Tuesday, November 29


These pics are from way back at the start of September. Man, my nails look gloopy. Good to see I am getting better at the old varnish malarkey.

This was on a Sunday and after some days of refined sugar overload (chocolate addicts are us) I really craved some natural sweetness. Although I think the benefits might have been cancelled out by my greedy inhalation of the whole bowl. I rolled through the house the rest of the day. Thank goodness I was wearing a loose fitting dress ;)
For lack of anything of consequence to share here is some of the music I've enjoyed recently:

Timber Timbre: Demon Host
Ben Howard: The Fear
Lana Del Rey: Video Games
Soul Savers: Kingdom of Rain
Cold War Kids: Out of the Wilderness (still infatuated)
The Black Keys: Lonely Boy

Fruitbowled by Stef on Grooveshark

Have a great day! :)

headband: camden
earrings: DIY (buttons)
necklace: miniature jug
dress: etsy
royal blue tights
h&m hasbeens
tote: libris lunaria (etsy)

Sunday, November 27

F. a zombie

Here is another outfit relic from one golden October :) I am not complaining, it's cool now but still unseasonably warm, we're yet to see our first ground frost!:D

I spent the past week glued to my Kindle reading The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. True Blood is based on the books but having already watched Alan Ball's adaptation doesn't make the books any less enjoyable. The stories are pretty similar at first but over time more and more things work out a little differently for Sook and Co. on screen. Think of it as a parallel universe where the same ground rules apply but sometimes where the Sookie of the novels turns left, the one on TV might just turn right.

In a lot of ways the series is more involved than the books. The books are narrated by Sookie and Sookie alone and we learn very little about the other protagonists' backgrounds. A lot of the characters that are mere sketches in the novels are fully formed on screen, embroiled in various subplots.

That said, there is nothing quite like some short and sweet fang and claw entertainment. I am sure the leading lady would agree herself as soon as she is forever reading mysteries and romances while enjoying that crucial first cup of morning coffee before raunchy moments and tackling her numerous scheming enemies.

The next book is out in May (yes, I totally marked it in my diary) and imdb tells me season 4 was out in the US months ago.. and should reach the UK round about next February.

I think Pam just has to be one of my favourite characters. Best. Swear. Ever.

earrings: present (nomads)
bracelet: market stall
miniature harmonica worn as pendant: present
dress: supayana
crochet tights & clogs: h&m

Thursday, November 24

Silvergelatine Soul Eater

Photography nerd that I am I guess it's a miracle I didn't treat myself to photography themed jewelery sooner. I am tempted to get lots of different little camera rings and adorn the rest of my fingers with miniature soul stealing equipment too. Heck, I could stack a few on each :D

These earrings used to be hair slides but as soon as I haven't got a whole lot of hair to slide it in I glued these little birds to earposts instead. That way they get a second life rather than languishing unseen in my dusty hair accessories box.

My nose has been buried in the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries for the past week. Give it another couple of days and I'll have to wait for new releases like everybody else.

I love catching up with a fun series that's been going for a while. Sure, it's nice anticipating a new instalment but I'd much rather have a stack of books at my disposal to burn through in one marathon session. It's as pleasant as inhaling a whole box of chocolates but without the sore stomach to follow. Sore eyes maybe, but my reader is much kinder on my vision than physical books.

Washing up? Hoovering? Laundry? Nah! I put my reader down to make tea and I only do that grudgingly. Right, that's enough time writing rather than reading :D Back to yet another book with "Dead" in the title..

hat, bunny bracelets: tesco
camera ring: the dainty squid (etsy)
cardi & bangle: primark
blouse: all-mighty
belt: h&m
skirt: etsy
brogues: office

Wednesday, November 23

Oui, Shoshanna

Someone was kind enough to change up my usual little backdrop for me as well as enhancing a few other walls around the Newmarket Road area :) Signed "Shoshanna" I rather like these loved up little decals but rather than love that name will forever be associated with the words "Burn it down" in my mind. Inglorious. :D
Bare legs and silly kiddie transfers - these pictures are from the heatwave we enjoyed for the first days of October :)

