Sunday, June 27


To me there is something endearingly wistful about hand crafted items no longer with their original owner.

Avenell's bag leaves me wondering: Was the hand scored image of a man riding made for a sibling, friend or lover? In any case it is obvious a lot of skill & effort went into this sweet little bag. It is the same picture on the front and back but the details vary. One of the donkeys for instance looks rather friendly while the other seems miffed to be carrying a man on his back.

I never can resist unhomed personalized items. Given the choice between a pristine book and the yellowed pages of a dog eared old paperback I'll always be drawn to the latter. I especially like the carefully styled script Miss Scott used when inscribing her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird with a rather sober quote. She underlined many passages and left her notes in the margins too.

We've all been having Kodak moments for quite a few generations now. I got photos of my yea high great-grandparents. While looking through some newly developed snaps a friend of mine in her early twenties told me she was looking forward to showing these to her grandchildren. Time travel ;)

The tintype pictured above was a gift from a friend. I always forget how detailed these little plates are when you catch them at the right angle.

Marks and messages left by strangers in public places are always fun to find. A little bit of immortality. All those "I was here"s, witticisms on toilet walls, hearts etched into trees proclaiming undying love. Check out the wall behind me: You'll find these anywhere, disused cinemas where once upon a time queuing movie goers left their mark scoring the wall with coins.

Have a good second half to the week everybody :)

Bag: Vix Vintage
Dress: All-mighty (I wear this lots but I think you last saw it on the blog over a year ago)

Thursday, June 24

In draft

Meet my tripod Private Pile and
my camera The Tank aka Battle scarred Cylon.

I did my research before I chose this one some years ago, but I guess I was set on a Toyo from the beginning. Wooden large-format cameras are beautiful but this baby is built for heavy use. It 's weighty but I love the way it handles and it is pretty bendy for a field camera. Even a clumsy git like me can't break this, although like the nickname suggests I have had a good go at it. I wish they'd get to making large format Polaroid film already.

Here are the drafts:

These turned out to be test shots due to the changeable lighting conditions. That light, it was such a brief spell by the time I legged it from position #1 to position #2 the magic had gone. I was gutted when I realized I had been obscuring the camera.

These are the first pictures of my new dress. I really like it but it is a tad tent-oid. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and have it altered. So in a way - not only the shot above is in draft but the outfit too.

On an entirely different note, check this out:

Thursday, June 17

All that glitters

This is what I wore today:
It was the first outing for my plastic fantastic cardi clips. I went on an Etsy search after watching an episode of Glee. The music is not my thing at all but I sometimes watch five minutes with the sound off to see wide eyed girl's Granny outfits.

I always seem to go for ueber-bright tights with this dress. Maybe it 's the rainbow stripes commanding me?

Oh and while I remember:
All that Glitters | Death in Vegas

Cardigan: a supermarket
Dress: vintage (80s)
Cardi clips: Etsy
Bag: Etsy
Shoes: Jones

Wednesday, June 16


Many portrait photographers flip the negative/mirror the image when they do your prints. What you see in the mirror is more familiar and so is usually perceived as a better likeness.

Agfa Clack
Favourite feature: Crazy neg dimensions (6x9 cm)

Monday, June 14


When I worked on Dark Territory I made a lot of masks. I spent hours and hours ripping up newspaper and squeezing PVA glue bottles. There are two boxes of masks under the stairs but this one is my favourite.

Sometimes you can't trust your eyes..

I took these before work and during lunchtime. That is excluding the odd one out: The abandoned sofa I snapped a long while back up North.

Today the hours just sped past, morning turned into home time in a blink. Not that I am complaining, as long as the evening doesn't follow suit ;-)

Have a good week everybody!

Blouse: H&M
Belt: from a retired dress
Necklace: Tina Tarnoff on Etsy
Shoes: Jones

Saturday, June 12


I was hoping it would be windier today so I could take a long exposure of my dress all blurred with movement. Celery.

Today I got a new bike lock. I lost my old one (yeah, I know.) so although the flat got fixed on Monday my bike remained stationary up to today. My legs were starting to go all muscly thanks to all the walking I been doing. They'll turn to mush swiftly enough now I am getting to leisurely pedal towards my destinations once more.

I was wearing this black&white dress in the photo we used for our wedding invitations. The Other Half was holding a shovel and we stood stern faced like the dentist and his wife for the shot. The hilarious thing was that hardly anyone got the reference to American Gothic. Not having come across the original they assumed we'd fallen pray to an unskilled photographer. At the time I did a lot of confirming that yes, we are both sour faced on purpose. It is just a reference not a state of mind.
And while I am on the subject of references: Hearts in Atlantis/Dark Tower (Stephen King) came to mind when I saw the ripped apart lost pet poster above.

