Tuesday, July 20

The Ministry

A lifesign at last :)

I've been busy this past week day tripping it to see Orbital play (here is one for the Who fans) and setting up shop on Etsy also proved rather distracting for this here blogger.

So anyway - here is what I wore today:

The little bird patch on my skirt is "inspired" by Monty Python.
A while ago I got it in my head to imitate the Ministry of Silly Walks at work. Bracelet met skirt and: RIP! Time for embellishments. I should have taken these photos a month ago when my handiwork wasn't frayed yet. I think I might trade up to a pink elephant when the winged one gets too tatty..

I am signing off for a few more days. Can't wait to catch up on my followings..
Have a great week!

Friday, July 9

The band stopped playing

I made a call to arrange redelivery for a parcel recently. After keying in my tracking number the recording asked me to "just hold on while I input that" followed by the sound of typing.
Can you believe someone somewhere had that idea AND thought it was a good one too? :)

By the way there is method in the citrus madness. I recently had a look through some photos I took years ago and fancied re shooting this one. I got the idea through a family tale I heard. Apparently one upon a time my great-aunt walked right up to a brass band playing in a pavilion, checked she had their full attention, then bit into and proceeded to eat a lemon right in front of them. She stopped them dead. :)

Happy weekend you all!

Friday, July 2

Rubik's Cube

After work I took some snaps of this dilapidated office building.
It looks a little like a Rubik's Cube. Just the sort of thing that makes a great model but is an awful architectural error in full size.

In fact it is so ugly there seems to be a perceptual filter around it. It is on a busy road and around five pm traffic is slow but nobody ever looked my way. Result. Like I say, a perceptual filter: Earlier in the day I was trying to explain to some people where I was going to take the pictures but while all of them know the area well their faces went blank trying to remember this building. The cube is clearly in hiding ;)

Standing by the door a mild breeze turned into a fierce wind and I am rather impressed with myself for keeping my skirt down somehow while waiting for the self-timer to do its thing. Check out my hair in the next photo and you'll see what I mean :)

Have a brilliant weekend everybody!

80s wrap dress: MouseVox Vintage