I wasn't having much luck patience with my varnish that day. I was too eager to get out into the sunshine (day four of summer's encore) to wait for the top coat to dry, so by the time the shutter went click! chips were appearing all over the place.
Ha! Here is to publishing posts in error.
I was drafting another one when I hit publish on this one instead. D'oh! Homer Simpson got nothing on me ;)
Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow :)

earrings: present (pass me down)
dress: heartbreaker (modcloth)
belt: from another dress
rub ons: eBay
clogs: h&m hasbeens

Tuesday, November 22

The Procrastinator

Knee socks. Always love'em on other bloggers. Never sure when I spot my own reflection. I rarely wear them and when I do I often pull'em down half way through the day, more comfy with a crumpled sock than the neatly pulled up effect punctuated by knobbly knees.

When I see knee socks on others I think of a twist on Catholic school girl legs, but there's a soccer player in my mirror.

I've had this brooch for years and years and I haven't worn it since before I started this blog. The closure twisted and broke off one day and it's taken me this long to glue on a replacement. If I were a superhero I'd be the Procrastinator.

Looking through my jewelery box I noticed I'd hardly worn my cameo necklace so I cracked open a bottle of superglue and turned it into a brooch for good. Now I can wear my cameos two up. What with the little bird escaping it's cage I thought I'd add my bird earrings for good measure :) See, in a pinch ear posts can double as brooches too (at least in knitwear).

beret: eBay
scarf: primark
dress: porridge (modcloth)
brooches and earrings worn as brooches: etsy
sweater: asda
denim jacket: eBay
shoes: rachel antonoff for bass

Sunday, November 20


Vicky and I met up for outfit shots one Sunday afternoon and headed for the picturesque backdrop of the Emmanuel College grounds.

And what tangent does my grubby old mind go off on right away? Emmanuelle. In Space. Not that I've seen it but the title always cracks me up.
Okay now, divert your minds from my smut and return to the serene, squeaky-clean, don't-walk-on-the-grass beauty of Emmanuel college.

This skirt usually comes to a bit of an awkward mid-thigh length on me (stubby tree-trunk leg effect) so I cuffed the waist turning it inward and belted it there, then put a belt on the outside just below the hidden inside belt. Sound confusing? Adore Austin's tut will make more sense. It's original purpose is to turn dresses into skirts but it'll serve to shorten long skirts just as well.

I tried my luck with Polaroid film a whopping 11 years out of date but what common sense insisted must be turned out to be true: The emulsion, though not dried up, was useless. Anticipating further double outfit shoots I've ordered a pack of Fuji film to fit my EE100 special camera. I can't wait to use instant film again.

My inner voice greedily kept insisting an instax mini would be the perfect Christmas treat from me to me and after a lengthy internal struggle I caved and a model 55i is en route to me now :)

It's such a breath of fresh air taking photos of Vicky after all those self-portraits I can hardly be bothered with photos of yours truly. Luckily Vicky kept reminding me to hand over the camera and get posing.

Happy Sunday :)

dress, cape and case: vintage
boots: modcloth

blouse & skirt: vintage
belt: from a dress
denim jacket: eBay
bangle: primark
brogues: office

Friday, November 18

Deep Blue

The Tuesday I wore this I didn't feel comfortable in anything but blue on blue on blue. Everything just had to be blue or else major sartorial discomfort. All blue outfit cures the blues and restores peace of mind. The exciting stories I tell, eh?
Apart from my dependence on blue (hardly makes the news, you all know it's my favourite) I've also developed a new addiction: I am hooked on The Vaccines. I listen to them cycling to and from work, at work and only grudgingly unhook myself for outfit shots. That said, my ear plugs are bright blue and would have gone rather well with this ensemble ;)

