Friday, December 31

Achievable goals

Can you believe it 's 2011 (almost)? I've been an ehem "adult" for more than a decade now, that 's just crazy (I've had a blast, can I stop aging now please? Right here is good).

I have no resolutions for the coming year, no good intentions. That doesn't mean I am goalless but I try not to get hung up on crossing things off lists. Personally I find that plans can get in the way of living. Too much thinking about the future can leave you distant from RIGHT HERE AND NOW. I am with Ferris: Life moves pretty fast and I sure as heck don't want to miss it. I guess that 's a resolution in itself but not one I'd like to date stamp.

Happy New Year you all! Wishing you one full of opportunities, luck and laughter.

Make it count :)

Beret: softspoken
Top: London years ago
Cardi: H&M
Brooch: Present
Skirt: Etsy
Tights: Pamela Mann
Knee socks: Asos
Boots: Corral with added grips to make the soles fit for winter :)
Coat: Tulle

Monday, December 27

After Little Women

Here is my Little Women inspired outfit right from Pickwick book club reading list.
Although the book covers a period of time it is probably thanks to the films I mostly associate it with winter days.

Thanks to my overzelous attempt to compensate for the brightness of the snow yo can't see properly, but it was snowing all the while these photos were taken.

Plaid hat: Mom's
Sweater: Superstore
Linen blouse: Mom's
Locket: Mom's
Fingerless gloves: Present (handmade by Mom)
Skirt: Vintage (Etsy)
Over the knee socks: Asos
Boots: Present

Saturday, December 25

Red Nosed

Did you notice? It 's pretty tiny but right to the left of my face someone 's edged "I wuz ere" into the vestry wall. Well, I wuz 'ere too and I got me some photos to proof it!

Merry Christmas you all! Time to stuff our faces and rip open those presents :)

That is, amongst other in Europe, Austrians get to rip open their presents on Christmas eve. Maybe Father Christmas & Santa are just a tad slower than the Christkind/Christchild who brings the presents in Austria (think a golden haired, winged child with halo and all who flies in and rings a magic bell once all presents are in place so you know it 's time to congregate under the tree :)

Hope you've all been good :P
Happy holidays!

Sweater: Found in a bin years ago (no, I don't habitually rifle through rubbish)
Skirt: Market (Amsterdam)
Boots: Corral
Earmuffs: Accessorize

Thursday, December 23

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

My Mom received this little angel as a gift while she was pregnant and was asked to pass it on to her unborn child, me.

This is Yule Log. No really, it is. You'll just have to use your imagination a little :D Mind you, I wouldn't complain being dished up an up scaled version of this sweet, looks like the ratio of filling of my dreams. :D

I'd been wondering how to make miniature streamers for ages and then came across these festive little pipe cleaners in the local wool shop. Perfect :)

I got the little car in a bargain bin at a vintage fair. I love the way the little couple driving along is visible from the front and from the side :)

I was rather pleased with my miniature card making. I felt a little like Mister Bean making these (he writes Christmas cards to himself including heart felt well wishes) and check out the indistinct cookies fresh out the oven. Yummie ;)

"Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho." from Die Hard (1988)
If you were wondering what's on TV. It 's Die Hard. It was a Christmas release so what could be more fitting? Well, I can think of a few but work with me here :D

Have yourself a happy little holiday. Actually, why little? Make it a BIG one :D

Tuesday, December 21

This cherry pie is a miracle

Welcome back for the second instalment of my Christmas Twin Peaks fan fest.

Those sunglasses..

Tune in again for the final instalment ;)

Sunday, December 19

Never quite awake

Remember when I said I prefered the other way I wore this skirt? Well, this is that other way :)

This skirt is really a little bit longer and much too lovely for me to really mess about with but thank imitation inspiration: I've been seeing a few of you guys sporting paper bag waisted skirts recently so when I stood in front of the mirror that morning I had myself a lightbulb moment. I pulled the skirt up like some old men do with their trousers, turned the hem inwards and belted it. Aaaah. Much better than my previous attempt. :)

A few weeks ago I went to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair (this is what I wore). There were no perfect dresses my size waiting to be found by me but lots of beautiful brooches and bracelets for the taking and they weren't joking when they wrote "affordable" either. I'll be sure to wrestle my way from stall to stall again next time they're in town. :)
I got these buttons and belt buckle with the dress pattern I posted about in January in mind. I think I might go for fabrics in similar colours to what I am wearing in these shots. Pastel blue with pale green collar detail. Or the other way round..

One morning earlier this week I woke up, unwillingly wriggled out of bed, trudged into the bathroom bleary eyed and started to clean up and put some slap on and then - then I woke up. Imagine how grumpy I was that I'd have to do it all again. Well, nothing as grumpy as when I realized that one was a dream too. Can you say disoriented? Well, I sure didn't clean behind the ears third time around.
There were many references to Insheeption made by the other half and me that morning ;)

Cardigan: Superstore
Top: elderly EC Star
Felt brooch: Present
Necklace: Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair
Belt: H&M
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: WeLoveColors (pastel mint)
Spats: DIY
Shoes: Clarks

Post title & image text: from Blinding by Florene and the Machine

Friday, December 17

Could you please ask the lady with the log to speak up

And a very Twin Peaks (1990/91) Christmas to you! What can I say, if you haven't watched David Lynch's foray into the world of serial dramas yet go and take a trip to this quiet mountain town right now. As befits a series, I've split the screen caps into three instalments which I'll post over the next couple of weeks. Here is episode one of what is mainly an Audrey Horne fan fest..

If I had to pick just one favourite character it would have to be Gordon Cole played by Lynch himself. Nadine is also brilliant but Gordon just beats them all.

The beginning of my two tone gangster shoe obsession

btw I'll be spending very little time online over Christmas [what is this thing you call the real world?]
I have some posts lined up so no change here, although comment moderation may become a little sluggish ;)

To those of you who are also going (semi) offline over the festive period:
Have a most excellent holiday!

Wednesday, December 15

Petticoats & plaid

At long last I own a petticoat. While I adore the look on others I've been worried I'd look like a cream pastry in one myself. Eventually I found one with only two layers on eBay, big but not massive, and went for it. I love the way it shapes this skirt. :)

Oh and I got inspired to wrap my cardi from one of Elaine's posts.

Beret: eBay
Blouse: Asos
Cardigan: Superstore
Belt: Superstore
Skirt: Vintage (Etsy)
Loafers: Present

Monday, December 13

These boots are made for blogging

I'd been tempted with another pair of boots for a while now. Kendi keeps sporting a gorgous pair by Steve Madden. My boot cravings exacerbated by yet another of her booted outfits I clicked over to eBay the other day and was gobsmacked to find a listing for a pair my size ending within the hour. Defects (laughable ones) meant the price was worthy of childish screeching. While waiting to snipe the listing I was catching up on some blogs and found Tania of what would a nerd wear looking great in the same pair.

I hope I am not pissing these guys off jumping on the boot wagon :) (Yes, I suck at word play but sadly I do enjoy it). I sniped my pair with 15 seconds to go. Yay! I am one happy copy cat.

By the way, these shots were taken at St. Mary Magdalene Leper Chapel on an unbelievably warm December day. One day I was freezing wrapped up like an arctic explorer and the next I am mucking about in short sleeves. Lucky :)

Beret: softspoken on Etsy
Scarf: Vintage
Sweater: Superstore
Blouse: ModCloth
Skirt: H&M a few years back
Knee socks: Asos
Boots: eBay