Friday, April 29

Mommy, what's a gravedigga?

Last Sunday the husband and I took a trip to the seaside. In case you're wondering about the post title, it's a tune on one of our driving tapes. You can listen to it here, thanks be YouTube.

Although it's a mere two hour journey (including epic traffic jam) this was the first time I went to the Norfolk coast, Hunstanton in particular. It's image overload you guys, my editing skills shorted out after I weened the loot down to ehem ten. Much apologizings :)

My outfit was quite temperature inappropriate. The day before it had been 27C/80F and that's what I dressed for instead of a gusty 15C/60F. I was wearing my other half's sweater for most of our walk along the beach :)

Remember those children's bracelets I bought the other day? Here they are in all their pastel glory. My new plastic fantastic necklace :)

I thought I was used to sticking out from the crowd but I was wholely unprepared for the reaction to our hair: You'd have thought aliens had landed and were procreating in public while waving "kill all earthlings" placards in their many tentacles. I had expected kids to be loud about it but you'd have thought adults were a little more open minded than shouting "look at that!", pointing wildly, frowning and tutting at us. Not just one or two either but a continuous stream of people.

Bless. That's all I can say. Bless'em. What grey little worlds they must inhabit to make a little brightness seems so objectionable.

In traditional sea side manner we started the afternoon munching some chips (chunky french fries) and warmed up with mugs of tea and a cupcake at a little greasy spoon later on.
We also strolled through a couple of amusement arcades. I love all the lights, the colourful machines and cacophony of noisy game themes, alarms and cheesy music. As alien as we seemed to some with our silly hair, I am equally engrossed (though quietly so) with the people single-mindedly feeding coin after coin to slot machines. Sitting perched on bar stools, coin cup in hand, staring unblinkingly at the machine in front of them. Waiting for their big break.
We stopped at one of many sweet shops along the promenade to buy some rock candy (canes of boiled sugar), emptied the sand out of our shoes and made our way home by the early evening.

Yay for day-tripping adventures the first and hurray for May (almost)! Bring on the bare feet!

wig: eBay
sunnies: claire's
necklace: DIY
bracelet: market years ago (I'll show you a close up another day)
dress: ASOS
cardi: primark
peach tights: welovecolors
sandals: kurt geiger (years ago)

Portrait format images courtesy of my other half. I lazily left my tripod in the boot so you can see my camera reflected in both "point camera back at self and grin maniacally" shots :)

Wednesday, April 27

The Turquoise clawed Crustacean

Every once in a while I'll try my luck with nail varnish but while I rather enjoy the effect on others it looks like something out of a creature feature on myself. So here I am: The turquoise clawed crustacean ;)

I wore this for the grand occasion of groccery shopping :) With the supermarket geared up for Easter I found some kids bunny bracelets with pastel coloured plastic beads amongst the party supplies. I got a four pack because they looked so irresistably sweet in a fondant kind of way. They're much too small for me of course but I am going to string them all together and make one adult sized bracelet. Kids can't have all the good stuff to themselves ;)

Now that the sun is leaving less room for layers I am feeling accessories a little more than usual. It's rare for me to wear earrings, necklaces or bracelets but I do own all of these items and I think I am going to bring them out of their box over the warm months :) It's cooled down since but on Friday even this scarf was a bit of a stretch.

hat: primark
sunnies: market stall
bracelet: primark
scarf: from Mom
dress: echoo
skirt: uo
peach tights: welovecolors
jellies: melissa

Monday, April 25


Before drafting this post (on Saturday - hello to you from the past!) I switched on the kettle and walked over to the kitchen door to take a peek out at the garden. I jumped up and down a little at the sight of it and giggled "It's glorious, it's glorious" in a silly sing song voice. Yep, I am pretty childish when it comes down to it. 27C/80F sunshine in late April and not a cloud in the sky. The stuff of legend. ;)

I remember seeing some tea cup pendants around blog land a little while back. I don't recall if this little cup came from Mom's or my doll house but now it doubles as a pendant :)

The miniature harmonica (in working condition) was a present from our teacher to each pupil in my class when we completed primary school. I thought I'd lost it but rediscovered it rummaging through some drawers at my parent's house last Christmas. There's nothing like a good rummage.

