breakfast Club? Dandruff snow on pencil drawing? Well, I equalled her level of socially awkward when I was a teen. Hands down.

I snagged this jacket on eBay. I'd been wanting one all year but I was being a miser setting myself a tight budget. In the end the wait paid off and I spent only three quid. I think this is going to be quite the go to for me. :)

I took these pictures during Wednesday's lunch break. I've collected quite the outfit photo stash but when it comes down to it I am always itching to show you my most recent wears.

Have an awesomely spooky weekend you all!

hat: primark
dress & coat: supermarket (tesco)
snood: DIY
blouse and kerchief: h&m
belt: from a dress
denim jacket: eBay
pale pink tights
brogues: office

Wednesday, October 26

Three letter word

Lately I've been asked  WHY? an awful lot in the real world.
It got me to thinking so hold on to your hats while I share my ramblings on this three letter word ;)

For the most part I keep myself to myself. I am pretty private when it comes down to it. Not exactly secretive though I can keep one but I am the brand of quiet that is all too often mistaken for insecurity by the boisterously sociable. You know, people who ask about your wages, your innermost feelings and set out to "fix" you when they find out you enjoy a bit of alone time. Truth is, you can ask my opinion any day but even on the rare occasions where I am willing to share I am clueless when it comes to explaining my motifs for personal choices.

Yeah, I know: First I pontificate about how we should all revel in sharing ourselves and then I go and tell you that I can't even answer the simplest of questions.

Only it's never really a simple question, is it?  Personal preferences and decisions, they are convoluted. More feeling than thought. To answer such questions you have to delve right down deep into  yourself, a place where nothing is logic. A melty mess of emotions and instinct more like. Because when it comes to personal choices, as much as we may rationalize them after the fact, they are rarely made logically.

Reason. Logic. That's for finances and running reports at the office but when it comes to personal decisions, ultimately I go with my gut. I feel what I want from my chest right down into the tips of my toes. Reverberating through me. A calm that tells me this is right for me at this point in time, followed by a friendly tingle of anticipation because: Now that my mind is made I am ready for all the preparing and doing. And after all that, that's when reason first comes into it. Only an afterthought. That pro and con list is a little white lie.

Ever tossed a coin because you didn't care either way but then, just as you lift your hand away from the coin, you realize with a sting that you wanted it to land the other way? Sometimes it is not so easy to know your own mind.  It takes trust and honesty and it's no easy feat to trust in yourself.

So like I say, the cards are marked, the oh so sensible pros and cons, they are a facade. Deep down our minds are often made well before any of that stuff. It's hard to admit: Reason doesn't figure in it. It's instinct, emotion. It's irrational. Caveman stuff.

And as much as I wish I could explain myself, as much as I want to share where I am coming from, how I arrived here, why I am who I am and do what I do, sometimes there is just no way. So I mumble, shrug and I smile so awkwardly it's probably more of a snarl.

Why not? That's a far better question if you ask me ;)

hat: festival stall
scarf: present (pass me down)
dress & skirt: modcloth
belt: eBay
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
heels: bargain bin in some highstreet store

Sunday, October 23


They call it St. Martin's Summer, Old Crone's (Alt-weiber) Summer or Gypsy Christmas in different parts of Europe and I wish for it every year. I got my way this time around :) Right at the end of September when I'd already dusted off my wintercoat, woolie hats, scarfs and gloves, summer unexpectedly returned for a little encore. With temperatures in the mid 20s/low 80s it was a veritable British heat wave.

It was just glorious, so please excuse the image overload as I soak up the sun..

Make a wish!

A simple bastardization of Kaylah's strawberry nails
It's cooler now but autumn remains pretty darn glorious around here. Cold sun and cold wind. Crisp and dry :)

I started Saturday with a long shower thinking about zombies (as you do). As I opened my eyes my husband pulled open the curtain. "Destroy the brain" was all I could think. .
David couldn't work out why I was so shocked until I stopped laughing for long enough to explain: I'd been preoccupied with the logistics of survival during a zombie apocalypse after having seen the latest instalment of The Walking Dead the day before.
I know Amber is with me on this one. Braaaaaains?

Happy weekend you all! :)

hat: h&m
earrings, brooch, kerchief & bracelet: vintage/second hand
cardi: primark
dress: tulle via time enough for drums
rust tights
loafers: office

Thursday, October 20

Gone to Seed

I've got quite a collection of old decks of cards. Not that I play much (or at all really) but I can't resist when I happen upon them in charity shops. I like the pictures and the patterns on the back in particular. Check out the Katja cats :) Can't resist even a deck missing a few cards and I couldn't resist this dress either: I'd only gone to the shop to get some milk but I returned home with two new dresses as well. I can't help but mention: It was reduced to GBP 2.50! Excuse the stench of smugness..
I am looking forward to reading all about Mister Wednesday this Thursday lunchtime. I watched Thor the other day which got American Gods lodged firmly at the front of my mind, so I am now rereading the novel by Neil Gaiman :)

Without that book t I might have just left it at doodling and writing with my left while manning a phone order line some summers ago. Instead I repeatedly dropped my favourite coin while learning to walk it along the phalanx of my fingers.

