Friday, December 25

A very merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas
I hope you're all enjoying the holidays. I have had an indulgent Christmas day, gorging myself on sweets and playing with my presents. I was tempted to run around the house with my new bag like Estelle Getty in Golden Girls. I also played plenty with my new-old toy plane. It has a terrible safety record, crash landing even into mince pies.

Sunday, December 13

I am Stef's utter lack of blogging

I have been one lazy blogger over the past month.

I've been wearing my orange wool skirt with the knife pleat, my green skirt with the angled light green stripes and my "I really can't be bothered at all" straight cut jeans skirt a lot. I have been wearing thick black woolly tights or net tights over another pair of tights. I have been wearing black thigh boots or wellies. I don't leave the house without my green crochet-looking beret or black beret with a black and white bow on it or my thick felt hat. It's getting cold out there and I have been eating too many sweets to dare wear my more tailored clothes. Now that's what I call Christmas. :-)

As soon as I am reluctant to leave my cosy shoebox-home when not absolutely necessary I have been spending a lot of time reading.Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk for instance. It's pretty gory at times, but then Palahniuk's books are generally descriptive to say the least. Bleak, surreal and brilliant.

Looking for a book cover to show here I came across vavoom of Wonder out of Land on Polivore. Her Sets are really worth a look but I am particularly taken with her Invisible Monsters collage. I think I might just have to get a Polivore account just so I can favourite all those sets. :-)
On the right is "Love Me" also by vavoom.