Monday, November 29

First Snow

Saturday morning I awoke to a thin layer of icing sugar on the ground. I promptly set off to the closest photo opportunity and arrived in time before it thawed. Actually I felt frozen myself by the time I reached a suitable spot.

I always love Rebecca's animated GIFs and recently Maria posted a sweet one as well, so when the wind freshened up while my camera was snapping away I was pleased as punch. Well, I would have been even more pleased if I could've felt my toes and my legs hadn't been burning so badly. At this point I had turned into a frost bite hypochondriac anticipating gangrene and leg amputation to follow this shoot :D

A couple of strategically placed hot water bottles, a big mug of coffee and hot cross buns was all the medicine it took to cure my frosty limbs but I think next time I'll try and make my leg wear a tad more temperature appropriate (Monday, when I actually wore this, was A LOT warmer). Brrrr.

Headscarf: Vintage
Blouse: ModCloth
Cardi: H&M
Skirt: Etsy
Shoes: Prsent (Office)
Coat: Tulle
Earmufss: Accessorize

Saturday, November 27

Schi-foan (foan, foan, foan)

The little knitted skiers (Skiers!) on my new sweater reminded me I had some pictures of my own early days of skiing (like I say, I got the photobug from my Dad. Thanks Papa :) ).

As far as broad generalisations go I'd say most Austrian toddlers get on their first skis as soon as they're out of diapers (I remember watching in disbelief as a little kid wedel skied down a black slope). Or at least it used to be, I think really it 's been snow boards since the 90s. Oh well, I am old-fashioned already! :D

The song I am quoting in the post title is a pop tune from 1976 sung in a broad local dialect (lower Austrian) all about being stoked to go skiing :)

So here is to skiing, nostalgia and to cute sweaters that'll keep me warm this winter, snow or no!

Hairband: Camden market years ago
Sweater: Very
Skirt: Jitterbuggin' on Etsy
Shoes: Office

Thursday, November 25

Clear as mud

This was the first time I wore my newly acquired skirt :) There was already a pale blue skirt in my wardrobe but it never fit quite right so I decided I was eligible for a replacement. I wore the skirt again just a couple of days later and studying the photographic evidence I must say I prefer the second look. I figured I'd share this one first because otherwise I'll just palm these shots and never post them. It 's a nasty habit ehem *stands up* My name is Stef and I hide outfits from the blog.

In unrelated news I appear to have been successful at turning myself into Ned Flanders. I have used to have rather the swearing habit. Sailor nothing against it. Some of the words I used off hand are on the unacceptable side even here in England (I know, I know. Bring on the soap) In any case, all that is in the past and you can now call me Ned. :) I still supplement my swears but at least I am no longer bleep worthy.

RATS! ;)(Actually I did see one of those crossing the road the other day)

You guys over the ocean: Have a most excellent turkey day :)
I can't wait to show you the animal brooch I am wearing today (can you guess the animal? :D )

More of that another day..

Jacket: Topshop years ago
Blouse: Clevernettle on Etsy
Skirt: danadaisys/Concetta's Closet on Etsy
Tights: WeLoveColors (Dusty Green)
Socks: some superstore
Shoes: Zoe via eBay

Tuesday, November 23

Purls aren't this girls best friend

I am going to make a full length set of leg warmers but I didn't have a whole lot of fuzzy blue left, so I figured something spats-esque would have to do for now.
I tried a simple knit one purl one pattern but after a few rows I stopped to check my handiwork and it looked like something a nursery school kid would knock out. So yeah, back to basics thank you very much. I am not giving up but it 's cold out there so for now I'll go for plain stitches I can do without even looking (I watched a few episodes of The Event and The Walking Dead while making my cowls - great fun! Go watch them right now if you like sci-fi-ish conspiracy or braaaaains!)

Here you see me prancing around St. Andrews Church which has been stood in this spot for over 700 years. That said after lots of rebuilding over the centuries there is precious little left of the original structure :). I was heading for a location further afield but at +2°C/35°F I decided St. Andrew's was the bees knees as long as it meant I could get home and have a hot cup of coffee a little quicker.