Even when I indulged in a Primark spree after my dentist check-up I remained plugged in, looping Wolfpack, Noorgard and Family Friend. If You Wanna was setting my rhythm when I spazzed out over snagging the last awesome-rust-coloured-military-style-in-a-material-that-feels-really-cosy coat in my size. I squealed a little. People turned. Luckily I am not easily embarrassed. Nothing wrong with squealing over a coat.. or gasping at cobalt blue tights two quid a throw. Apparently I am a worryingly transparent bargain whore.
Mind you, I am a bit transparent anyway. I can't seem to keep emotions from showing bold as brass. My face betrays me. It's almost comical, I am just glad I don't have to watch all that over emphatic movement flicker across my features all day long. There is even involuntary brow wiggling. I am especially glad I don't have to see all the brow wiggling.

Granted, my expressions are probably not really quite as clownish as they appear when I hit replay in my mind. Clearly my habitual self scrutiny only serves to exaggerate moments of Stef brand awkwardness. I step out of myself so to say and take a step back to watch the sit-com that is my life.  I observe awkward old me Bozo-ing through my day honking my nose and spitting flags. Perception. Subjective experience. Sometimes I have to remind myself that eyes turned inward are blinded to the wonders of the outside world.

You know they say “love yourself”. Well, that seems a tad saccharine to me, but: Myself and I, we get along. I used to be a black belt at self loathing, laying into myself every step of the way. What with the constant internal tirades and tellings off I was subjecting myself too,  I was so busy wincing at my myriad of blunders I was blind to the rest of the world. Self absorption is exhausting. Over time I’ve learnt to let me be. Live a little. Let the chips fall where they may *wiggle*
It’s true: If you don’t like yourself you’ll be hard pressed to feel love for anyone or anything else either. 

But just because I don’t immediately lay into myself every time I don’t meet my astronomical standards doesn’t mean I am all loved up with little old me. I refuse to overlook my shortcomings, if I did, how would I ever grow? I just do my darndest not to judge myself more harshly than I would everyone else and these days, for the most part I succeed. 
When it comes down to it I'll take freakishly emphatic over unmoving any day, even if it makes me look like an escapee from Arkham at times.
So in short, if any of the above sounds familiar: Cut yourself some slack, nobody else is noticing half the stuff you are agonizing over :)

Make this one an unapologetically awesome weekend. Who's with me?! ;)

earrings: present (pass me down)
pin: decoylab (etsy)
cardi: primark
dress: porride (modcloth)
belt: h&m
royal blue tights: welovecolors
brogues: office

Wednesday, November 16

Morning Dew and Chocolate Flavour

For a few magic days in October each year the sun comes up just as I make my way to work. This year I got doubly lucky and that window of opportunity coincided with unseasonably warm weather. When usually I'd be wrapped in layers and layers of wool, operating my camera with stiff, blue tinged fingers,.. well see for yourself.

I even dumped those tights later in the day. One and a half days out and about bare legged this year :D

Yesterday was an interesting day. I knew something was up when cotton-wool-wrap drowsiness still enveloped me hours after getting up. When my cherry tea tasted of chocolate I knew I was in for a day of it. The grand finale came with a memory lapse extraordinaire:

Do you ever forget, just for a moment, where and even who you are?
It's the strangest sensation. A blip (prrrrt!)  and I find myself momentarily suspended, no past, no future. But I only become aware of this in retrospect, as squiggly grey shifts back into gear. As the haze clears I become aware suddenly that I've been straining to remember and a heavy weight I had been oblivious to carrying is lifted: Of course! I am me and here is where I am at. D'oh.

It's brain farts of this magnitude that turn me into a bona fide hypochondriac, googling the various causes of senior moments and all types of memory loss.

Dearest brain, you scary.
PS: Keep the chocolate tea coming

hat: tj maxx
dress: etsy
brooch: present
turquoise tights
clogs: h&m hasbeens