Thursday, July 30

Cro-Magnon Woman

When it comes to my hair I go through adventurous periods. They usually end in a big mistake followed by the eternal wait for my hair to grow. Just occasionally though I get it right for a change and feel happy to stick with a style for a while.

Getting a hair cut has always been synonymous with getting my teeth pulled (a scene from Marathon Man comes to mind) although I am actually more relaxed when visiting the dentist than watching tufts of hair drift to the floor all around me.

When I left Austria I was shocked to find that no qualifications are required to open a hair salon in England. Panicked I stopped having regular hair cuts and went to the hair dresser only during sporadic visits to my parents. At uni my fear of hair dressers was supplemented by reluctance to spend money for a quick trim, so in a fit of temporary madness I bought a pair of scissors and decided to cut myself a fringe.

I am too vein to show you the result. It pales in the light of the dead, broken mess I had already created at this point by home-dying my hair black. Suffice to say, when I finally did decide to seek refuge at the hairdresser's they refused to touch the stuff. The fringe grew out eventually and this spring I finally found a hair dresser I trust but don't have to get into a plane to visit. I was over the moon to have a proper hair cut again, but as I was bound to, I got bored with it eventually.

The other day I looked in the mirror and found the elephant woman staring back at me.
I am fully aware that I have quite a normal forehead, but on close inspection in unfavourable lighting I have noticed some dents up there which initially reminded me of a duck but what the other half teasingly referred to with a big grin as 'cro-magnon woman'.

I'd been toying with the thought of another try at a fringe for a while, but that settled it. I called the hair dresser's for an appointment. In two weeks time I am going to say farewell to the stone ages and hope to hell I am not making a big mistake. Oh well, if so, it'll grow eventually.

Quite a number of bloggers on my reading list sport enviable bangs:
Anja of Clever Nettle, Marie of Lemondrop Vintage, Rhiannon of Liebe Marlene Vintage, Natalija of Natalija creates and Solanah of Vixen Vintage

Tuesday, July 28


Edgar rotates in his grave as I bemoan the loss of my liquid foundation.
Quoth the Raven 'Discontinued'.

Five years ago, when I started uni I decided to go natural and stopped using any make-up at all. Half way through my third and final year I changed my mind, lost the 15 kilo I had piled on in the previous two and got drawn in by the prettily displayed products at a Benefit counter. I've been using the stuff ever since.

To say I am not particularly adventurous choosing cosmetics is an understatement, in fact I am prone to stock piling my favourites.

Benefit 's a bit dear, but I don't mind, because you're shown how to use it and thus get a free trial run. It looks quite natural on me, not caked on and lasts for donkey's years. That last point is why I only just found out that my foundation was discontinued half a year ago. My favourite lipstick (called 'nice knickers') is still available, but my eyeshadow (my date 's my brother) also sleeps with the fishes. At least the loss of my somewhat disconcertingly named eye-shadow is not going to affect me for a while, thanks to an eBay purchase which should last me for at least a year, if not two.

I don't know about you guys but once I've found cosmetics I like I am quite happy to stick with them for ever and ever. I am a little miffed that I'll have to go through the whole trial and error process of finding a product I am happy with all over again.

I think I'll stop assaulting Mr. Poe now. Any recommendations for a fairly sheer liquid foundation to suit a dry-skinned pasty face who wishes to hide a couple of red areas would be much appreciated :-)

♥ Brow war-paint (browzings)

♥ Brow rain-proofer (she laq)

♥ "You look pale. Are you sick?"
unnecessary concern preventer (Dandelion)

♥ Lippy (Benefit: Nice Knickers &
Maybelline: Passion Red)

♥ Mascara (Maybelline Define-a-lash)

Saturday, July 25

Church Hall

I have been wanting to take a picture in front of the cheerful green and yellow entrance to this Church Hall for a while now.
By the time I left the house at six thirty the sun had already been shining for a while and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. A dazzling start for the weekend.

I am going to have myself a nice strong cup of tea and then head off into town.

Dress: Stop Staring
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Vintage
Mask made from mod-rock

Friday, July 24

Lazy girls use long thread

Lazy girls use long thread
Nearly two decades after my war against all needle work first broke out a truce is finally brokered.

Today my teacher arrived in the post: 'Sewing for Dummies' and '101 Essential Tips for Basic Sewing'. Thumbing through the books right away I was rather surprised how much I actually remember from back in Home Ec hell.

I am hoping they'll help me do better at small repairs, maybe enable me to re-hem a couple of bits and if things go extremely well I might even take a stab at using a dress pattern.. who knows?

I am playing with the thought of getting myself a compact sewing machine. Sadly there just isn't space for a 'real' one in my shoebox home, but then I think it would be a little premature to get a big old machine when all I have to go on for now is two beginner's guides and a bunch of good intentions.