This delicate little piece can be worn as a necklace or doubled up around your wrist. It was a present from a friend some years ago :)

I didn't say the other day when we were talking wigs but as you can see I now own not just one but two. The way I was banging on about longing for long hair in that post you might have wondered why I went for a short haired wig. Well, this one is the solution to my long, thick hair cravings. :)

Also, you may wish to imagine a pimple next to my mouth. I rudely edited it out of the close up - I didn't fancy sharing my spots today. Not condusive to showing off your brand new wig you see. Take that reality! :P

As I cycled off to take these pictures I could hear our nosy (the curtain twitching type) neighbours a few doors down ask "Who is she?" Ha! Unknown woman leaving from annoying couple's house early in the morning. Scandalous! I am sure they let their imagination roam ;)

wig: eBay
tea cup "pendant": miniature ceramic cup
harmonica: present
bracelet: present
blouse: H&M years ago
belt: primark
skirt: uo
shoes: clarks

Saturday, April 23

I dreamt all my hair fell out

The other night I dreamt my hair was coming out in clumps. I have a recurrent dream in which all my teeth tumble right out of my mouth (and I attempt to superglue them back in place) but this was a first.

Thankfully my hair isn't really falling out, but it is breaking. Being as it is fine and dry, my head of straw is a pet peeve of mine. I look after it as best I can but once it hits shoulder length it's a losing battle. I did have long hair down to my bum when I was little but even then there wasn't a lot of it. Against my better judgement I keep trying to grow it but I know it looks a lot fuller when it's short so I'll be paying my hair dresser a visit soon :)

My other half turned blue recently and I am wearing a wig. :)

A while back Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky wore a pink wig in one of her posts and it was then that I thought: Why the heck not? Two of my colleagues at work are avid wig collectors and always look amazing so I thought I'd join in the fun. I went for heat styleable fibre and spent about 15 quid/25 bucks on my hair adventure. I've always loved fantasy hair (I went purple for a brief spell in college) so of course I had to go for a head of cotton candy first. I am not so certain about the shaggy cut but I am warming up to it. Have any of you guys experimented with wigs?

Happy Easter weekend you all!

wig: eBay
sunnies: claire's
blouse: etsy
glass brooch: ark
bracelet: primark
belt: from a dress
peach tights: welovecolors
socks: some supermarket
sandals: kurt geiger (years ago)
tote bag: some supermarket

Thursday, April 21

Ice cream the First

I've got one more outfit from my work trip to share but instead here is what I wore on Tuesday.

I took these photos after work. Afterwards my other half and I walked over to the corner shop. They just started stocking ice lollies again that day so I had the first mini milky of the season. It's my absolute favourite frozen treat and during the summer months it is a regular indulgence (regular meaning once or twice a day) :D

Other than the milky I've been keeping to my greens this week. Calorie controlled, no dough, no sweets week. It all started with a big box of chocolates decimated in one sitting some weeks ago (oh, who am I kidding, a couple of months back). Since then I've been on a refined sugar trip I've been finding it hard to snap out of. I am quite anal about my weight ;) If my husband had a penny for ever time he hears the words "today I am having a diet day" out of my mouth we'd be living a life of leisure (well, of course he'd share his wealth).

It's Thursday but also Friday! Can't wait for the long weekend to begin :)

bracelet: Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair
hat & cardi: primark
dress: vintage via etsy
belt: from my Mom
peach tights: welovecolors
shoes: clarks

Tuesday, April 19


This was going to be my cheapskate "costume" for the 70s party on the first night of my Belgium trip for work, but after I finished getting ready I decided to give the event a miss after all. With people in Lycra suits and crazy wigs I think I would have looked distinctly underdressedcostumed ;) Instead I got to read a while :)

This dress is just a smidgeon shorter than I'd like but the hem allowance is quite large so I am going to let it out a bit to make for a less self-conscious wear :) Of course I'll have to familiarize myself with my new sewing machine first. I haven't even looked at how to thread it yet :D
beret: eBay
dress: All-Mighty
shoes: clarks

And another one.. not a costume, but what I wore for the road & rail journey:

Thanks so much to all of you who already rated my portfolio. You guys are the best :)
The second round of voting is now open. Would you rate my competition entry (again)?

dress: etsy
cardi: primark

Sunday, April 17

Sensory overload

I am back :)
My prediction about leaving the hotel was quite right - I didn't even get a chance to explore all of that either. The hotel (an ex IBM training complex built in the 70s) was surrounded by expansive woodlands and as you can see the view from my room was rather breath taking.