Right. That 's enough showing off the inner dork for one day.
Happy weekend!

Dress: Echoo
Mask: I bought this one in Amsterdam, not a DIY one for a change ;-)
Shoes: Clarks (hell, I miss those K's.. glue is drying at the moment)

Friday, June 11


Would you believe up until three years ago I never owned a single item of pink clothing? Well, not since growing my second set of teeth anyway.

The weekend is coming up and the sun is roasting hot in between rain showers. Perfect. I am looking forward to more photo opportunities. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a change and NOT forget my masks at home.

Have a good weekend!

Dress: Echoo
Shoes: Clarks
Necklace: Tina Tarnoff
Bag: Asda
Umbrella: eBay

Wednesday, June 9

Like a Miner

Years and years ago my Grandfather told me I walk like a miner. He then proceeded to demonstrate the tiny baby steps a lady should take. I thought that looked like an awful waste of time.

This dress always makes me want to stand like a grumpy teenage wannabe-delinquent. Or maybe more like a miner.

After my lunchtime outing today the soles of my cream K's (my favourite shoes by a long shot) are coming off. I wear them a lot so it is no surprise but although I've been looking for a while I can't find a pair to replace them with. I am hopeful I might be able to make them last just a little bit longer. What do you reckon: Superglue or rubber cement?

Have a good second half to the week you all!

Dress: H&M a few years back
Brooch: Etsy
Shoes: Vintage K's

Monday, June 7


So today I finally started scribbling in my sketchbook. A photo series I have been tossing around in my head for a while is starting to come together.

I got two shots nearly set to go and a rough idea of two more but I am pretty sure there will be others. I am just not certain what they will look like yet. I'll have to consider location, lighting, props and what I'll wear as well of course. I am doing self-portraits so they might as well be outfit posts.

One of the shots is going to be set in my doll house. I think probably the kitchen although I might opt for the living room on a whim.

This kitchen by the way is (for the most part) a 1960s Tri-ang "Leisure Kitchen". Apparently that is all it takes to turn me into a greedy three year old. I need to make a kitchen window that will look reasonable in a photo (that's what the cardboard is meant to resemble for the time being) and I'll have to choose a neighbourhood (to print out and stick behind the window).
I recently made the little kitchen clock/timer which is loosely based on this one. It was my first encounter with polymer clay (which for the record is not clay at all but has me thinking of shrinky dinkies again).

The living room is pretty much ready to go, only the standing lamp (not in shot) is too cute for my taste. I'll have to alter the shade. Check out my ducks on the wall though! I got them on eBay. I really like the paper flowers in the window too (who knows how they all stayed in place with two generations at play). I came across a wall flower a few weeks back and the colours were so odd, it looked just like these.

I'll aim to have however many shots turn out to be in the set posted by the end of the summer and then put the whole series up on my site.

My bike is back in action by the way.
Have a good one everybody :-)

Sunday, June 6

If there was nowhere to land

My push bike has a flat so I am a pedestrian for now. I was peeved at first but in the end I rather enjoyed taking a walk rather than cycling in search of a location. Florence and the Machine pumping through my head phones certainly sweetened the deal.

"I'm not scared to jump, I'm not scared to fall
If there was nowhere to land I wouldn't be scared at all "
from Falling

I bought this linen wrap-dress from a market stall during a sweltering heatwave near on a decade ago. I am always changing my mind about this dress: Loving it to bits, then tiring of it and hiding it at the back of my wardrobe only to rediscover it a year or two later. Well, with maxi-dresses being all that this summer I just had to bring this ankle length oldie out of hiding. The light, airy fabric is perfect for the muggy weather we are currently enjoying over here.

You all have a lovely weekend and a great start to the new one too!

Thursday, June 3


This is definitely my favourite dress right now. So much so I wore it twice this week. The only difference is shoes and tights - but really you can't see much of that in today's early morning Pluto shot anyway.

The hat was a recent high street purchase made on an unusually hot morning when I felt I really needed some shade. Right now. I ended up trying on tons of these but it took me a while to find one the right size. One size fits all. Ha.

The plants in the last pictures are little Aloe. Their juice is great for burns, but these have to grow a little first.

Dress: Tara Starlet
Cream shoes: Vintage K's
Red Sandals: Some airport shop years ago
Hat: Primark