Friday, September 30


My husband told me he liked my chamberpot.
"It's not a chamberpot, it's a tureen" I protested.

I do like my tureen too though. I've also earmarked a miniature coffe jug and a kettle from my doll house as possible pendants. The husband gave me this awesome blouse for my birthday. No pictures of the neat button back this time around though. You can't see them so well but I am wearing hello kitty rub ons. That's how you can tell these shots were taken after work on a Friday. Others may let their hair down on the weekend, I celebrate my freedom from swivelchairs and calendar reminders by wearing kiddy tattoos and colourful wigs. I'd love a purple or blue wig. Pink is not enough ;)
Admitting to myself that I really do have to cut my hair shorter only serves to amplify my wig greed. When your hairdresser lectures you on the benefits of using this stuff called "conditioner" (after you've been spending most evening in conditioner clingfilm wraps) your race is run.

As this publishes my hair is already chin length, only it'll remain long and stragly for about another month here on the blog :D I am getting there with that "dark days photo stockpile" you see.

On the way back from taking these shots against the chatreuse wall of the Bowls Club on Christ's Piece I cycled down Orchard Street which, in my book, is as idylic as it gets.
One weekend coming up! Make it a good one :)

kerchief: present (pass me down)
earrings: DIY (buttons)
necklace: miniature chamberpot tureen
ring: passed down by my Mom :)
bangle: primark
blouse: prsent (tulle/modcloth)
skirt: etsy
shoes: highstreet bargain bin

Tuesday, September 27

Moisturize me!

These photos were taken only a couple of days after I got my tattoo so although it was still healing and this dress doesn't show it in it's entirety I still couldn't resist a little back view :)

The design is Nora Aoyagi's Fancy Wolf screen print and was tattooed by Vic of Tattooing by Fabio.

Here are some answer the questions I've been getting about my first tattoo in the real world:
It took about one and a half hours and having it done wasn't what I'd call comfortable but it wasn't exactly painful either. I'd give it between two and three out of ten with areas right on the bone smarting a little more than the rest. That said I know pain is a very subjective experience and frankly I am both on the numb and downplaying side. But whether you'd rate it quite as low as me or might think the uncomfortable factor of having a tattoo done a little higher - the scratch of it is definitely manageable and (IMO) well worth it.
Afterwards it felt like a mild sun burn, but considering all redness had subsided after only two hours I am assuming I hit the jackpot on that one.
To prevent what is essentially a great big graze from scabbing I've been moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. And yes, if you watch Doctor Who: I invoked that image on purpose ;)

Yes, I'd do it again in a heartbeat and would certainly consider adding further permanent adornments.

I feel like a General wearing all these buttons like military regalia. More like Brownie badges you say? Dare you burst my high ranking bubble!
The weatherman has promised an Indian Summer with temperatures up to 28C/82F over the next few days (followed by a sharp cool down at the start of October, but let's not think about that part).
Yay for an unexpected encore to peep toe weather!

Austrian hat
cardigan: modcloth
dress: H&M
buttons: berkley illustration on etsy
ring: mrd74 on etsy
pale yellow tighs: eBay
saddle shoes: antonoff/bass

Saturday, September 24

More of me

I never could work out how to successfully show you a little bit of our cosy shoebox. A narrow, tightly packed mishmash of necessities and trinkets strewn all over the place, it's no airy interior design dream. It's more or less organized chaos. Home, not a tumblr dream of living.

That said (and photographic evidence submited) I am rather enjoying sharing little bits and bobs from around the house. Just not in the house. Anja Mulder's series of collections inspired me to present you with my odds and sods in a similar manner: Isn't it funny?
Even when I am not showing you oodles and oodles of photos of ME ME ME I still can't leave well enough alone. Here I am again, not my skin but my things instead. The stuff that surrounds me when I brush my teeth, review photos, watch TV.

I guess in a way it is more of a self-portrait than showing you my face could ever be :)

Wednesday, September 21

Chew resistant Art

Now that this household is all Kindled up our bookshelfs are almost exclusively about photographic monographs, graphic novels and picture books. We've been going through those shelfs over the past weeks, putting aside boxes and boxes of novels to give away. In the process I found a bunch of pretties collecting dust in the back row (yep, pre Kindle we've had to resort to double stacking).