It's the done thing don't you know? Go now, acquire the skills of characters in a good books before the masses catch on! ;) Here's how the coin walk goes.

hat: festival stall
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
necklace: present
brooch: ark
ring: etsy dress: supermarket (tesco)
sweater: supermarket (asda)
royal blue tights
saddleshoes: rachel antonoff for bass (present)

Monday, October 17

It's the little voices

I went out to take these photos early in the day one September Sunday (lunchtime is practically the small hours on a weekend). After reviewing these images I decided while I usually like adding a little extra length and breaking up colours with a white underskirt, when it comes to this particular dress the effect was distinctly "blergh". Yes, that is the technical term.

I ditched the skirt before going out to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (excellent) with the husband and his Mom. We followed it up with some pasta and the most indulgent trifle ever. That thing was insane. Now that it's getting too cool for peep toe-cycling I am making much more use of my saddle shoes. At long last. They were languishing in their original box for way too long. I had a severe case of reverent non-usage.

When indulging or being indulged with items out of my usual cost comfort-zone I have a tendency to "keep it safe". I treat it like it's made out of sugar and will immediately disintegrate if I dare wear it. Well, I don't think these will make like the wicked witch. No disintegration in sight. Look, no skirt! Much better :)
My mother-in-law gave me this matching tote with the fitting slogan "It's the little voices that tell me to go shopping".
"Online shopping" the husband pointed out. I think I hear them whisper to me now..

necklace: present
dress: supermarket (tesco)
belt: supermarket (asda)
cardigan & skirt: modcloth
sky blue tights
saddleshoes: antonoff/bass (present)
tote: present

Friday, October 14


I thought I'd interrupt summertime with some photos only four days old.

It was actually quite warm when I took these just before dusk this Monday. No coat required but you never can go wrong with mittens. At least not if you have ice block hands like me. Shaking my hands gives people a bit of a shock in summer but in winter it is positively death defying.

The whole bad circulation thing gets painful when it's cold out and when sting turns to numbness simple tasks like operating a door key can present a real challenge. So you won't be surprised when I tell you I'll splurge on a nice set of gloves or mittens any day. Especially when they come on a string. I am no toddler but I might as well be when it comes to keeping track of my gloves whereabouts.

Mittens on a string are perfect like that: When you're not wearing them you can keep your gloves, a hankie, heat pack or mobile in there and when it gets really cold you can layer them over your gloves for extra insulation.

You can sort of see my new short hair in these. Sort of. I think I'll keep it like this for some time so I am sure you'll see me sans headgear soon enough :) The main thing is it's actually healthy. Phew. Who would have thunk it. Stef without a head of straw :D Can you smell the smugness in the air? ;)

I was waiting on the weekend so hard and now it is within reach! Have a brilliant one you all :)

bubble beret: softspoken (etsy)
cardi & gloves: primark
brooch: decoylab (etsy)
wolf ring: mrd74 (etsy)
dress: porridge (modcloth)
rust tights boots: eBay

Wednesday, October 12

Everything is rosy in pink

When I wore this outfit to work on a Friday not so long ago I was itching to get home and add my pink wig to the ensemble. It's sods law that I work in a very liberal office I might even get away with a head of bubblegum or cotton candy pink in, but my hair is too fried to bleach (no need to even bring my dye allergy into the equasion). While the powers that be might take a leniant approach, wearing a pink wig to work is probably taking it a liiittle far. So, here is to home time and celebrating the very same with cheerful faux hair.

Right now it's still unseasonably warm out but there is a keen edge to the North wind. Rosy cheeks and ears that means ;) Not quite as pink as my wig though

I am pleased I've squirreled away a fair few outfit shots over the past month.  By now the sky turns night blue within the hour once I get home from work. It's just as well, what with the glorious weather I have hardly found time to catch up with my blog reading at all. I am looking forward to sipping gulping tea wrapped in my soft pink robe which feels like a number of teddy bears were harmed in the making.
Co-sy winter time blog reading attire.

On a different note: Why is it not the weekend yet? Surfacing slowly from a dream yesterday morning I was trying to reason out whether it was really a weekday or if I might have set my alarm in error. What a let down that the alarm had every right to howl at me.

wig: eBay
bow: h&m
earrings: DIY (buttons)
dress: supayana
pale yellow tights
clogs: office

Sunday, October 9

Happy House of Horror!

A new month, a new header :)
Why store your skeletons in a closet when you can keep them nice and crispy in your refrigerator?
Happy Spook-tober everybody!

Ring Ring

I used my birthday as an excuse to purchase this little wolf I'd been eyeing up for months. Yes, I know I said I don't really go a bomb on rings. But then you already know my mind is not exactly unchanging. Maybe I should carry on making predictions on this blog (you know, like when I said I didn't think I'd ever get a tattoo or that I don't wear rings). Here goes:
I don't think I'll ever win a grand price.
Chances a cash machine is ever going to spit lots of large bills at me randomly as I walk past when nobody and no CCTV is watching are less than slim.
I think it is safe to say I am not getting any younger.. or wait, that wasn't very ambitious: I won't live forever :D
And last but not least: I'd most certainly not jump for joy if I happened upon a second-hand Emily and Fin Gloria dress in my size for a pittance.
*hehe* Cosmic ordering nothing against it.
Well, now there is nothing left to do but wait for my big haul.

Care to join in? Maybe it's not my flip flopping, maybe the blog is magic. Make a prediction and let me know if when the reverse comes true.

coat: supermarket (tesco)
brooch: etsy
ring: etsy
dress: h&m
blouse: asos
belt: supermarket (asda)
magenta tights
my wedding shoes