Monday, May 31

Good Intentions

I had every intention to do an outfit post today. I curled my hair, put my red lippy on and then I faltered. The cycle ride to the closest backdrop-worthy location seemed so damn undesirable I took my hat off and started the computer up again. Motivation is just a lack of apathy. Oh well. Have you seen my backbone? If found please return.

It 's been a lazy weekend catching up on Mad Men Season 3. I know this season is old news to you guys but in absence of an outfit post I'll at least share some screen captures:

I just love the curls, especially with the hat. The suit is really cute too, don't you think?

Every time Peggy wears this dress I am completely taken in by the gorgeous collar & bow. *sigh* I want it.

I am pretty sure we saw this dress before. I guess even imaginary people like Betty Draper get to keep their favourites for more than one season. I think it is just perfect. In fact it inspired a recent impulse buy I am looking forward to showing you guys.

I was really surprised to see a scene with Betty in a pin curl set. Editors pandering to us copy cats maybe?

Two months to go until the new season. :-)
Well, that's all folks. You all have a great start to the new week!

Tuesday, May 25

A second home

My Mom's doll house now lives next to our sofa. There isn't space anywhere else but I already knew that when I first asked my parents to bring the miniature home to England on their visit. The Other Half keeps catching me staring at it. I just can't stop thinking about what to add to the house next and how to make it.

I am waiting for a couple of tiny household items to arrive in the mail but I intend to make lots more myself. First up: Books. I can't imagine a comfortable home without lots of these, so I started making tiny copies of some favourites. Magazines too for good measure ;-)

Once I have the place habitable I intend to move in (again). That should give me ample opportunity to surgh at photoshop.

Thursday, May 20

Hunter green

After two previous posts, that 's all of the pictures from the past couple of days now. Excuse the multi posts. These were so picture heavy I was worried it would take ages to load the blog otherwise. I've been wondering about how many posts to display per page. Any preferences you guys?

I'd been meaning to do an outfit post centered on my hunter green 40s skirt ever since I got it from The Greedy Seagull last autumn. There've been a couple of previous attempts but every time I tried the photos went pear shaped. Third time 's the charm.

This is one of my favourite skirts. I just love the feel of the fabric and the cut is so beautiful too. The rich green colour made me swoooon when I first stumbled across it on Etsy. I always ready myself for disappointment when I read the measurements, but in this case they were cause for jubilation and an unplanned spend. Retail therapy: How you brighten my winters.

Peter pan collar top: All-Mighty
Polka dot blouse: way back H&M
Brooch: Tina Tarnoff
Skirt: The Greedy Seagull
Mid-heel shoes: Clarks
High heels: Office
Bag: Originally Mom's

Mom's Gargoyle

Mom's gargoyle, at the cottage & another look at my Tina Tarnoff brooch which was a Christmas present (you guessed it) from my parents.

I'll post the third and final installment shortly.


My Other Half noticed the Exploration board game at the cottage my parents were staying at this week. It looks a right adventure!

We passed a ruined greenhouse numerous times in the car over the past few days. Barbed wire kept me from venturing any closer but still I couldn't pass up my Kodak moment. The bottom picture gives you a closer look at my shoes (the highest heels in my closet, which my parents gave me during a previous visit). They're hidden by stinging nettles in the middle picture. In fact I did an awful lot of posing ankle deep in nettles this week. Growing up a friend and I would spend whole days beating hidden corridors deep into a large, incredibly high growing area of stinging nettles. Folklore has it that nettle stings provide prophylaxis against arthritis, so I should be inoculated for life. I find that amusing.

You'll see more of this skirt in the next two posts.

Tuesday, May 18


My parents and I had a little walk through Wandlebury Park today, disappearing into the landscape for any and all photo opportunities. The fallen tree trunk I climbed was particularly beautiful.

My Mom has been teaching me basic knitting over the past few days. When I told my Grandma about my new-earned skill she exclaimed "Don't turn into a knitting girl!". Animosity towards needle work (or maybe just for the women who attempted to teach us) runs in my maternal line.

My Mom brought me wool which once washed will turn to felt. I am told it'll shrink a fair bit but can be cut to shape once felted. Scarfs, spats and ribbons: Here I come!

Dress: H&M a few years ago
Bow: Repurposed belt
Bag: Asda

We all float here

I was going to post these photos last night but Monday was The Day The Internet Stood Still. With our home phone dead I felt rather telecommunicationally challenged (that South Park episode kept coming to mind as I went abut doing "offliney things").

Dress: Stop Staring via Red Dress Shoppe
Jeans-jacket: H&M a decade back
Shoes: Clarks
Bag: Asda
Enamel brooch: Etsy

Sunday, May 16

After Lucybelle

The top image "Lucybelle Crater with parents and husband, Lucybelle Crater" is inspired by Ralph Eugene Meatyard's The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater (if you ever get the book, be sure to pick the James Rhem edition).

Well, the other photos are re fried beans - you've already seen this photo phone booth in yesterday's post.

I bought this skirt in a moment of weakness last summer. I found it at a market stall and was so taken with the bright pattern my definition of "fitting right" became skewed. It 's a good half inch tighter round the waist than any of my other clothes. So much for setting sensible priorities: Just once in a while getting to wear a pretty skirt justifies putting your ribs in a vice.

I solemly swear to post no further pink & red ensembles this week. All the other colours have been sorely neglected ;-)

Beret: Unknown. Been around since at least the mid 90s
Scarf, top & belt: Asda
Glass brooch: Ark
Skirt: Market
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Some bargain bin
Bag: Paperchase

My parents' are made from mod rock
My Other Half 's wearing plastic & latex

Saturday, May 15

Hello Operator

My parents are here on a visit. It 's been declared a photo-safari. Fueled by the promise of exotic places (exotic to those who don't have motorized transport) I have been scribbling in my sketchbook about all sorts of locations and outfits. Planning is useful but chance is a beauty. We came across an old phone booth on the roadside today. Who could resist this defunct red box? Not me, that 's for sure.