Thursday, July 23

Pink tights & apple eyes

Here is to soft pink tights and apple eyes.
I like mucking about in photos but there is also an aspect of pure unadulterated vanity here, because I don't like pictures to show my lazy eye. Most the time it is hardly noticeable, but in photos it becomes obvious.

Admittedly, occasionally I get a kick out of those awkward moments when someone can't tell whether I am looking at them or not. Some people get very uncomfortable about that. Oddly enough it is usually the same sort of people who are quite condescending. It works for me [They had it coming ;-)].

Anyway - pink tights: I am rather enjoying these, the colour is really soft unlike my other pair which is VIOLENT pink. That's about as much detail regarding tights as I can muster. It appears I have turned into a bit of a pink girl over the last few years.
It was my least favourite colour all through childhood.

Dress: Echoo
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Asda

Wednesday, July 22

Triple tidbit

I am the tag less wonder.
I know most people have to be tagged in order to blog about personal bits and bobs, but I lack such decency, so there you go :-)

I am Austrian, but have been living in England since I turned nineteen.

Top: All-Mighty
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: eBay

My rusty old three-gear bicycle is my primary mode of transport. This area is really flat, so cycling is pretty effortless unless it is veeery windy.

Blouse: Primark
Skirt: Charity Shop
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Clarks
Gloves: eBay
Mask: Made from clay

I wore a Dirndl (trad. Austrian dress) at my wedding and we had lots and lots of doughnuts instead of cake.

Time flies. That was almost two years ago now.

Sunday, July 19

Early birthday

This year most my birthday presents have arrived early. My parents got me two lovely paper-cut cameos from tinatarnoff on Etsy. (Girl on a swing necklace and Back where you belong brooch).

I love both to bits, which got me thinking in a greedy manner again:
Now that I have exhausted this town's supply of earring worthy buttons (I am wearing some on the right) I think I might make myself some necklaces and brooches. I haven't decided quite what I want to put in the settings yet but I am sure I'll come up with something. I think I might just do a collage or two. I always enjoy collecting little bits and bobs, eventually laying them all out in front of me, staring at them clueless for a while until at last: A light bulb switches on in my head, it becomes obvious what goes where and everything falls into place.

The settings and lacquer are available on Etsy, so come payday I am bound to treat myself to another D.I.Y. splurge. I'll report back on the results :-)

Saturday, July 11

Bus Stop Boxer

As you see I did get hold of fresh batteries last night.

My camera always plays silly buggers with me when it gets low on power: I set the self-timer, stand still until I resemble Lot's wife turned to stone and finally grumble: 'It 's switched off, hasn't it?' (Of course, sometimes the moment I decide to check the camera, click! I was just being impatient).

The other half went to work at silly hours today, so I got up at the same time and made for the bus stop.

Top: Asda
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Asda
Shoes: Ark Vintage
Bag: eBay

Friday, July 10

Oma's Brooch

When my parents came to visit last time my Grandma had given them one of her brooches to bring along for me. It is such a sweet little thing. It looks its best on blouse collars but I really like it on this top too.

I am hoping to get up early tomorrow and take some pictures out and about before the city wakes up. We'll see.. it all depends on whether I'll be able to acquire a fresh set of batteries for my power guzzling camera tonight.

Top: Asda
Clay mask: Hand-made

Tuesday, July 7

Six Little Things

Polly Farthing tagged me in Six Little Things that make me Happy and I have to say:
Thank you, I have had a lot of fun deciding on my six happies and putting them together.

Here goes:

In Bug's Drawers, Roseate Spoonbill, Esme and the lane way, Hello, Mr Fox, Lemondrop Vintage and Andi B. Goode you 're it!

Sunday, July 5

Mitzi's gardening blouse continued

Here is the picture of the original owner of the gardening blouse I promised. I couldn't find one of her all grown up so little Mitzi will have to do :-)

In the picture on the right I am holding up a thrifted scarf clip.
I wonder what Mitzi is holding up?

Blouse: Mitzi's
Dress: H&M

Wednesday, July 1

Good intentions

Looking back through past posts I couldn't help but notice how one of my very first entries states the grand intentions of finally getting my equipment into working order. Well, I supplied my middle-aged digital camera with fresh batteries, but that's where it stopped.

I use a tripod and self-timer to take the snaps on this blog but when it comes to photography in general I prefer traditional processing, a sturdy (heavy as hell) medium or large format camera and my portable studio kit.

All of that is unnecessary for the purposes of sharing my wardrobe intestines, but I have got a number of images moldering in my head that have been waiting to be taken for near on a year now. So much for motivation :-)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you one of my more serious piccies if only to point out that I am gutted I ripped that dress. It had pockets and all! Although there is no way I could wear it anymore, it is still at the back of my wardrobe. The picture is titled 'From the Deep' and is about dreams and nightmares.

You can see more of my neglected work on my website: Stef's portfolio