I'd earmarked the location a while back but having grown up in a hamlet where the elderly, choleric priest thought all fun was sacrilege (I vaguely recall some hubbub about his slapping a child for sneezing in church) I'd been a little worried I might anger the local clergy. I forget the English are a lot more relaxed about these things. It would appear I got away with it :D

Kerchief worn as headband: TieRack
Coat: Superstore
Cowl & spats: DIY
Cardigan: Superstore last year
Top: Ancient. Camden market(?)
Skirt: H&M years ago with added patch
Shoes: Clarks last year

Sunday, November 21


Casablanca (1942) is another one of my favourite films.

So if you haven't seen the movie that brought us the phrase "here's looking at you kid" and "we'll always have Paris" then make it the object of your next movie evening! :)
Mind you, my favourite scene/quote from the movie is not famous at all but it 's become a little joke between the other half and me when we ask the time. Truth be told, we're both a little nerdy.. such much..

I am such a magpie - I love the shiny brooch :)

Yes, I know. I never saw a beret I didn't like..

Looking glamorous with a floaty headscarf is something I know I could never pull off. The ladies on the big screen however have the hang of it.

Just how cute is her little hat?

Friday, November 19

All Gretel, no Hansel

All you guys who've been sporting Hansel from Basel leg wear recently have inspired new levels of tights layering in me :D I go through a fair few tights (snag!) so I keep my collection cheap and cheerful. I don't want to end up bawling my eyes out every time a ladder makes an appearance.

Even though I doubt this here wall eyed Scrooge is ever going to own a pair I can't help but admire the unusual patterns and colour combinations on these designer tights from Los Angeles. I don't think I would have had the nerve to pair my orange tights with red socks (and not at least roll them down) if it wasn't for their pixie tights (one colour up to your thighs, then another).

This is the same belt I wore the other day in the underpass. Only since then I finally picked out the faded gold coloured plastic thread that had been threaded through the leather. I am hoping to replace it but for now I quite like the belt as is. I guess I de-80s-fied it despite the current revival.. or maybe because of it. Maybe I am so averse to "being with it" I have to sabotage what's in vogue in my closet (then again, sometimes a banana is just a fruity cigar) :P Enough randomness. More photos:

Nearly the weekend you all! Make it a great one! :)

Headband: Camden market years and years ago
Felt string worn as hair ribbon: Present
Cardigan: H&M
Top: All-Mighty a few years ago
Belt: used to be Mom's
Skirt: vintage from Etsy
Tights: Pamela Mann
Socks: Superstore
Loafers: Office (Present)

Wednesday, November 17

Cellarer's Chequer

hehe, this dress goes crazy in the wind it 's such a light, flowy fabric.

Two sets of tights again (and let 's not mention the sweater repetition) :) Double tights is my favourite winter trick, at least until I find some more knee highs to pair with my solid colour tights. So far I've only seen grey and dull brown pairs (lots of them) but not white, cream, mustard or the warm browns I am looking for. Or at least not in my price range. Maybe I should just learn how to knit my own. I am a bit scared of doing heels..

Cellarer's Chequer is one of two remaining buildings belonging to Barnwell priory. Built in the 13th century it looks rather like an odd sort of cobbled together barn. To me there 's something slightly disconcerting about architecture from the middle ages.

This place is locked but I'll never forget the feeling upon entering a squat little church, stood lonely in the middle of a field. Built more than eight centuries ago the thick walls made the entrance appear like a claustrophobic tunnel and the temperature difference gave me the creeps. No surprise people feel such places haunted when a cold shiver runs down your spine as soon as you set foot in them.

Dress: Tara Starlet
Sweater: Superstore (food shopping is fatal.. I always drift off into the clothing aisle)
Glass bow brooch: Ark Cambridge
Gangster two tones: Zoe via eBay

Monday, November 15

She's thin, she's blonde, she says "wow" a lot.

