Sunday, April 25

The Salmon

Top: Mod Cloth
40s skirt: Greedy Seagull on Etsy

Happy weekend to you all!
The above image turned out a little different to what I had in mind. I had assumed the garden fence was high enough for me to hang the painting and stand next to it, but alas I had to crouch to keep myself in shot. As a result the frame ended up a lot tighter than I had planed. Soon, when my parents come to visit I should get a chance to reshoot in better conditions. :-)

I meant to take some more photos but today's weather fits the stereotype for April so I won't chance getting my camera wet. The shots are planned out ready in my sketchbook but they'll have to remain in ink form until next weekend.

I am excited my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks time. It will be great to spend time together. Also they are bringing along the doll house in my banner and a super 8 camera. I have lots of plans for both.

Have a good week :-)

Saturday, April 17

Smurf Blue

Red and Green

After a long, dank winter the days are long again and I am finally waking up from hybernation. So is this blog. I am expecting to post weekly once more, until autumn when I know I'll begin to feel the urge to curl up in my cave. But that's a long way away - summer first!

Dress: Tara Starlet
Hat: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Glasses: Specsavers