Thursday, September 30

Everlasting Light

Here 's me playing Peg Bundy. Or at least that's who cinch belts always remind me of (Not feeling her leotards though). I am not so sure about my blouse. It 's two sizes too large and from some angles that shows more than from others. If I can summon the resolve it'll go in the charity shop bag after today. Then again.. how could I give up a perfectly good blouse? Ugh.
Do you ever throw out/give away clothes when there 's technically nothing wrong with them?

I found time for some shots before work today.
Since my last post the weather 's been dishing up steel grey skies and not so much drizzle as air so humid it fogs your glasses and beads on your clothes. That given I wasn't half glad I found this coat while doing the groceries earlier this week.

I guess I am meant to be used to bitter winters having grown up in Austria but tell you what:
English winters are worse. Not colder by degrees but humidity. Alpine minus twenty-something will burn your face like tiny needles but plus three over here in England makes your bones ache.
Well, I hope the sun sticks around for a little bit longer :)

I am going for the perm by the way. Although - now the appointment is made I am shaking in my boots thinking about the poodle curls I could end up with were things to go wrong. So if after next Saturday (D-Day or P-Day more like) you only see me wearing masks for the next half year you know what 's up.

And last but not least: Here 's what 's currently stuck in my mind: Everlasting Light by The Black Keys. There 's always some song looping round my brains. I keep catching myself singing snatches out loud, inadvertently torturing everyone in ear shot.

Coat: Superstore
Gloves: Superstore
Blouse: Next (years ago)
Belt: Superstore (ehem.. seems to be a rather superstore outfit today)
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage

Saturday, September 25

Lost and Found

As soon as the weather forecast promised rain, rain and more rain for today I was surprised to be woken by sunshine this morning. Usually I work out my weekend shots the day before and get up at stupid o clock for the first rays of sunshine but being unprepared I just cycled off clueless figuring I'd take this opportunity to show you my new jumper. Drowsily cycling along I must have taken a wrong turn and found myself confused as to where exactly I was for a moment. When I got my bearings I figured I'd stick with being lost and took a random turn off close to one of my usual go to locations. I ended up in the industrial wasteland of my dreams :) Lots of junk to play with. I was especially smitten with the grumpy signage as I am sure you can tell by my repetitious use of it as a background :P

Tell you what though, I am starting to get really tired of my frizzy hair. The mornings are so misty this time of year there 's little point doing much of anything with it. I am considering a perm actually.. you know, anything to give it some shape for more than five minutes.Hmm.. decisions, decisions.

Have a great weekend!

Jumper: Vintage (Capricious Traveler)
Skirt: Vintage (cshadwik)

Tuesday, September 21

Orange and Pink

Here is another short lunchtime set. Crass high noon lighting and a grumpy frown to suit a shoot out. But ey, I couldn't not show you my new wrap skirt (and the double negative just there was also really tempting).

It 's been an odd sort of day. After a short night I woke wondering if it was Thursday and in the afternoon I ended up checking to see if it was Monday after all. Reality met me in the middle ;)

I never thought I'd combine orange and pink but the peach rickrack and ribbon on the skirt are just the same colour as this top so (surprisingly) it seems to go just fine.

That 's a big part of what attracted me to this skirt in the first place actually: Peach and tangerine sounded like one dangerous combination. Corduroy to boot, how could I resist? I haven't had a wrap skirt in a while and the material is great so I think this one is going to keep me cheerful when they turn the clocks back.

BTW: The photos on here were starting to seem small to me, but are these a bit too large? What do you prefer: Before, after or somewhere inbetween? I keep changing my mind..

Blouse: Clever Nettle
Skirt: Anabelfuzz

Sunday, September 19

inside out

The weather is awful so I thought I'd do a handbag striptease instead of the usual outfit post today.

Purse & business cards
I recently got some 'business' cards done - they're meant to make it easier for me to ask permission to use odd locations for my photos. I feel stupid always scrawling my web address and email on odd bits of paper so here is the respectable alternative ;) I know, I am childish but they turned out pretty good and gave me an excuse to buy this cute little card holder as well.

Phone & Mini make-up bag containing cheek stain and lipstick (Nice Knickers & Flirt Alert)
Check out my ancient mobile. It 's one of those handsets you can drown in a lake or throw down a cliff and it just keeps going. Perfect for clumsy girls like me. Trust me, it 's been through the wars.

Calendar, emery board, pocket mirror, keys and mp3 player
I don't go anywhere without my mp3 player. My calendar is vital as well as soon as my memory resembles a sieve and I've never been able to get myself into electronic time keeping.

Key fob reads: Hair. I don't want to be a HAIR . I want to be a DRAGON! SHUT UP!!! OK I'll be a hair

Rain hood & post its
It took me a while to gather the courage to wear my plastic Granny rain hat but now I always have it on me :)

And yes, you've surmised correctly: I always carry post its but usually no pens. Doh.

So: What do you never leave home without?
Happy Sunday you all!

Thursday, September 16


Thursday. One to go and it'll be another weekend. I think I could do with an all year round Christmas type calendar: You know, a chocolate for every weekday counting down to the weekend. There 's got to be a market for that. :D

I am now the proud owner of a grey grad filter. I wish I could get a hold of a stronger one for a reasonable price already but eBay is letting me down today. A gradual neutral density filter helps pick up the detail in the sky by reducing the amount of light that reaches the lens from that area. That 's why you can see a little bit of the rich greys that dominated the sky today. We even had spells of sunshine in the rain! Glorious. My favourite kind of crazy weather.

Cardi: Christmas present (vintage)
Dress: Tara Starlet

Sunday, September 5

The Letter R

When I was little my footwear was dictated by a simple rule: You can't run about barefoot in months containing the letter R.

Now it 's SetembeR the sun has returned from hiding but the quality of light and temperature is telling me autumn is well on its way. Morning mists are drawing in and the leafs are starting to change too. Metamorphosis! Gregor Samsa nothing against it.

That given I thought I'd take some summery tones for a final spin before switching to warmer colours. I always feel like wearing warm tones during the R months, as if the colours alone are going to add some extra insulation against the cold. Well, we're not quite there just yet. :)

Happy Sunday!

Crochet blouse: Clever Nettle
there was no resisting this one! I am surprised I didn't faint when I found it.. ;)
Pencil skirt: Tara Starlet
Grey skirt: H&M years ago
Jacket: Topshop years ago