Cassie Ainsworth is a character from the series Skins (series 1 & 2) played by Hannah Murray. I never watched the newer series but I can wholeheartedly recommend the first two.

Cassie, who counts anorexia amongst her many troubles is a dreamer with a most enviable wardrobe. All her outfits are beautifully layered and there are quite a few pieces I'd like to thief from this seventeen year old imaginary person.

Here 's a selection for your visual delectation :D

Roz, a costume assistant for the show wrote "The look is Edward [Gibbon (costume designer)]’s individual take on fashion. There are no rules. All colours can work together, no patterns clash and it’s a mixture of vintage, charity shops, designers and high street. TKMaxx is a favourite. We also customise a lot of our costumes, although most of the tiny details are only really seen if you’re looking closely."1

So cute it could cause hyperglycemia this sailor top is actually one of Murray's own 2

Roz goes on to say that "Cassie’s illness is reflected in her costumes. In her head she’s in a 1920’s silent movie and therefore dresses appropriately depending on her state of mind. In Cassie land anything goes."

For Murray clothes are all about escapism but there is little else she shares with Cassie. That is, the answer to the question on your mind is no. She 's never had an eating disorder herself and to the contrary has a rather healthy body image. She acknowledges that everybody goes through teenage loneliness and insecurities but goes on to say that she has grown out of hating the way she looks. "I have some days when I hate my thighs and my stomach, but generally, I am pretty happy"3

1: google cache of SkinsNation
2: Lula issue 8 p.204
3: ibid

Saturday, November 13

Evil Clowns, Sweater Clips and fringed Loafers

My Mom sponsored my new loafers. I'd been lusting after these for ages. :) I've been wearing them all week - not only are they dead comfy they also go with anything and everything. The fringe detail is so cute it always cheers me up (although I am often tempted to smooth it down like the anal git I am!)

Yep. These sweater clips are new too. I've been wearing my other pair lots so I figured I deserved a bit of variety ;) When I saw this pair on Etsy I just couldn't resist. Shiny pink kitch to brighten my days ♥

I am obsessed with this here blog just lately. :) I used to post once or twice a week but just recently I've been getting into the swing of things. I guess after a year - or nearly two (!) of blogging (depends if you count the months I spent in hybernation) I finally got the hang of it.

I decided to post no more than three or four times a week because I don't want this to start feeling like a chore rather than the treat it is. Mind you, because I get all the pics ready on the weekend I'm quite tempted to just hit publish on a post a day instead. Hold your horses, Stef. Calm down now. There is such a thing as too many Diversions. ;)

Have a brilliant weekend everybody!

Hairband: Camden Market years ago
Blouse: Next via Choices
Skirt: H&M years ago
Belt: Mom's
Cardi: Primark
Sweater clips: Roseview Cottage on Etsy
Loafers: Office (present)

Thursday, November 11

I walk with my lantern and my lantern walks with me

I know it 's Remembrance Day but to me today'll always be St. Martin's Day.

In kindergarten the one day of the year I looked forwards to the most was the 11th of November. We would put on a play of the old story: The soldier Martin would ride in (on a rocking horse) and cut his cloak in half to share it with a scantily dressed beggar. Marked by his experience he would later lay down his arms.

As if that wasn't excitement enough once night fell we would walk through town in Martin's honor under the glow of our hand-made paper lanterns.

What better day to show you my new Tulle coat? I have no intention of cutting this lovely in half though ;) My parents gave this to me and I love it to bits. The fake fur collar is detachable too so there is room for remixing :)

I walk with my lantern and my lantern walks with me.
Up there the stars are glowing and down here so are we.
(from a lantern walk song)

Would that war were a thing of the past.

Beret: Accessorize last year
Blouse: Modcloth
Sweater: Superstore
Skirt: H&M some years ago
Shoes: Office some years ago (present)
Coat: Tulle (thanks Mama & Papa :) )