Sunday, October 31

11 am to London

I wore this last Wednesday. The whole ensemble was really simple and cosy, as clothes must be midweek!

In my last job I wore a uniform (ratty blue t-shirt and black trousers) so I am pleased as punch with my current employs dress code: Smart casual. They're not picky about my choice of colour so I don't have any dedicated work clothes. I don't dress up at all, I just come as myself :)

First time I wore this dress to work a couple of years back a colleague took me aside to tell me I was overdressed. She suggested I should dress more appropriately for work. She did it in the confidential tones some women assume when they want to sound all matey but really they're warning you off. The lady herself wasn't a casual dresser either. Pot - kettle?!

I've always been terribly naive when it comes to the unwritten rules of the wardrobe: You know, etiquette regarding buying/wearing identical clothes as someone in the same office. or worse yet: The same classroom.

Me, I've never been territorial about my garments. Back in the day my B.F.F. and I were always nagging our parents to buy us identical everything. We looked nothing alike but we were determined to be mistaken for twins.

Nowadays, when someone wears the same skirt as me I am bound to be amused but I try not to show it because there is no need to exacerbate a volatile situation such as this. Really, it feels like suddenly finding yourself a protagonist in a nature program. The lioness perceives a threat to her cubs. Cubs in the form of a sweater, skirt or pair of shoes. Some women see red when they catch me wearing "their" clothes. I've been taken aside to establish who owned the item first and therefore has superior rights to wear it. Curious. I never did understand the problem, after all isn't duplication inherent in off the rack clothes? In some situations I can be quite vitriolic but I tend to remain meek when it comes to wardrobe frays. I just smile and then go ahead and wear my clothes whenever I like. I am an off the rack rebel :D

Headband: Camden Market years and years ago
Coat: Superstore
Dress: H&M years ago
Jumper: H&M approx. 12 years ago. Oh my a relic from the 90s!
Shirt and gloves: Superstore years ago
Boots: Clarks a couple of years ago
Brooch: Present

Saturday, October 30

A Cat amongst Cowboys

While I am told Halloween has now reached Austria, back in the 80s when I would have been game to knock on doors and demand sweets or else it hadn't crossed that particular border just yet.

There was Fasching instead, a carnival season stretching from 11:11 AM on 11th November into February and culminating in much Faschingskrapfen-doughnut munching, costume parties and marching around town looking like a silly sausage.

Here I am in the mid eighties, approximately two and a half years old. This here cat even wore a tail. Looking through the photos I was rather tickled that all the other kids appear to be cowboys and indians! I am like Southpark's Stan dressed as Raggedy Anne amongst droves of Chewbaccas!

Don't lose your head

Welcome to the final instalment of my house of horrors..

Here I am, what 's left of me, looking all stern and wall eyed (as per usual). Wonder whether I am for dinner?

I like to think my body has been dissolved by acid in this mucky tub. The yucky goo is a mix of water, fake blood and ketchup. Curdalishious. The skulls and bones scattered around the house are from a plastic Halloween bracelet.

I think you can guess which bits are courtesy of photoshop ;) My fingers sure aren't nimble enough to make a beheaded little me.

Happy Halloween! Have a spooky Sunday and don't lose your head ;)

Friday, October 29


The weekend has landed!

Right in time for Halloween I am completely brain dead. It 's been an exciting week at work and now I am royally wiped. There are things I wanted to tell you guys, I know there are but right now I honestly can't think what that might have been.. maybe something about... brains?

Hat: Trad. Austrian
Cardi: Superstore
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: Vintage
Brooch: Etsy
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage

Wednesday, October 27

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep (1946) is one of my favourites when it comes to film noir. I am a sucker for the Bacall/Bogart double act ;)

Philip Marlowe played by Bogart certainly makes it into my top three private detectives. The other two are detective Brenner and Dirk Gently which are most excellent but alas, contain no fashion to share :D

Short shorts :) She is wearing some cutesy wedges with this ensemble but I couldn't get a decent capture of a full length shot.

Darn. Bacall always looks amazing.

I definitely want to stock up on some berets this winter. :)

What a serious veil, huh? This is one unusual hat! You all know I like her blouse. Could I ever resist a bow? :)

The weekend is closing in you guys! :)

Monday, October 25

Miniature Menace

Let 's call it a post apocalyptic dollhouse, because that makes it sound like the thick layer of dust covering the place is design not laziness. ;)

I made these doughnuts and bowl a while back using Garden of Imagination tuts. Dougnuts have to be the simplest miniature to make, I was ever so pleased to find something I could make at a 16th without a major breakdown.

I got this ready to print pizza box here. Angela's tut did call for a little more care than I paid this sad little pizza but in my defence - this pastel spattered slice is tiny.

Check out the beginnings of my halloween blood bath! Nope, it isn't ketchup ;) Clear lacquer is my weapon of choice when it comes to liquids. I colour them with chalk pastels (Angela's tuts again - there 's one resourceful model maker!).

Here I am holding my beverage spills (oh dear, my mucky fingers!).
I used a kitchen knife to mix lacquer with chalk pastels and then let my coffee and OJ drip from the knife's edge on to some plastic foil. They dried nice and flat at the bottom and were easy to pull free once dry.

By the way, I never mentioned about the recepticle before although the link has been hidden in plain sight (in the side bar) for a while now: If you'd like a look back at past doll house blog headers you can see them all here.