I thought I'd show you some pages from the board book "Art" by Karen Salmansohn & Brian Stauffer. I am way out of the intended age group but this little book is fun for all ages. At least I refrained from chewing the corner like I used to way back when all my books were made of board. Oh, little golden books, I taste you no more ;)

There is also a board book entitled "Fashion" in the same series which I noticed on amazon today. I'd like to get my hands on that one  :)  Anyone "read" it?

wig: eBay
knitted band: Mom
dress & brooch: etsy
scarf: ark (second hand)
olive tights
h&m hasbeens

Sunday, September 18

Just like that

And just like that summer turns into autumn. Gale force winds, warm yet, but rough.
Rustling, knocking and howling. Fierce, moody rain. Pitch black, hard and brief. Immediately replaced by immaculate, sun drenched skies and that fresh, bitter scent. The sodden soil warm still, drying quickly. Winter skin. Thin and rough, breaking, cut by the lightest of touches. Chestnuts in their spikey pods. Maple seeds like little rotors you can set flying as you rub them between your fingers. Leafs rustle underfoot but there is green in the trees yet. The skies a saturated stormy blue and the light, the light! It is heartbreakingly beautiful, golden and dazzling. So stunning it stings.* And a wolf :) Tomorrow :D

necklace: miniature tea cup
dress: etsy
olive green tights
shoes: office

*but I was too chicken to share those skies and that fabulous light for fear of what the gale force winds might have in store for my camera - Instead I opted for the relative safety of a weighted down tripod, short and stout, set up in a sheltered corner. 

Thursday, September 15

Hour of the Wolf

You might have noticed my tumblr expoloding with images of big bad fairytale wolfs not so long ago. I was looking for tattoo inspiration. I knew I wanted a wolf silhouette and when I stumbled upon Nora Aoyagi's Fancy Wolf print I knew my search was at an end. I sent her an email to ask her permission and waited with baited breath. I was so pleased when I received her reply :) Yay! I am getting a tattoo! :)

I'd like the real thing a tad lower, probably right between my shoulder blades.

I know tattoo parlours will use transfers to help you decide on size and placement but I got a few sheets myself to ensure I already had a good idea where I am going with this by the time I made the appointment. I figured I'd be awfully flustered standing infront of the counter with my print outs, so to make up for my  inarticulate, mumbling, non-specific (well, like I say: Flustered) self, I needed to feel as prepared as possible. You know, so I'd only come over a little silly rather than a complete headcase.
I haven't any yet but I had my hand quietly squeezed to a pulp by a brave friend while she was having a tattoo done on her ankle. I was reading her Alice in Wonderland as her colourful butterfly took shape. Judging by how densely squeezed my hand was by the end of it I am pretty sure I am in for some serious ouch. But that'll pass and my fancy wolf is going to run across my back for the rest of my life. How cool is this going to be when I am an oldster?! Granny with the big bad wolf on her back *snigger* I plan to remain childish, although once you're retired I believe the word is "eccentric".

earrings: boots

scarf: supermarket (asda)

dress: knitted dove (modcloth)

jacket: tulle (modcloth)

cardi: modcloth

magenta tights

h&m hasbeens

Monday, September 12

The hardest button

A looong time ago, when Diversions was in it's infancy, I did a button earring DIY but as soon as there were no images to accompany my instructions I thought it was time for a do over :)

I love wearing button earrings - they are cheap, quick and easy to make and my favourite aspect: Replaceable. I love not being precious about my earrings. With "proper" earrings losing one always feels like an occasion for mourning, no such trouble with this brand of cheerful DIY adornments. And as soon as there is no need to stint you can have a pair in every conceivable colour to match your outfits.

You'll need a pair of strong scissors (if you have a pair, pliers will make the job easier yet), superglue, sandpaper, sellotape (or better yet gaffa tape),  flat pad earposts and earnuts.. and some buttons of course :)

First clip off any protruding bits at the back of the button. You know, that thingy you pull the thread through. The eye of the button? Ten points to anyone who can enlighten me on what it's really called :)

Watch out so the little bit of plastic doesn't hit you when you clip it :)

First time I did this I sanded my fingernails down to the quick by accident, so this time I taped the sandpaper to a heavy board to hold it in place. Wear a work glove to hold the button and sand the back until it is flat. Flat-ish will do ;)

Now put a dollop of superglue in the middle of the button back and place the ear post on it. Leave to dry and Bob's your uncle.

