Sunday, March 29

Purple frills

Dress: Echoo (I usually look away when I pass this shop, because once I am inside there is no leaving without a new dress)
Tights: Tightsplease
Shoes: Clarks

Monday, March 23


You could say I deserve the contact dermatitis that is currently plaguing my scalp. I didn't do the patch test the box insists you take before each application, after all I never had a sensitivity to hair dye before. Well, there is always a first time.

Looks like Henna may be my only option for ridding myself of my much loathed indistinct natural hair colour from now on. Darn.

I guess I learnt something today. RTFM and do as it says. Doh.

Saturday, March 21

Welcome to my wardrobe

Turns out all my camera needed was a nice hot cup of tea (=strong fresh batteries)
and it appears all I needed to get the photography bug back was some sunshine and this blog.

So the journey into my wardrobe's intestinal region begins.
You'll be sick of seing this skirt soon enough. It's my favourite and goes with most of my tops. I'll try keep the skirtish repetition to a minimum though ;-)

Jacket: Topshop
Top: Dollydagger (EC Star)
Skirt: H&M

Friday, March 20

Photographer's block

I have been suffering a distinct lack of photography all winter and have desperately been trying to get myself back into the habit of taking pictures. The prospect of showing off the intestines of my wardrobe of all things has finally provided me with impetus to get my equipment into working order.

To cut a long story short: As soon as I can get my digital camera to co-operate I'll be posting some pictures of my own outfits rather than just relying on google image search for my posts.

Thursday, March 19

Houndstooth and floral print

I had a nasty cold last week and for some reason I always throw on this one rather girly flower print dress I got at H&M last year whenever I am under the weather. It is comfortable and knowing that I look reasonably presentable while I sniffle and sneeze mollifies me. I was half way to the corner shop to get decongestant when I looked down and had to laugh a little seing what a frump I looked wearing a smart houndstooth jacket and the floral print dress underneath. I could have caused a seizure.

Well, that's how I got to thinking of coats anyway and that in turn reminded me of watching The Happening and how while everybody was offing themselves I was admiring that coat Zooey Deschanel is wearing most the way through the film. That's one smart coat.

Mind you, I don't think it would go with flower print either.

Tuesday, March 17

Shoolgirl legs

Some years ago I spent what felt like a whole summer sitting on my window sill reading The Virgin Suicides and listening to Death in Vegas. I love the story, but what first atracted me to the book was the cover. Pink skirt, white tights, tan shoes.

I wear skirts a lot but I have hang ups about showing my bare legs. Even sheer tights make me feel self-conscious. There are good grounds for my misgivings: My legs are always a bit bruised and mottled from bad circulation. Praise be opaque tights.

Only, don't repeat my mistake and make sure your red shoes don't run or they'll make their mark on your pristine new tights. Doh. Oh well, another pair for the Gods.

White opaque tights (and don't forget the current discount code)

Monday, March 16

Fire, walk with me

It is happening again

The loss of my Laura Palmer glasses as well as watching Mulholand Drive the other night reminded me of Twin Peaks again. The cinematography, uncanny depiction of small town life and outright bizarre elements of the story make it one of my all time favourite tv programs.

On top of all that, femme fatal Audrey (played by Sherylin Fenn) always gives me fashion envy. I have a soft spot for her jumper with the lacey panel, a number of her pleated skirts and those flat two-tone gangster oxfords. It looks like this year I may just be successful in finding two of those items. I have already seen a couple of similar jumpers at H&M and there are pleated skirts in all the shop window. I just have to find the perfect one at a price that doesn't take the fun out of it.

Sunday, March 15

Lula Mag

Lula is a mag loader for an AK-47 gun, but it is also quite an unusual fashion magazine.

What sets it apart is the negligible amount of advertisements, the absence of horoscopes, agony aunt letters, mind numbing tips on how to pretend you are somebody you are not,.. in fact, the only thing there is an abundance of in Lula is fashion photography.

But there is one things that Lula has in common with any other fashion mag: The models include a number of painfully thin adolescent lollipop heads. It would have been nice to be spared the emaciated bodies and models who appear to only just have hit puberty.

All in all, Lula certainly has a lot more to offer than the majority of other fashion mags.

The sun is getting stronger.

Last year I found a pair of orphaned wayfarer sunnies at the bottom of a lost property box. I always thought of them us my "Laura Palmer sunglasses". Really, they were a lot more like the pair Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. God, I don't half miss them. They snapped in half a couple of weeks ago, but I have still got them stored away safely with half-baked ideas of fixing my beloved cheapo knock-offs with epoxy glue.

I'll definitely be keeping a look out for an identical pair, but in the meantime I found chunky red sunnies at Next (pictured is the tortoise shell model, also available in a beigey sort of green and dark red).