Have a great start to the week you all! Be safe *cue evil cackle*

Sunday, October 24

Spin Cycle

I used to rather enjoy my weekly visit to the laundrette. Sure, it was a chore but once I'd lugged my washing there and inserted my coins there was a certain zen to it. Plug in those headphones, disappear into a novel or just let laundry tumbling around and around the dryer mesmerize me and daydream away :)

Laundrettes, I swear they're liminal spaces. They're one of the few places almost anyone will speak to strangers in. I guess if you're going to stuff dirty underwear into a machine right next to each other you might as well not worry about introductions.

Sometimes speaking with strangers comes easier than regular conversations. A bit like gibbering away online. No strings attached and no shame regarding talking about the weather.

I remember once I met a nun on the way home from the grocery store. As soon as I opened my mouth she told me:"You're Austrian". My jaw dropped. Nobody 'd ever guessed before. They'll guess Australian or South African although I sound nothing like it. People can tell I am not from around here but when it comes to placing my accent there is usually no telling. But no, this lady, she knew right away. She'd spent some time in a convent in Austria and was just about to move to one in Canada. Fleeting meetings, chance encounters, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

On a different note, you might have noticed an increase in posts over the past week or so. The days are getting pretty short now so I don't taken any chances: I collect up some outfits I've been wearing over the past few days and shoot all my sets over the weekend. That means there is now a time lag between wearing, posing and posting my outfits. Just thought I'd own up :P

Blouse: Vintage
Brooch: ThirdPlanet
Cardi: H&M
Skirt: Market stall (Amsterdam)
Shoes: Vintage

Saturday, October 23

Resonant Frequency

The red & blue Carter bridge was built in 1989. It made the Guinness Book of Records as the longest covered cycle bridge in the world that year.

I always felt dubious about bridges after I heard about the possible ramifications of marching across one in step. Even if you're heart doesn't usually skip a beat when crossing a bridge the wobble of the Carter Cycle Bridge and amplified boom of your every step should do the trick.

I wore two layers of tights quite a lot last winter but as soon as I wasn't blogging much at the time I've never shown you before. I can never get myself to wear lace tights on their own but I love pairing them with a pair of blue, pink or turquoise tights for a little bit of contrast. :)

I thought I'd share a blooper with you for once. This is me vacating the cycle lane pronto :)

Ever since I first set eyes on it ten years ago I've snapped lots of pictures of the Carter Bridge. I used to live just across from it so I have misguided feelings of ownership about the place.

The sound of bicycles speeding down: Katonk....Katonk..... KATONK! followed by SCREEECH! as they hit the breaks at the bottom having ignored all the SLOW signs on the way down the steep incline. Sounds like home.

And while I am reminiscing, to the left is one of my first images of the bridge. When you have a spare door how could you not drag it around town pretending it 's a portal to some other world? A friend held it up for me while I took the shots :)

Dress: Mousevox Vintage
Shoes: currently disintegrating

Thursday, October 21

Now, Voyager

I am sure most of you have seen Now, Voyager (1942) but even so the costumes are sure worth a second look.

Below are some screen captures of my favourite outfits from this ugly duckling tale deliciously chronicling one woman's journey to self-acceptance and independence. Only the very end is rather too cringy for my taste. Never mind, sometimes it 's all about the journey not the conclusion, right? ;)

The pattern on her blazer just looks brilliant. I wonder what colours it might be.

Cool shades!

This is my favourite out of the whole film. As soon as I saw it I decided screen captures were inevitable.

Isn't "Roly Poly" wearing an amazing hat? I love the bow collar too :)

Tuesday, October 19


I made some wall ornaments from bottle tops a wile back. I thought I was being rather original until I started seeing the very same on a few crafty blogs. Oh well, humanity has been around for too long to get bogged down by not being the only or first one doing something.. anything at all. ;)

I have a few kaleidoscopes but this one is special. I really like the look of it but it 's the insides that count. The beads form just the same patterns I remember from my first kaleidoscope. The first.. It was plain red plastic (you know, toddler proof) and I couldn't get enough of it. Until I found this one on eBay some years ago I thought I'd never see those patterns again. Iconic ;)

My outfit today was various shapes of orange and yellow with a tad of grey. Mostly I looked like a pumpkin. A grumpy, sniffly one who sneezes loudly. That 's October for you.

Monday, October 18

Bluest of Blues

*Sorry for the broken images earlier - I hit publish rather than save draft and didn't notice for hours.. doh! (and have you noticed adsense is mocking me? The usual shoe ad has been replaced by the offer of remote support thanks to my schoolboy error! :D )

It 's been almost a year since I last took some snaps at this bus stop. Sure doesn't make me nostalgic for the camera I used back then :D But then it was an antique in digital camera terms even then. Moving from 5 to 15 mega pixels at the end of last year was "pinch me I am dreaming" amazing and still is. I love my Rebel without a cause.

Other than my camera I am currently also infatuated with The Black Keys. I only briefly unstoppered my plugged ears from "Sinister Kid" for these shots and as soon as the lens cap snapped back into place so did my headphones.

Beret: Craft market in Austria some ten years ago
Scarf: Tie Rack
Cardi-clips: Etsy
Belt & skirt: H&M years and years ago
Coat: some superstore

Sunday, October 17

The Notebook

In spring 2009, when this blog was brand spanking new, I posted my very first screen captures.
Well, looking back I think they were awful and besides I wanted another look at all the swoonderful costumes in The Notebook (2004). It 's 123 minutes of soppy fairytale full of clothing to die for. Here goes..

Ah.. embroidery :) And I love the square collar too :)

This is my favourite outfit in the whole film. Red, pocket detail, a wide brimmed hat, matching button earrings and gloves - what 's not to like?

How lovely are those gloves?

Aya has a couple of great Notebook inspired hair tuts on her youtube.

Enjoy what 's left of the week and have a great start to the new one!