I've been meaning to show you the grey skirt I got from Jitterbuggin for ages. Here it is and my new hat from Dear Golden Vintage too. I already showed you my Grandma's brooch a while ago but I am using a different camera now, so you can actually see it this time around. I don't know what it is about me and pink tights lately. I wear blue and turquoise quite often as well but they never seem to make it into outfit posts of late.

I think I'll be posting a few more pics over the next few days.
Enjoy your weekend everybody! :-)

Blue felt hat: Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy
Jacket: Topshop a few years ago
Tara Starlet sailor blouse hidden throughout (the weather is nice, but not quite that nice)
Wool skirt: Jitterbuggin on Etsy
T-bars: Vintage
Straw bag: Christmas present

Sunday, May 9


I got the photography bug from my Dad. There are hundreds if not thousands of slides documenting my growing up. To fully comprehend the extent of my childhood media coverage I'll have you know I even have a video of my first visit to the dentist.

I particularly like the shot above. My Mom is wearing a beautiful purple Dirndl (trad. Austrian dress) on this little spring stroll in the early eighties.

The English Mothers day has long passed but Austria celebrates on the same day as the U.S. I am atrocious with dates so Mama never knows which Mothers day I will congratulate her on. I think I shall pick up the phone and give the lady in purple a call right now.

You all have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, May 8

My Stars

Jumper: Originally Mom's
Skirt: H&M once upon a time
Belt: Asda
Tights: Primark
Trainers: Converse
Bag: Originally Mom's

I am forever wearing mid-heels but on Thursday I donned my trusty Star Players for once. Lucky, as soon as we ended up playing some pool (easier in flats I reckon).

As it turns out pool is nothing like riding a bike: I used to be an OK player but Thursday evening I only potted my opponent's balls. After painstakingly lining up the cue I'd miss the white entirely and hit thin air instead. Very slapstick. Sure, there was the occasional impressive looking "trick shot" or more accurately: Fluke. I'd aim for one, miss it but pot three others. Looks like some practicing is in order.

Friday, May 7

Pink & Red

Happy weekend! I have been waiting hard for this one. You'd think a four day working week would pass quickly but bank-holiday Monday caused my work pile to expand to epic proportions and time slowed to a crawl instead. Admittedly, mid-week partying might also have played a role in my impatient wait for the weekend.

Wednesday night my colleagues and I threw a surprise hen do for our department's lovely bride-to-be (Mojitos are fiendishly yummy!) and on Thursday a birthday party was keeping me up late. As the week wore on my outfits became increasingly brighter, a more or less fruitless attempt at appearing less sleepy. Above is today's pink & red combination.

Knowing I can sleep as long as I like tomorrow is putting a great big tired smile on my face right now. Hope you all get to relax as well!

Top: Oasis
Skirt: H&M
both some years ago (time flies)
Tights: Asda
Shoes: Some bargain bin

Tuesday, May 4

Televisual longings

I finally had my hair trimmed last week but during the weeks in which my hair was slowly becoming unmanageable I started to spot great hair all around me. My mind became hyper primed for outgrowths of filamentous cells.

Vegging out, my bum sunk deeply into our geriatric sofa I took command of the remote control:


"Back to the Future" came on screen and I couldn't believe I'd never noticed Lea Thompson's gorgeous curls and cute side parting before. I guess the cringe factor was just too overwhelming during previous viewings (after all her own son-to-be finds himself the object of her not-motherly-at-all affections. Farce makes me fidgety.)


NME is my usual go-to channel when there is nothing watchable on the telly box. This is where I keep catching the video for Paramore's "The only exception". Tune and video both are a little too schmaltzy for my taste BUT - I adore lead singer Hayley William's cute hair-do and outfit. I am particularly taken with the clashing pink hair clip vs red hair. I found myself considering another attempt at dying my hair just so I could shamelessly copy this combination.

On a different note: I wore my Top Mode 40s dress to work today. Half way through the first meeting I discovered a small hole in the seam of one sleeve and was glad it was neither noticeable nor would it be hard to fix. It was during meeting #2 I looked down myself to find that a wide, jagged rip had mysteriously appeared down the entire length of the other sleeve. Argh.

In more positive news: A recent indulgence arrived today. I am referring to my new cornflower blue hat from Dear Golden Vintage. I had been cursing at blasting volcanoes for days not daring to get the hat for fear it would be un-shippable for months to come. I was stunned to find nobody had snapped it up by the time flights were back up and running (for now at least). Yet another outfit post in waiting.

Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, May 1

Weirdo in the Woods

The weather forecast for this weekend was rather gloomy, so I took my chances and went out for photos Friday in between rain showers. I love the bitter smell in the air just before and after a downpour, the changeable lighting and saturated colours. Anyway, the dire prediction of rain, rain and more rain didn't come true (yet) so I got to be a weirdo in the woods early Saturday morning as well.

Everytime I do my hand laundry (a task always preceeded by much procrastination) I think how I have a rainbow of tights. Naturally I couldn't resist a quick photo of the drying rack.

The picture with the pink dress hanging on the wall shows a photo of my grandma with her parents (top left). The lady portrayed in the picture underneath that is my great-great-grandmother.

Jacket: Topshop
Top: Tara Starlet
Skirt: Tara Starlet
Umbrella: Cath Kidston (eBay)

Dress: Tara Starlet
Straw bag: etsy

As you can see I got a few bits from Tara Starlet recently. But there are still a couple of winter acquisitions from etsy left to show you. :)