Any questions, just give me a shout :)

Have you got a collection of button earrings too? Share some pictures! I'd love to see :)

Friday, September 9

A map of Italy

Since the recent beginnings of my varnish adventures my nails have become a frequent starting point for my outfits.

I was just perusing my nail polish collection trying to decide on a colour combination when a map of Italy flickered across the television screen. It was a political map of Austria's boot shaped neighbour: In lavender, yellow and orange.

To match my stripes I picked my dusky violet dress, yellow tights and topped it off with an orange scarf. Of course that much layering meant it was actually warm out. Magical thinking you say? Why, no - it's only logical to conclude that I personally influence the weather ;)

If you've been following Diversions for a while you might wonder: Does Stef alway stand perched on one leg like an indecisive flamingo (a flamingo too laissez faire to lift his leg all the way up). To be honest I am not quite sure. I am often perplexed at the sheer number of shots I pull this stunt in. Usually I remind myself to stand differently and then shift my balance at the last minute anyway. I assume it must be my natural stance when facing down the camera but after further scrutiny I can confirm that this is also true for waiting in line for the photocopier.. I am just such a natural. I mean, really, who stands like that? Well. I do. Stef, Queen of the phonies.

Are you all stoked for the weekend? I can' wait to relax and maybe pay the local Museum of Zoology a visit. I am in the mood for dusty taxidermy and the lingering odour of preservative.. ;)

hat: festival stall
earrings: buttons (DIY)
scarf: present (pass me down)
jacket & skirt: modcloth
sweater: h&m nearly 13 years ago. Time slipping through my fingers..
dress: echoo
pale yellow tights
h&m hasbeens

Tuesday, September 6

The neglected dress

After spending a year hidden at the back of my wardrobe I hung this dress on my hallway mirror a month ago. Every morning I'd sneer at it and decide "I am not wearing you, you don't suit me." I'd stick out my tongue at poor red Cinderella like the mean, ugly step-sister that I am and choose something else to wear. Poor unappreciated dress.

Let this be a warning: Don't take your own measurements. Well, not if you are me anyway. So as soon as you're not me you might be good to go after all ;) This dress was the result of my first custom Etsy order, with my inapt measurements leading to a bit of an empire waist and extra short-shortness (the latter remedied by adding scalloped edging).

I think after over a year of rarely wearing this one I am finally done being sore about it. I messed up but it's still a pretty darn gorgeous dress. Time to show Cinders some respect i.e. wear the darn dress. ;)

It's kind of funny: Here we have a dress, good as new and I couldn't be bothered to wear it. Reversely, I also have a few dresses mended here and there and everywhere, really starting to look tired, but could I ever bring myself to throw them out? Hell, no. "Just one more wear" I think after each wash and one more and one more after that. They don't exactly look tatty yet but when I finally let go of clothes the decision never comes a moment too soon.

I buy dresses faster than I throw them, that's for sure. No matter how many dresses I have in my closet I still find more (I don't even have to go looking - I am hyper primed for frocks). Superman might have x-ray vision but I got the dress equivalent. You get the picture. When it comes to deciding between indulging in a dress or an accessory the dress always seems more needful. I'll go looking for a belt, a hat, a scarf but I find a dress instead. For instance I broke a pair of sandals the other day and I decided this called for a replacement dress. Perfectly. Logical. Vulcan nothing against it.

It's true, I can't resist a pretty dress.
I have a set of strict rules to at least slow the constant flow of new dresses into my wardrobe. They take the form of a checklist of individually weighted pros and cons that assist me in each purchase. For instance the pro of an awesome print will overrule the con of having two near identical dresses already. Pockets, intricate collars, piping and button details weigh in heavy on the pro side while it is near impossible to outweigh the con of spaghetti straps (I always fuss with spaghetti straps). There are also items pertaining to fabric and care guidelines (dry cleaning being a big oh no, no, no). To my dismay an awkward fit or super short skirt are guaranteed deal breakers. Time and time again my weird measurements have saved me from dress induced bankruptcy.

What's your sartorial kryptonite?

jacket: tulle via modcloth
dress & brooch: Etsy
bag: Glasto newspaper freebie
shoes: bargain bin in some highstreet store