Thursday, June 30

V is for Vulture

Remember this dress from last December? Well, finally I get to wear it "properly" ;) Yay for summer!

I cycled over to Cellarer's Chequer for these photos and wheeled my bike home, snapping away at doors and lost vultures along the way.

I am a terrible dancer but I can do a little "saddle shoe happy dance" any day.

Here's a little piece of residential Cambridge for you:

Well, I must have gotten back from Glasto on Tuesday but considering I haven't updated this post I expect I am still recuperating from my holiday :D

We got back home from Glastonbury Festival on Tuesday evening and are now getting reacquainted with walking on solid ground and indoor living. Sit tight for holiday slides to follow ;)

jacket: modcloth (tulle)
dress: etsy
saddle shoes: present (rachel antonoff for bass)

Tuesday, June 28

The best one

"That's the best one" announced the husband when after the usual posing I cut a grimaces at the camera instead.

After work he drove me to Ascension Burial Ground for some photos and a little wander between the graves. The husband operated the shutter, a welcome break from the old hand-behind-my-back-hiding-remote trick.

I do think visiting a cemetary makes for a lovely outing. Such calm old overgrown places :)

The lighting was ever so changeable so I filled in the bleached white sky with a detail from my blouse :)

The peach bow is part of the tangerine curdoroy skirt. I really enjoy the look of it paired with the ruffly hem of my peachy pale blouse and pink cardi.

Scary Stef is scary. What do you reckon, career change to being a gargoyle? My other half just came over to inspect my animation. I got his vote of approval, that's for sure. :)

cardi & bracelet: primark
blouse & sandals: h&m
skirt: etsy
peach tights

Sunday, June 26

Crowd control

As this posts I will be living it up on a dairy farm, so I couldn't resist including some cows in today's outfit pics :)

I took these on Stourbridge and Coldham's Common. Cattle graze on both during the summer months, stoically ignoring cyclists, mothers pushing strollers and girls with tripods alike. Mind the cow pats and don't anger the bull!

Check this guy out owning his park bench. :D

The light was so glorious I thought I'd add to the image overload with a shot of the river Cam - the rowing teams were out in force.

Moo! at the Abbey Football Stadium

I am a crowd!

Have a most excellent Sunday you all :)

borrowed hat: supermarket (tesco)
earrings: buttons (DIY)
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
dress: modcloth
soft pink tights
sandals: office

Friday, June 24

The Little I-am-me

When Miss James of Bleubird Vintage professed her love for children's books I was reminded of one my own favourites: The Little I-am-me written by Mira Lobe and illustrated by Susi Weigel.

Published in Austria in the early 70s it has been translated into Croatian, Serbian and Turkish but not English. The story was written in sweet little rhymes - my text is loosely translated, abbreviated and rather plain but nonetheless, here is a little story about a little animal seeking his answer to that age old question: Who am I?

On a colourful flower meadow a colourful animal saunters along, happy that the birds are singing, happily watching the butterflies, happy to feel happiness, but then..

But then a tree frog hops along and asks: "But who are you?"
Puzzled, the animal stops in its tracks and realizes that it has no answer to the frog's question.
The tree frog croaks in disbelieve: "A nameless animal? But you simply must know what you are! If you don't know that you must be very silly!"

Suddenly the colourful animal doesn't want to be on the colourful flower meadow at all anymore. It needs to ask someone, anyone - it simply must find out what it is!

Seeing a mare and her foal the little, colourful animal asks them "Aren't I quite like you?"
"Little one" says the foal "your mane blows in the wind just like mine but your little legs are far too short and your ears are much too long - no, you are some other animal!"

"Your eyes are like ours" bubble the fish flipping around the little, colourful animal "You're not a bad swimmer either, but a fish? No, you are no fish."

The hippopotamus watches the colourful, little animal closely. "Hmmm" it ponders in a gravely voice. "Your legs are as beautifully stout as mine, perfect for stamping on the ground, but that's our only similarity. Hippos don't have a pony mane nor ears like a sausage dog. But look! Up on that tree I can see a tail quite as colourful as yours. Maybe the owner of that tail knows who you are!"

The little, colourful animal thanks the hippopotamus and flies off in pursuit of the flock.
The parrot opens his eyes wide and screeches "Silly little guy! No matter how colourful your tail is you're never not a parrot - go away!"

Lonesome, the little animal haunts the dark city streets thinking to himself "Could it be true? Might I be nobody? Nobody at all? Maybe I don't even exist" it worries "am no fish, nor pony, not a hippopotamus or a dog either, I am not even a flea!"

The little, colourful animal nearly starts to cry, but then it suddenly halts, stops right in the middle of the street, stands stock-still and loudly hollers: "Of course I exist. I AM ME!"

The little I-am-me happily saunters along on all fours. The world looks beautiful once more. Noticing some soapy bubbles the little I-am-me floats towards them and watches his reflection in the biggest one. Splat! bursts the bubble. "Not to worry" says the little I-am-me. "it was only a mirror animal. Now it is gone but I am here".