I am not amazing in large groups and corporate speak makes me nervous so I found those four days pretty hard going. It got rather claustrophobic and with a tight schedule mapping out most every waking moment I felt starved for some alone time. Whenever I couldn't stand it any longer I'd return to my room and pat myself on the back for wedging a tripod into my suitcase.

That said, the talent contest did go very well. That is, our leading cheerleader and greaser were great and with a limitless bar tab nobody even noticed us backup singers missing most our cues. Tell me what again?

My colleague who's gorgeous singing voice I mentioned before tore the house down with her rendition of Make you feel my Love. Accompanied by a live band she sounded just amazing. I wish I had a recording to share. I am so pleased to see her perform infront of hundreds of people. :)

I wore this dress twice during the trip. Once with brown and then with sky blue tights. The paper blowfish came out of a kinder egg. A colleague told me surprise eggs aren't available in the US - they are little chocolate eggs with a toy inside (more often than not requiring assembly).

Voting is still open for The Power of Self competition. I'd love for you to rate my portfolio :)

beret: eBay
dress: modcloth
cardi: primark

Friday, April 15

Long range

I'd gone out to take this photo at a local bridge I've used as a location a few times now when I was invited to have a look inside the gun range underneath (where the supports are). Nope. I didn't know there was a gun range under the bridge. I was so excited I am sure I did a good impression of a three year old on her birthday :)

I am looking to return with some different equipment for a second go :)

You can just make out the curved shape of the bridge :) I've cycled across above here countless times :) You can hear the wind howl and there is a steady, slow dripping form a pipe. For a moment I felt disoriented emerging out of this windowless space into the bright day. I'd forgotten it was light out.

Not that you can see my outfit that well (somehow the outfit part slipped my mind at the prospect of self-portraits at a gun range). It 's the only time I recall ever buying items as prearranged in store. The blouses were hanging right next to the skirts and it was obvious they were made for each other. I guess I got so used to the combination I never felt it was special enough for an outfit shoot until now. One summer not so long ago I practically lived in it :)

beret: eBay
jacket: zara via Time Enough for Drums
blouse & skirt: H&M years ago

Wednesday, April 13

Me and my homies

I feel like I am really getting the hang of faux-group shots at last :) The photoshop part (watch my how to here) I've been happy with for a little wile now but the bit where I remember my individual positions and "interact" with the other Stef's took some getting used to, never mind composing the group of me into something visually pleasing.

I do wonder what people think when they see me posing in front of my tripod for photo after photo. I don't expect the nagging inner voice reminding me that I look like a narcissistic nut will ever go away completely ;) I always imagine people will disapprove of my self obsession but so far I've only ever intrigued, mildly confused and amused people when I've answered their questions about what I am up to. I am certified quirky. ;)

So it's Wednesday now. That means I've probably got the last minute jitters about our performance of summer nights right now. Tell me more, tell me more, but you don't gotta brag! Have I mentioned that I haven't a musical bone in my body? :D

Midweek you guys - I'll be home by tomorrow evening. See you on the weekend!

beret: eBay
cardi: primark
cardi clips: etsy
blouse: All-Mighty
skirt: urban outfitters
knee socks: primark

Monday, April 11

Prison Blue

The other day I got off work early and did a rare spot of real world shopping. If you don't do it often now is the time to hit the charity/thrift stores! Everybody and their uncle must be having a closet purge because the pickings are rich. I scored this chambray dress at a charity shop. It was right there in the window so when I left with my loot there was a naked, armless mannequin standing in the display. :D

As this post auto publishes I am probably in a bus headed for the euro tunnel or who knows, maybe I am already on a train under the channel.

Have a great start to the week!

hat: primark
blouse: next via choices
dress: whitestuff - charity shop
skirt: modcloth
jacket: modcloth