Click image to enlarge
I don't think I ever owned a copy of this book when I was little but my friend next doors did and with her Mom's help we made our very own little I-am-me's following these instructions. Mine had a beige corduroy body, blue mane and big button eyes.

Weigel and Lobe's light hearted look at how to make sense of your own existence still resonates deeply with me. Childhood and adolescence can be one long, drawn out and scary identity crisis (or maybe a series of small, little crises lumped together into a massive, hard to swallow ball of "who and what am I and am I at all"?). Maybe it is my memory of a yay high Stef  not so certain of her own identity that inspired me to seek out a copy of this book to share with you guys.

Hope you enjoyed this colourful, little journey :)
Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 22

No Motiva-tion

Not the biggest vote of confidence for my "attention to detail" that I noticed none of the writing behind me. Of course I saw the scrawls but at the time I deciphered only the binary date and wavy lines. Oh well.

I did notice Russia with one s though. It's what drew me back to this spot actually. Easily pleased, aren't I? ;)

I originally bought this hat with Glasto in mind but I am not so sure if I am going to take it now that I know how it flops about in the wind. I guess I might have associated a floppy brim with flopping but oh no, not me. It's most definitely staying home but no fear, I have another sun hat that'll be perfect for the occasion. And flop-less. ;)

And here is a random pretty pink car for good measure. Cute, eh?

As this posts I am either queuing at the gates, seeking out a good spot for- or already pitching our tent. Blogging time travel again. I could get used to this! :)

Happy days!

hat: primark
jacket: h&m
dress: h&m
brooch: tina tarnoff on etsy
light yellow tights
sandals: h&m

Monday, June 20

The bug

I was going to whine on about how it's (last) Tuesday as I write this and how I badly want it to be Friday instead, how my jaw hurts and my throat is sore..

then I thought I'd tell you all about why this current season of Doctor Who is so darn awesome and whine on about how it's not back until Autumn..

but then I realized that I've scheduled this post for today, when Glasto is so close it'll be time to pack my toothbrush. A prospect so exciting I can't possibly whine at my readers no matter how complaintive I feel back in time on one sunny Tuesday.

A while back I called a friend who is also coming to Glasto. "So, you got the bug yet?" he asked and I think he saw my blank stare right through the phone. The Glasto bug, he explained, the one where you tell everyone and the world that you're going to Glasto this year, over and over and over until you've bored your audience right out of their skulls.

Oooh. That bug. Yes, I got that.

Well, guess what guys: I am going to Glasto real soon! :D
Have a most wonderful week :)

sunnies: claire's
earrings: boots
rollneck cape: stall (Uttam)
brooch: vintage fair
blouse: Tara Starlet
top: supermarket (asda)
skirt: uo
sandals: h&m

Saturday, June 18

The stream flows, the wind blows, the cloud fleets, the heart beats

I am afraid both this outfit and the pictures feel a little "phoned in" although I can't quite pinpoint why. I guess peach and soft yellow aren't the most amazing foils for prison blues or maybe I am just sore that I forgot to bring my big floppy hat when I wore this. It would have hidden my rather meh! hair and souped up the ensemble wholesale. Oh well, next time. ;)

The sun is shining and Cambridge is doing that thing where a meager 22C/71F can feel like the tropics the air is so dense. The first mozzy of the year got me in the leg, reminding me to add cortisone cream to my Glastonbury list. Mozzy bites have a habit of turning me into the elephant man.

I am off to visit some friends this weekend and I am not back in the office until after Glasto. Not many sleeps left until the festival :)

jacket: zara via time enough for drums
blouse: asos
dress: white stuff via charity shop
brooch: tina tarnoff on etsy
light yellow tights: eBay (Pamela Mann)
sandals: h&m

Thursday, June 16

More Toys

You all recognize this one. I could never get on with the Holga but I love my Diana F+. I always check the toy section at charity shops but I've never been able to find an original Diana or clone with their individual leaks and lens distortions yet. Given it's current popularity I am not holding my breath ;) This kid will do just fine :)

Yes, you guessed it, I've been hoarding film for the Polaroid EE100 special too. Good intentions also extend to using this babe, especially as soon as the 100 series film is already available again!

The Kodak six-20 brownie model E was manufactured in the 40s and 50s. Unfortunately it takes 620 film spools which aren't easily available but you'll find some photo labs do sell suitable film (i.e. 120 film rolled on to 620 spools)

This is a 'Made in Austria' Eumig Eumigette 2 super 8 camera my Dad used in the early 80s. Eventually I'll bite the bullet and get myself some film to play with (Film/processing is rather an investment) :)

Another Agfa, this is probably an incarnation of the Agfa Ansco folding camera, no idea which though. Isn't she a doll? You actually get three apertures and four speeds to choose from and the previous owner carved his initials in the stand. :)

That's that guys. You've seen most my cameras now :)
Eventually I'll show you some of the photos taken with these too, but that might be a while in the making. I have a habit of accumulating lots of rolls of film and then getting them all processed in bulk months or more accurately: years later. This practice often leaves me unsure as to which camera each roll emerged from. Doh.
Well, cue good intentions. ;) If a blog post isn't incentive enough for a more ordered approach, what is?